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Full text of "The Baltimore directory for ... [serial]; containing the names, occupations, and places of abode of the citizens, .."

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Baltimore Directory, 

03 ; &/-/» 









General Abstract from the Revenue Lazvs, 

Relative to the Duty of Masters of Vessels — Of the Owners 
or Consignees of Goods — Of Officers of the Customs Sfc. 


The Courts of Maryland — Insurance Compz 

Office Establishment — Land and Water St 

Places of Public Worship — Pleasure Garc 

Alphabetical List of the Streets, La: 


"Baltimore : 


>TOHN W. BUTLER, corse* of Gay a 


1 HE rapid sale which the last Directory met 
with, was a sirfficient inducement for the Editor 
to publish the present one ; trusting, under the 
patronage of a hind Public, to be enabled to 
introduce to their view an accurate book, so as 
to afford the most general satisfaction. The 
Editor can with truth affirm, that no pains have 
been spared for the purpose of promoting so 
desirable an object, and which being the case, 
will impress on his mind the most pleasing sen- 
sations. It must be acknowledged by every dis- 
cerning character, the impracticability of pub- 
lishing a book of this nature, without errors ; 
but he doubts not, from his great exertions, that 
but few will be discovered, and sincerelij enjoys 
the idea they will not operate against the Publi- 
cation. Nothing more from his pen can be 
conceived necessary at present, excepting the 
ivarmest thanks for the friendship experienced, 
By the Public's 

Obedient and humble Servant, 


mm mm 


George Washington Flowers 

Memorial Collection 





[ 5 ] 





Streets, §c. zcest side of Jones* Fulls. 

BALTIMORE STREET, commonly called Market 
street, running east and west, is the principal street in the 

Barre street, cist and west, between Conway street and 
Welcome alley. 

Bottle alley, east and west, between Pratt and Camden 

Bowley's wharf, north and south, bounded by South 
street and the Bason. 

Brandy alley, east and west, between Camden and Con- 
way streets. 

Brioy alley, east and west, between Lee and Hill streets. 

Calvert street, north and south, between South street and 
Public alley. 

Camden street, east and west, between Pratt and Con- 
way street?. 

Charles street, north and south, between Light and Han- 
over streets. 

Cheapside, north and south, bounded by Water street on 
one side, and on the other by the Bason. 

Commerce street, north and south, between Gay and 
South streets. 

A 2. 

C 6 ] 

Conway street, east and west, between Barre and Camden 

Conowago street, nearly east and west, between North 
West and Vulcan streets. 

Cowpen alley, or Goldsborough street, east and west, 
between Fayette and Baltimore streets. 

Cumberland row and Dugan's wharf, north and south, 
running from Market Space to the Bason. 

Dutch alley, east and west, between Lexington and Fay- 
ette streets. 

East street, east and west, between Baltimore street and 
Jones's falls. 

Eutau street, north and south, between Howard and Paca 

Fayette street, east and west, between Dutch alley and 
Cowpen alley. 

Fish street, east and west, bounded by north Gay street, 
and the north end of Holliday street. 

Fish-market street, between Market space and the falls. 

Forest street, north by east, between Charles and Liberty 

Frederick street, north and south, between Gay and Har- 
rison streets. 

Gay street, north and south, between Frederick and Lem- 
mon streets. 

German street, east -and west, between Baltimore and 
Lombard streets. 

Goodman street, north and south, between Forrest and 
Hanover streets. 

Green street, north and south, off Paca street, outside 
from the city. 

Hanover street, north and south, between Charles and 
Sharpe streets. 

Harrison street, north and sOuth, between the Falls and 
Frederick street. 

Hill street, east and west, between Brioy and Honey alley. 

Honey alley, east and west, between Hill and Montgo- 
mery streets. 

Howard street, north and south, between Sharpe^ and 
North streets, on one side, and on the other by Eutan 

t 7 ] 

Johnson's street, north and south, between Federal Hill 
and William's street. 

Lemmon street, north and south, between Gay street and 
North lane. 

Lexington street, east and west, between two streets not 

Liberty street, north by east, between Forrest and North 

Light street, north and south, between Public alley and 
Charles street. 

Lombard street, east and west, between Cyder alley and 
"Whiskey alley, also between German and Pratt streets. 

Lovely lane, between Baltimore and \\ ater streets, run- 
ning from Calvert to South street. 

Market Space, north and south, between the Falls and 
Frederick street. 

Montgomery street, east and west, between Honey and 
Sugar alleys. 

North lane, north and south, between Lemmon and Cal- 
vert streets. 

North street, north and south, between N. Liberty and 
north Howard streets. 

North west street, between Saratoga and St. Paul's streets. 

Paca street, north and south, between Kutau and Green 

Peace alley, cast and west, between Camden and Con- 
way streets. 

Pratt street, east and west, between Lombard and Cam- 
den streets. 

Primrose alley, east and west, running from Charles to 
Light streets. 

1'ublic alley, north and south, between Calvert and Light 

Ruxton lane, east and west running from Charles to 
Light street. 

Saratoga street, east and west, on the north side of the 

Second street, east and west, between Baltimore and \\ a- 
ter streets. 

Sharpe street, north and south, between Hanover and 
Howard streets. 

[ 8 ] 

South street, north and south, between Commerce and 
Calvert streets. 

St. Paul's lane, north and south, between North Calvert 
and North Charles streets. 

St. Paul's street, east and west, bounded by Charles street 
on the west, and St. Paul's lane on the east, (a short street.) 

Sugar alley, east and west, between Montgomery and War- 
ren streets. 

Triplet's alley between Gay and South streets. 

Vulcan alley, nearly east and west, bounded by Forrest 
and north Charles streets. 

Water street, running serpentinely east and west on the 
one side with Lovely lane and Second street, and on the other 
with the Bason. 

YY hiskey alley, east and west, between Pratt and Lombard 

William street,, adjacent to Federal Hill. 

St reefs i &;c. in Old -Town. 

ALBERMARLE street, between Granby street and the 

Bridge street, beginning at Griffith's bridge, and ending 
at Green street. 

Duke street, between Queen and King George's streets. 

East street, north east and south-west parallel to Forrest 
and between that and Union street. 

Exeter street, between Wolfe and Lloyd streets on the one 
side, and Granby street en the other. 

Forrest street, en the north side of Old-Town. 

Front street, between the Falls and High street. 

French street, between the Falis and High street. 

Granby steeet, between Exeter &: Albermarle streets. 

Great York street, east and west, between Salisbury and 
Wapping* or Pitt streets. 

Green street, running serpentinely between Union and 
IT ah streets. 

High street, between French and German streets. 

King George's street, between Duke and Salisbury streets. 

C 9 ] 

Little York street, on the south-east end of Old-Town* 
running from the Falls to Wolfe street. 

Lloyd street, extending from Great York to Duke street, 
between the Commons and Exeter street. 

Ploughman street, only from the Falls to Granby street, 
between the s.ime streets as Salisbury street stands. 

Prince street, between Little York & Queen streets. 

Queen's street, between Prince and Duke streets. 

Salisbury street, extending from Granby street to the com- 
mons, between King George's and Great York streets. 

Short street, part of Front street, extending from Front to 
Bridge streets. 

Union street, between East and Green streets. 

Wapping, commonly called Pitt street, between 
Great York and Bridge streets. 

Wolfe street, extending from Duke to Little York streei, 
between the commons and Exeter street. 

Streets. §c. on FeWs Point. 

ALISANNA street, east and west, between Lancaster and 
Fleet streets. 

Ann street, north and south, between Happy and Argyle 

Apple alley, north and south, between Market and Bond 

Argyle alley, between Ann and Market streets. 

Bank street, east and west, between Wilk and Gough 

Bond street, north and south, between Apple and Straw- 
berry alleys. 

Caroline street, north and south, between Strawberry and 
Petticoat alle}-?. 

Dulany street, east and west, between Smith and Hamp- 
stead streets. 

Eden street, north and south, between Petticoat alley and 
the Run. 

Fell's street runs from the south ea.\ of Bond street to 
M vket space. 

Fleet street, east and west, between Alisanna andWilk 

German street, cast and west, between Gough and Smith 

George street, runs from the Market Space to Pitt street, 
in an easterly direction . 

Gough street, east and west, between Bank and German 

Hampstead street, east and west, bounds the Point on the 
north, which leads into Stiger's lane, and runs into Great 
York street, Old-Town. 

Happy alley, north and south, between Wolfe and Ann 

Lancaster street, east and west, between Shakespeare and 
Alisanna streets. 

Market space and Market street, north and south, between 
Argyle and Apple alleys. 

Petticoat alley, north and south, between Carolina and 
Eden street. 

Pitt street from George street to the lowerend of the Point. 

Philpot street, from Point street to Thames street. 

Point street, from Queen street to the water. 

Queen street, from Thames street to the upper end of the 

Shakespeare street, between Fell's and Lancaster streets, 
running east and west. 

Smith street, east and west, between German and Dulany 

Star alley, north and south, running the same as Washing- 
ton, and lying; between it and Wolfe streets. 

Strawberry alley, north and south, between Bond and 
Caroline streets. 

Thames street, only from Philpct's to Bond streets. 

Washington street, north and south, running from the 
water to Hampstead street. 

Wilk street, east and west, between Fleet and Bank streets. 

Willis street, from Queen street to the water. 

W olfe streets north & south, running from Star aHey to 
Anne street. 




for 1803. 


.BORN JOSEPH, Boot and Shoe manufacturer, 

21 Market Space 
Abraham Daniel, mariner, 11 Fleet st. Fell's-point 
Ackerman Geo. grocer, 9 High st. Old-Town 
Adair Abraham, captain of the French-Town Packet, 

6 Commerce st 
Adams J. & Son, flour merchants, 39 N. Howard st 
Adams John, grocer, Waggon alley 
Adams Alexander, ship master, 34 Queen st. F. P. 
Adams Mrs. Strawberry alley, Fell's-Point 
Adams James, dwelling, Dutch alley 

Adams Alexander, w — N. Liberty st 

Adams John, flour merchant, 23i N. Howard st. 
Adderston Hugh, Welcome alley 
Addison George, Blacksmith, Barre st 
Adlington Daniel, tavern keeper, Ferry Branch road 
Adlington Joseph, shipmaster, Wolfe st. FelTs-point 
Adone P. dry good merchant, 30 Baltimore st 

E 12 ] 

Agnew Edward, grave digger, Hamstead hill and 

Orange, on the Philadelphia road 
Aitken George, silversmith, 72 Baltimore st 
Aitken Andrew Druggist, 2 South st 
Aisquith William, gentleman, 11 Pitt st. O. T. 
Aisquith Edward, student at law, 11 Pitt st. O. T. 
Alberts Barbara, gentlewoman, Aisquith st. O. T. 
Albright John, Brickmaker, Ridgley's delight 
A.lcock William J. flour merchant, 01 North How- 
ard st. dwelling Dutch alley 
Alexander Archibald, grocer, corner of Caroline st. 

and Hammond alley, Fell's-point 
Alexander John, cabinetmaker, Lexington st 
Alexander Isabella, Saint Pail's lane 
Alexander Alexander, shipwright, Happy alley, F. P. 
Alfather Henry, ho use carpenter, 4G High st. O. T 
Alford Jacob, Plaisterer, 4 Union st. do. 

Alford John, do. do. do do. 

Alhousen William Augustine, shoemaker, Hill st 
Alhousen John Arnst, do. do. 

Allen Owen, notary public, 52 Water st 
Allen dottier, ship master, 85 Alisanna st. F. P. 
Allen Robert, bricklayer, Britton st. Old-Town 
Allen Hugh, do. do. do. 

Allen William, shoemaker, Waggon alley 
Allendaffer John, carpenter, 112 Bond st. F. P. 
Al lender Joseph, M. D. 31 Fells st. do. 

Alley and Fimister, shoe-store, 35 Baltimore st 
Allison Mary, widow gentlewoman, New Church st 
Allmey William, stocking weaver, South Liberty st 
Allstan James, merchant^ 75 Smith's wharf 
All ward Israel, ship master, 119 Bond st. F. P. 
Alricks H. merchant, corner of South and Balti- 
more sts 
Alter A.dam, carpenter, North st 
Alter Barbara, baaVdiog house, Lombard st 
Alter Frederick, house carpenter, Paca st 
Ambrose Samuel, labourer, Stawberry alley F. P. 

[ 13 1 

Amelung Frederick, superintendant of the glass 

house, near Gray's gardens 
Amich Philip, tavern keeper, Forrest st 
Anders Richard, coach maker, 119 north Howard st. 

dwelling back 
Anderson James, carpenter, Aisquith st. O. T. 
Anderson Christian, tailor, north Frederick st 
Anderson William, cooper, Ruxton lane 
Anderson Samuel, superintendant of the sweeps, 

North st 
Anderson John, hair-dresser, back of 1/5 Balti- 
more st 
Anderson Henry, drayman, 22 Xorth st. O. T. 
Andre Magdaline, shop-keeper, 23 south Charles st 
Andrews Nathaniel & Co. soap and candle manu- 
facturers, 15 Front st 
Angel James, cordwaincr, 71 Bond st. F. P. 
Ansohett Jacob, painter and glazier, precinct, be- 
yond Baltimore st 
Anspach Tilman, merchant, S Commerce st 
Anthony John, hair-dresser, next 16 Market Space 
Anthony John do. Water st 

Appleton Richard, perfumer, 62 Baltimore st 
Appleton Dolly, grocer, south Frederick st 
Arbold Andrew, "baker, Paca st 
Archer Robert, M. D. next B. SchafTer's dwelling, 

north Frederick st 
Armaid Joseph, mariner, 46 Market st. F. point 
Armour David, saddler, 48 South st 
Armstrong James, merchant, 25 north Howard st 
Armstrong William, grocer, 5 County wharf 
Armstrong James, merchant, 43 Market Space 
Armstrong Joshua, cooper, Fayette st 
Armstrong John, shoemaker, Mulberry st 
Arnest Caleb, house carpenter, north Frederick st 
Asher John, cordwainer, 43 Wilk st. F. P. 
Ashman William, shoe merchant, 208 Baltimore st, 
dwelling Eutau st 


C 14 ] 

Ashmore John, cordwainer, 24 Union si. O. T. 
Ashton Alexander, M. D. 11 south Calvert st 
Askew & Winchester, merchants, 94 Baltimore st 
Askew Jonathan, boarding house, back of 10 Mar- 
ket st. F. P. 
Askew David, cordwainer, corner of Wilk and 

Wolfe sts. do. 
Atkinson Angello, cordwainer, 102 Baltimore st 
Atkinson George, hatter, 35 Fells st. F. P. 
Atkinson Joshua, house carpenter, Fleet st. do. 
Atkinson Isaac, grocer, corner of Argyle alley and 

Alisanna, st. lell's-Point 
Atkinson Isaac, dwelling, Bridge st. extended 
Atkinson Mary, watch and clock maker, 33 Market 

Atkinson Mahlon, butcher near the stone bridge, 

Great York st 
Audoin, Widow, seamstress, Franklin st 
Augustine Henry, letter carrier, Lombard st 
Auld William, ship-master, 50 Alisanna st. F. P. 
Aulder Frederick, house carpenter, Paca st. 
Austin Henry, do. 31 Market Space 

Avisse Charles, perfumer and ornamental hair-mak- 
er, 34 north Howard st 
Ayme F. S. gentleman, 104 north Howard st 



ABAD Rev. director of studies in the Frenck 

college, Morris st 

Bablabreyn Mary Dugan's wharf 

Backer Joseph, tailor, north Liberty st 

Bailey Thomas, justice of the peace, 19 Baltimore si 

Bailey Enoch, innkeeper, 38 Market Space 

Bailey George, grocer, Lee st 

Bailey Margaret, widow, boarding house, 39 north 

Howard st 
Bailie John, Saddler, ISCheapside, dwelling Water st 

C 15 ] 

Bailie Thomas, livery stable keeper, north Frederick 

st. dwelling Harrison st. 4 doors from South st. 
Bailie David," livery stable keeper, Bank st 
Baily James, labourer, East st. Old-Town 
Baily George, druggist, 68 Baltimore st 
Baily Evan, grocer," corner of south Charles st. and 

Peace alley 
Baily Jane widow, 1 Jones st. Old-Town 
Bair Richard, Hanover st 

Baker James, surveyor, 49 Jones st. Old-Town 
Baker William & Son, merchants, 99 Baltimore st 

Baker William, dwelling 99 do. 

Baker John, gentleman, 15 Thames st. Fell's-Point 
Baker Eliza, widow, grocer, 20 south Howard st 
Baker Mary, shop-keeper, upper end of N. Howard st 
Balderston Daniel, wood corder, Hartman's alley 
Balderston & Cornthwaite, grocers, 51 County wharf 
Balderston Ely, dwelling, 21 Front st. Old-Town 
Balderston Isaiah, fan and wire weaver manufacturer, 

52 Front st. Old-Town 
Balderston Hugh, do. 39 High st. O. T\ 

Baldwin Abraham, cordwainer, 6\ Wolfe st. F. P. 
Baler Andrew, house carpenter, 50 S. Howard st 

Baley , grocer, 5 Bond st. Fell's-Point 

Ball William, silver-smith, GO Baltimore st 
Ball Thomas, grocer, 50 Wilk st. Fell's-Point 
Banar William, cedar cooper, Eutau st 
Bandell George, baker, (55 Bond st. Fell's-Point 

Bandell •, shop-keeper, 51 do. 

Bane Barbara, widow, 62 north Gay st 

Bang Henry, grocer, 11 south Howard st 

Banker Peter, butcher, Conway st 

Banks Sarah Bruce, widow, boarding-house, 30 Bond 

. st. Fell's-Point 4 
Bankson John, lumber merchant, dwelling Aisquith 

st. yard M'Eldery's wharf 
Bannerman John, engraver and seal maker, Saint 

Paul's lane 

C 10 ] 

Bannerman Benjamin, carter, Bridge st. extended 
Barbarin Louis, taylor, 6 north Gay st 
Barachman Joseph, shop-keeper, Bridge st. extended 
Barber John, hair-dresser, 53 Thames st. F. P. 
Bantz John, whip and trunk maker, Fish st 
Bantz Valentine, house painter, Eutau st 
Barbine Charles, captain of the Norfolk Packet, 

Goodman st 
Barbie A. Conrad, merchant taylor, Pratt st 
Bard Joseph, taylor, south Frederick st 
Barclay & M'Kean, merchants, 71 Baltimore st 
Barcroft Jonas, carman, High st. Old, Town, near 

Bridge st 
Barge Andrew, merchant, 94 Cheapside, dwelling 

51 Pratt st 
Bargar Deeter, blacksmith, Prices's-Town 
Barker William, shipbuilder, Alisanna st. F. P. 
Barklie Thomas, broker, Lovely lane, dwelling 

Gray's gardens 
Barkman David, oil maker, south Howard st. 
•Barling Sarah, tavern keeper, Holliday st 
Bernabeu Don Juan Bautisto, 25 Howard st. 
Barnaby Elias, cordwainer, Water st 
Barnard John, ship-joiner, Pitt st. Fell's-Point 
Barnard John, tavern keeper, 24 Fell's st. F. P. 
Barnes William P. ship-master and tavern-keeper, 

47 Fell's st. Fell's-Point 
Barns Whitley, house carpenter, 55 Aiberrnarle st, 

Barns Levin, tailor, 9 South st 
Barns Robson, merchant, 104 Dugan's Wharf 
Barns James, mariner, Alisanna st. Fell's-Point 
Barns Ford, carter, Montgomery st 
Barney Joshua, gentleman, 13 south Charles st 
Barney John H. Baltimore st 
Barroll & Ricaud, merchants, 6' Pratt st 

Barrier R. widow, 70 Granby st. Old-Town 

Barron Prescott, surgeon, Fort M'Henry 

[ 17 3 

Barron John, dwelling, 5 Market Space 
BarouxJ. M. upholsterer, 12S Baltimore st 
Barry Richard, merchant, 116 Green st. Old-Town 
Barry Lawrence, drayman, Saratoga st 
Barry Levalin, clerk, 17 Bridge st 
Barry Standish, watch-maker, 20 north Gay st 
Barry Robert, merchant, East st. dwelling, Harri- 
son st. 
Barry Randall, brick-maker, Spring Gardens 
Barry Joseph, cabinet and upholstery ware room, 
next door to the Fountain Inn, Light st. and at 
No. 130 south Second st. Philadelphia 
Barton Peter, painter &: glazier, 66 French st. O. T. 
Barton Thomas, drayman, Duke st. Old-Town 
Barton Elizabeth, washerwoman, Conowago st 
Bassett Isaac, dentist, 25 south Gay st 
Bateman Arteinus, merchant tailor, 35 Fell's st. 

Bateman William, fisherman, Harrison st 
Bateman B. clerk, Eden st. Fell's-Point 
Battar ■ ■ — , carpenter, Ruxton lane 
Baughman Barbary, Bridge st. extended 
Baum Christain, house carpenter, Union st 
Bailsman John, currier, south Liberty st 
Baxley Thomas, accomptant, Waggon alley 
Baxley John junior, clerk, Union st 
Baxley George, junior, accomptant, Saratoga st: 
Bayly Elisha T. pavier, Eutau st 
Bayzard William, ship-master, 68 Ann st. F. P. 
Beaver Frederick, house carpenter, Union st 
Beaver Eliz. grocer, 66 Water st 
Beatty John, "ship-master, 23 Wilk st. F. P. 
Beatty William, dwelling, Pratt st 
Beatty James, do. 45 south Charles st 
Beatty John, drayman, Montgomery st 
Beck Godfred, furrier, 210 Baltimore st. dwelling,, 

Cowpeh alley 
Beckler Henry, house earpenter, south Howard st i 

B 2. 

L is ] 

Bedford & Morton, merchants, 42 Water st 

Beeston Francis Rev. North West st 

Behn Mannhardt & Co. merchants, Light st. near 
Baltimore st. 

Bell George, cooper Fayette st 

Bell Samuel, mariner, 27 George st. F. P. 

Bell Richard, ship-carpenter, Wilk st. do. 

Belleville Louisa, gentlewoman, 64 S. Charles st 

Belli J. manufacturer of goose-necks, worms, cods 
and Philosophical apparatus, founder of bolts and 
other works in pewter and lead, also tin and wa- 
ter engine maker, from Paris, 2 south Gay &t 

BeTt Anne Mrs. widow, 23 Pitt st. F. P. 

Belton Christian, watchman, Bottle alley 

Belton William, tailor, 23 south Gay st 

Bend Joseph G. I. Rev. head of Liberty st. in Sa- 
ratoga st. 

Benlucfeld Henry Godfred, sugar baker S. Charles st 

Benn M. drayman, Cowpen alley 

Benner George Bottler, 36 South st. dwelling King 
George's st. near Exeter O. T. 

Bennett Patrick, grocer, 6 Bond st. dwelling 28 
Alisanna st F. P. 

Bennett Isaac, shoemaker, Strawberry alley, Fell's- 

Bennett Lewis, merchant, next 48 South st 

Benson Peter, wine store, north Liberty st 

Benson Richard, tailor, 21 South st 

Benson Joseph, clerk, King George's st. Old- 

Benton Robert, grocer, 3 George's st. F. P. 

Beuns Peter, gentleman, Philadelphia road 

Biflmyer Jacob, cordwainer, East st 

Bishop John, blacksmith, George's st. dwelling, 
Wolfe st. Ft P. 

Bernard Lewis, grocer, 53 South st 

Bernard Bernard, M. D. 68 Bond st. F. P. 

Berry Robert, pilot, 49 Wolfe st. do. 

C if) ] 

Berry Thomas, ship carpenter, next 2 Alisanna st. 
F. P. 

Berry Benjamin, brick-maker, Lee St. 

Bertheau Francis Charles, merchant, 71 Smith's 

Bertoulin Joseph, baker, 9 Light st 

Besse Claudius, ship-master, 30 Pitt st. F. P. 

Betton Jane, widow, 60 Bond st. do. 

Betis Enoch, nail manufacturer, near the bridge, 
Pratt st 

Betts Solomon, merchant, 85 Bowley's wharf, dwel- 
ling, Saint Paul's lane 

Betts James, merchant, 41 south Charles st 

Betts Ann, widow, Waggon alley 

Beuell William H. ship-master, Union st 

Beven Richard, silver-smith, Caroline st F. P. 

Bevin Elizabeth, widow, 105 Bond st. do. 

Biays James, merchant, 23 Thames st. do. 

Biays Joseph, lumber merchant, Fells st. do. 

Bickham Gettig & Co. merch. 228 Baltimore st 

Bidderson Thomas, cedar cooper, north Liberty st 

Biddle Richard, carpenter, Harrison st 

Biddle Belinda, Triplet's alley 

Biddlemoser Michael, gentleman, Hooks-Town, 
Turnpike road 

Bier Philip, store-keeper, 29 south Calvert st. 

Bigger Gilbert, watch and clock-maker, 115 Balti- 
more st. dwelling Biddle st. leading from Hook's- 
Town road 

Biggert Samuel, carpenter, Aisquith st. O. T. 

Bigoe Paul, gentleman, 50 south Charles st 

Bintzel Baltzer, house carpenter, 5 south Gay st 

Bintzel Dorothy, widow, 21 Second st 

Birkhead Solomon, M. D /Chatham st 

Birckhead William, ship -master, near Howard St.. 
in Camden st 

Birles Samuel, butcher, 145 Bond st F. P, 

C co ] 

Bishop John, blacksmith, shop George's st. and 

dwelling Wolfe st. F. P. 
Bishop Richard, ship-master, 24 Ann st. F. P. 
Bittinger John, merchant 41 north Howard st 
fiixler David, tobacconist, 51 north Howard st. 
Black James, tavern-keeper, 13 Market Space 
Blackburn E. widow, tavern-keeper, 108 French st 

Blackiston &: Richardson, merchants 6 Bowley's 

Blair & Mitchell, merchants, Baltimore st 
Bland Theordorick, attorney at law, 6 N. Calvert st 
Bleakley William, grocer, 42 Market Space 
Block Jacob, grocer, 27 Alisanna st. F. P. 
Bobst George, innkeeper, sign of the Black Horse, 

corner of German & Paca streets 
Bodley Charles, hatter, Thames st F. P. 

Bodinsick , baker, Camden st 

Bodman John, porter, Lombard st 
Boerstler & Harry, merchants, 200 Fayette st 
Boehme Charles L. gold and silver-smith, 12(3 Bal- 
timore st 
Bohn &; Slingluff, merchants, 262 Baltimore st 
Bohn Charles, dwelling 2()0, do. 

Boisseau Joseph, grocer, Water st 
Bolhoever F. W. & Co. merchants, Pratt st 
Bolte John, ship-broker, south Gay st 
Bolton Henry, Caroline st. F. P. 
Bond Benjamin, merchant, 50 Bridge st. O. T. 
Bond Mary, boarding house, 50 do. do. 

Bond Peter, hatter, 13 do. do. 

Bond Augustine, merchant, 52 Hanover st 
Bond Bernard, carter, Go ugh st. F. P. 
Bond William, house carpenter, . 134 High st, 

Bonnet Joseph, storekeeper, 6 Baltimore st 
Bonsai & Niles, printers and book-sellers, 178 BaU 

tknore st 

C 21 ] 

Bonsai Vincent, dwelling, 80 Pratt st 

Boon John, 73 Wolfe st F. P. 

Boone James, grocer, 4o' Market Space 

Booth Abraham, city constable for the first ward Sa- 
ratoga st 

Booth Addison, drayman, 24 Green st. O. T. 

Booth William, do. 94 do. do. 

Booth Vv r illi;;x, nursery and seedsman, Frederick- 
Town road 

Bordley Mathias, gentleman, 10 S. Howard st 

Bordley William C. do. near Hanover st. in 
Camden st 

Bordley John, gentleman, Saint Tamany st 

Borland John, merchant, 4(> Baltimore st 

Bose Catharine, gentlewoman, QSj N. Howard st 

Bose John, carter, Bridge st extended 

Bosley Silvester, dwelling, 6T) Baltimore st 

Bosley James, currier, 19 Water st 

Botmer Flias, saddler, 33 South st 

Bouchell James, innkeeper, sign of the Eagle 
Montgomery st 

Boughan Augustine, merchant, 91 Bowley's wharf, 
dwelling, 52 Hanover st 

Bonis John, tin-plate manufacturer, 13 N. Gay st 

Bouldin Richard, weigher of Hay, Holliday st 

Bo U kl in Jehu, surveyor, corner of Plowman fttid 
Stillhouse sts 

Boureau Nicholas, merchant, 20 Baltimore st 

Bowrke Mercy, boarding house, 14 Alisamia st F. P. 

Bourk Joanna, widow, shopkeeper, 48 Wilk st. do. 

Bovard Matthew, cordu^iner, 43 Market st. do. 

Bowen Sibritt, house carpenter, 9.3 High st. O. T. 

Bowen Nathan, farmer, Old-York road 

Bowen Josias do. do. 

Bowers John, comb maker, Bridge st. extended 

Bowers Henry, oak-cooper, corner of French & Fur- 
rest sts. Old-Town 

Bowers George grocer, Bridge st extended 

[ Q2 ] 

Bowers "Martin, shop-keeper, precincts beyond Bridge 

st. Old -Town 
Bowman John Henry, rigger, Strawberry alley 
Boyce William, grocer, south Frederick st 
Boyce Roger, stage-driver, Carolina st F. P. 
Boyces George, grocer, south Frederick st 
Boyd James P. attorney at law, office 3 north Cal- 
vert, & dwelling New-church st 
Boyd Ann, Gentlewoman, Holliday st. 
Boyer John, Waggon alley 

Boyer John, house-carpenter, 23 Market st F. P, 
Boyes Hugh, labourer, corner of Bond & Wilk st do.. 
Boyle JohYi, tanner, Ridgley's Delight 
Boyle John, teacher, in the Baltimore academy 
Boyle Samuel, brick-maker, Montgomery st 
Brackel E. house-carpenter, Goodman st 
Bracken John, drayman, Eutau st 
Brackman Anthony, brick-maker & shopkeeper, Lit- 

tle-york road, near the the turnpike 
Bradenbaugh John, grocer, 63 north Gay st. soap & 

candle manufactory Fish st 
Bradenbaugh Valentine, plaisterer, 134 Green st. O.T. 
Bradenbaugh Susannah, midwife, 134 Green st. O, T. 
Bradford William, tavern-keeper, 8 Bridge st O. T. 
Bradshire William, cabinet-maker, 108Grjcn st. O.T. 
Brady Christopher, cordwainer, do. O.o. 

Brady John, butcher Britton st do. 

Brady Silvester, pavier, 57 Strawberry alley F. P. 
Brady Matthew, grocer 16' Market space 
Brand Daniel, hatter, shop Harrison st. dwelling 6$ 

north Gay st 
Branson & Smith, hatters, 131 Baltimore st 
Branson BaUis, blacksmith, corner of Camden and 

Charles st 
Brawner Daniel, turner, dwelling Harrison st. shop 

north Gay st. 
Drayton Isaac, cooper, Smith's wharf, dwelling 36 

souUi Gay st 

C 23 ] 

Breitinoder Adam, baker, 3S Bond st F. P. 
Brcnset Conrad, grocer, 26 -outh Charles st 
Brensinger Christian, baker, 40 Market st. F. P. 
Brevitt & Starr, tobacco manufacturers, 27 south 

Calvert st 
Brevitt John, dry-good merchant, 27 south Calvert st 
Brevitt Joseph, M. D. M'Clellan's st 
Brice Nicholas, attorney at law, St. Paul's lane 
Brice John, duputy collector of the customs, north 

Calvert st 
Brice Francis, attorney at law, 8 north Calvert st 
Brice James, grocer, 2 Bridge St. extended 
Brice Henry, merchant, PO Bowley's wharf, dwelling 

St. Paul's iaot 
Brice Edward, discount clerk, 2-14 Baltimore st 
Bride Henry, gentleman, 10 Thames st F. P. 
Briggs James merchant, 1 south Calvert st 
Britton Paul, brick-maker, Camden st 
Britton John, drayman, between York & Pitt sts. Old- 
Bromine U Win. wire-weaver & fan-maker, 17 M'El- 

dery's wharf 
Brooks William, rigger Montgomery st 
Brooks Isaac, iron merchant, 8 County wharf, dwell- 
ing next p Jones's st. Old-Town 
Brooks William, blacksmith, Jones's st. O. T 
Brooke Clement, dwelling, En tat) st 
Brookman Jane, widow, 23 Wilk st. F. P. 
Brotherton Thomas, dwelling Conway st 
Brown Henry, labourer, Fleet st. Fell's-Point 
Brown Alexander, hish linen merchant, <j0 Baltimore 

Brown A. junior, merchant, 274 Baltimore st 
Brown Jacob, saddler & harness-maker, Hook's-towrs 

turnpike road 
Brown David, potter, 3 Granby st 
Brown Dixon, ship-wright, 19 Philpot st. F. P. 
Brown Dorothy, widow, Great-york st 

C 24 ] 

Brown Frederick, watchman, Lexington st 

Brown George, M. D. 1 north Gay st 

Browne Henry, tobacco manufacturer & grocer, 164 

Baltimore st 
Brown Henry, city watchman Lexington st 
Brown Jeremiah, ship-master, Fish-market 
Brown John, bottler, next 11 South st 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 37 south Calvert st 
Brown James, potter, 22 Bridge st Old-Town 
Brown John, trader, 17 George's st. Fell's-Point 
Brown Joseph, cabinet-maker, back of 109 High st. 

Brown John, Ship-master, Alisanna st F. P. 
Brown Jacob, constable & tailor, Ruxton lane, & 50 

Light st 
Brown Joseph, Primrose alley 
Brown Josiah, Brick-maker Sharpe street, between 

Lee & Hill sts 
Brown Matthew, dwelling, 12 South Gay st 
Brown Mary, widow of John, 22 Bridge st. O. T. 
Brown Stewart, merch. dwelling, North Frederick st 

counting house Frederick st wharf 

Brown Sally Fish Market st 

Brown Samuel, teacher of languages, New Church st 

Brown Solomon, house carpenter, 8(3 East st. O. T. 

Brown Thomas, rigger Happy alley, Fells Point. 

Brown Valentine, collector, Dutch alley 

Brown William, cabinet maker, 109 High st. O. T. 

Brown William, Harrison street 

Browning P. G. constable & clerk of the hill market, 

89 Hanover st. 
Bryan & Dent, merchants, 73 M { Eldery\s wharf 
Bryden James, innkeeper & city coffeehouse, 3 Light st 
Bryden William, ship master, 7 Fleet st. F. P. 
Bryson Matthew G. grocer, 59 Bridge st. O. T. 
Bryson John, brick-layer, 9S Green st. do. 
Buchanan Andrew, merchant, 27 Bridge st. do. 
Buchanan George, M. D. King George st. do. 

[ 25 ] 

Buchannan & Heslip, boot & shoe manufacturers, 44 

Baltimore st H 

Buchanan & Lloyd, dwelling, 20 Bridge st. O. T. 
Buchanan Wm. gentleman, head of Smith's wharf 
Buchanan James, merchant, Lexington st 
Buchanan James, dwelling, north Calvert st 
Buchanan Robert, dwelling, Orange st 
Buck John, house carpenter, Duke st. O. T. 
Buckingham Mary, tavern-keeper, 60 Light st 
Buck John, butcher, Caroline st. F. P. 
Buckler William, merchant, 123 Baltimore st 
Buckley Mary, widow, 124 Bond st. F. P. 
Bull Joshua, cabinet-maker, Water st 
Bull Wm. & Jarrett, grocers, N. Howard st 
Bull Eleanor, widow, Camden st 
Bullen Simon, cordwainer, Harrison st. 
Burchell William, mariner, 51 Union st. 
Burges John, mariner, near So Market st. F. P. 
Burke David, Merchant & boat builder, corner of 

Thames & Philpot sts 
Burke James, London hat warehouse, 124| Balti« 

more street 
Biuke Edw. teacher of mathematics, south Fred, st 
Burke John, baker, M'Clellan's st 
Busline John, tailor, 30 Granby st. O. T. 
Burn James, inspector of revenue, 6 AlisannastF. P k 
Burneston & Warfield merchants, 104 Baltimore st 
Burneston Isaac, dwelling, 196 Baltimore st 
Burney Charles, tavern-keeper, 70 Bond st. F. P 4 
Burns Samuel, dwelling, York st 
Burns Wm. Soap &caridle manufacturer, Sleighslane 
Burt & Clarks, ship chandlers & grocers, corner of 

Pitt & George's sts. F. P* 
Burton George, Tinman, 31 Strawberry alley F. P* 
Bussey Thomas, grocer, 14 Market-space 
Burrall Charles, Post-master, St. Paul's lane 
Butler David, ship-master, 29Shakespear st. F. P* 
Butler John, carpenter, 24 Pitt st. O* T; 

C §6 ] 

Butler Samuel, bookseller — store, corner of Baltimore 
and Charles streets — dwelling, 13 Pratt street. 

Butler John W. printer and book-seller, corner of 
South Gay and Water streets. 

Butler Richard, ship-carpenter Strawberry alley F. I*. 

Butler Joseph, pilot, 27 Alisanna st F. P. 

Butler Richard, tavern-keeper, 45 Wilkst. F. P. 

Butler Thomas, mariner, Alisanna st. F. P. 

Button Elias, stevadore, 6 Alisanna st. F. P. 

Byard Ephraim, grocer, Great York st near the stone 

Byrne C. J. "harp & eagle tavern, 15 Pratt st 

Byrnes William, soap & candle manufacturer, Sleighs 
lane, head of Caroline st. F. P. 

Byrnes James, miller, Union mills 

Byrnes Daniel, Merchant 89 Bowley's wharf, dwell- 
ing, 83 Hanover st 

C^ABREA JOHN, tobacco spinner, Water st 
Caldwell Thomas, dwelling, Highst. O. T. 
Caldwell George, house-carpenter, Waggon alley, 

dwelling East st 
Caldwell Margaret, widow, Triplet's alley 
Caldwell JohnR. grocer, 5 S. Calvert st 
Calef John, rope-maker, near Harris's creek 
Calhoun James, mayor, 13 South st 
Caldwell John, attorney at law & commissioner of 

bankrupts, 18 north Calvert st 
Callihan James, painter & glazier, 24 N. Frederick st 
Camoia Joseph, goldsmith, do. 

Camp William, cabinet-maker, water st 
Campario John, Innkeeper, Hooks-town road 
Campbell & Ritchie, merchants, 159 Baltimore st 
Campbell Wm. tailor, 28 South st. 
Campbell Archibald, merchant, 14 S. Gay st 
Campbell Thomas, coach harness maker, opposite the 

watering place, Harrison st 


27 ] 

Campbell James, soap & candle manufacturer, west of 

Caroline st in Fleet st. F. P. 
Campbell Samuel, house carpenter, corner of North 

& Union sts. 
Canby John, mariner, Alisanna st. F. P, 

Canne Anthony, distiller of cordials, 31 Thames stdo. 
Cannon Nathaniel, ship-master, 14 Queen st. do. 

Cannon Susannah, midwife, 5 Shakespear st do. 

Cantwell Thomas, merchant, near Howard in Balti- 
more sts. dwelling Dutch alley 

Capeau Joseph, tailor, Pratt st. 

Capito Christian, grocer, Baltimore st 

Capito G. grocer, goodman st 

Capoot Jeremiah, cooper, shop Gilford st. dwelling 
Franklin lane 

Career John, merchant, corncrof East & Holliday sts 

Carey James, merchant, corner of Lombard & Sharp 

Carey Dennis, grocer, Light st 

Carman William, lumber merchant, yard 6 O'Donnels 
wharf, dwelling l(j High st. O. T. 

Carnoghan George, grocer, 42 Fleet st. F. P. 

Carpenter Jacob, ship-carpenter, 47 Wolfe st. F. P. 

Carnighan James, painter & glazier, shop back of 10 
south Gay st. dwelling 24 north Frederick st 

Carr Mary Ann, school mistress, Ru^ton lane 

Carr Joseph, musical instrument maker, corner of 
Baltimore and N. Gay st 

Carr Peter, corchvainer, 49 Bond st. F. P. 

Carre Joseph, ship-master, S. Howard st 

Carroll Thomas, Carpenter, south Frederick st 

Carroll Margaret, gentlewoman, Mount Clear 

Carrick Daniel, tavern-keeper, 17 Market space 

Carroll Charles, junior esq. King Geosge st. O. T. 

Carroll John, catholic bishop of Baltimore, north- 
West st 

Oo.r.i.^11 J , „ * y ~ -. t? — ,*. r-4- r\ m 

Carrow Derby, Thamas st. F. P. 

L 28 3 

Carruthers John &: James & co. merchts. 125 Balti- 
more st 
Carson Andrew, clerk of the centre market, Great 

York st 
Carson Nathaniel, grocer, corner of Wolfe & Alisan- 

na sts. F. P. 
Carter Thomas, plaisterer, Wilk st. F. P. 
Carter Robert, gentleman, 37 Green st O. T. 
Carter Wm. Brandy alley- 
Casey William, cooper, 29 George's st F.P. 
Casey Robert, merchant, 1S9 Baltimore st 
Cassat Peter, grocer, 229 Baltimore st 
Casedy Hannah, widow, N. Frederick st 
Castalow Henry, Lieut, of the watch, 25 Shakespear 
^ st. F. P. 

Castel Henry, house carpenter 
Cathcart David, drayman, north st. O. T. 
Caughy Patrick, grocer, near Charles st in Chatham st 
Causwell Jane, school -mistress, Queen st, F. P. 
Cave Thomas, distiller, 78 Cumberland row, dwell- 
ing west side of Jones's falls 
Caven Samuel, grocer, corner of Argyle alley & 

Fleet sts 
Cavera Joseph, gentleman, Granby st. O. T. 
Causten Isaac, wax-candle manufacturer, Ridgeley's 

Cawshaw Henry, blacksmith, near Wilks st in Bond 

st. Fell's-Point 
Cawshaw Henry, blacksmith, Lexington st, dwelling 

west side of Jones's falls 
Cazier Elizabeth, widow, Apple alley F. P. 
Chalmers & son, rope-makers & ship chandlers, 1 

Chalmers James, merchant, 10 cheapside, dwelling 

Camden st 
Chalmers John & son, ship chandlers & rope store, 

CWers S John; dwelling, Tuscarora-hill 

[ 29 ] 

Chalmers John, junior, dwelling Tuscarora-hill 

Chalmers James, do. do. 

Chalmers Daniel, rone-maker, Market space & Pratt 

Chambers James, potter, 51 Eden st. F. P. 

Chambers Campbell, dwelling S. Howard st 

ChancheMr. gentleman, Barry st 

ChaneyZephaniah, innkeeper, sign of the Rose, Hooks 
Town turnpike-road 

Channell Edmund, Flour merch. and grocer, 94 N. 
Howard st 

Chapman Wm. rope-maker, Philadelphia road, dwell- 
ing Bond st. F. P, 

Chapman William, tailor, back of 51 Baltimore st 

Chappell John, boarding-school, Hooks-stown turn- 
pike road 

Chardel William, pump-maker N. Liberty st 

Charvilly John, sail-maker Water st 

Chase Samuel, judge of the supreme court, Lexing- 
ton st 

Chase Thomas, attorney at law, 11 Shakespear st F. P. 

Chase Samuel junior, attorney at law, East st near 
the Court-house 

Chase Thorndick, merchant, 15 Market st. F. P. 

Chatard Peter, M. D. north Frederick st 

Chatham Christopher, rope-maker, Philadelphia road 

Chaytor James, ship-master, 56 Pitt st F. P. 

Chatterton Azubah, widow, shop-keeper, 39 George's 
st Fell's-Point 

Chesnut Lydia, shop-keeper, 5 Carolina st. F. P. . 

Cheston W. dwelling 83 Albemarle st. O. T. 

Chevalier A. sculpter, Roger's alley 

Chevigne de Mr. professor of Mathemetics in the 
French college, Morris's st 

Chew & Cheston, merchants, 83 Bowleys wharf 

Chew John, dwelling 19 Pratt st. 

Child, Price & Co. merchants, Lovely lane 

Childs Eliza, boarding-house. Harrison st 
C 2- 

C so ] 

Childs Nathaniel, Merchant-tailor, 33 Fell's st. F. P. 
Christneld Gilbert, tailor, 40 Pitt street, Old-Town 
Christ Henry, inn-keeper Sign of the spread Eagle, 

Chub Samuel, tailor, 26 Thames st, F. P. 
Chunck John, butcher, Britten st. Old-town 
Churchman Enoch, inn-keeper, 55 N. Gay street 

Clackner , boatswain, 30 Ann st. F. P. 

Clackner Adam, brick-layer King George's st. O. T. 
Clackner John, do. do. do. 

Clackner Adamjunr. do. do. do. 

Clagett Samuel & Elie, merchants 22 N. Howard st 
Clapham I. merchant, Bowley's wharf, dwelling 

Eutau st 
Claridge Levin, grocer, 41 Wilk st F. P. 
Clarke James, fruiterer, 38 Baltimore st 
Clarke John, cordwainer, 158 do. 
Clarke James, dwelling, 20 south Gay st 
Clarke Samuel, well-digger, Eutau st 
Clarke James, shoe-maker, 44 Pitt st. Old Town 
Clarke James, merchant, 4 Commerce st 
Clarke Joseph, tavern-keeper & auctioneer, 6 Market 

street, Fell's Point 
Clarke John, ship-master, 16 Queen st. Fell's Point 
Clarke Matthew, do. 102 Bond st. do. 

Clarke John, wheelwright, 89 high st. Old-Town 
Clarke Joseph & Henry, nail-manufacturers corner of 

Ann & Alisanna st. dwelling, 40 Ann st. F. P. 
Clarke Sarah, 16 Wilk st. Fells-Point 
Clautes Peter, wheel-right, Lexington st. 
Clayton Solomon, measurer of wheat, Camden st 
Clayton Richard, cordwainer, Ruxton-lane 
Clements Edward', farmer, Little York turn-pike road 
Clements Nicholas, hatter, Ruxton lane 
Clements Wm. junr. & co merchs. 130 Baltimore st 
Clendennin A. M. D. Harrison st 
Cliae Casper, miller, Quarry mills 

C 31 ] 

Cline &M'Colms, blacksmiths shop, corner of Pitt 

& Ann sts. F. P. 
Cline David, dwelling 65 Fleet Fell's-Point 
Cline Gabriel baker, Happy alley, Fell's-Point 
Clingham John, hatter, 66 Cumberland row 
Cloherty Patrick, grocer, 117 N. Howard st 
Cloherty do. labourer, Eutau st 
Cloney James, grocer, corner of Apple alley & Lan- 
caster st. F. P. 
Clopper Abraham D. merchant, 49 N. Howard st 
Clopper Edward X. merch. 87 Bowley's wharf 
Clopper John, merchant, Waterst & dwelling Bank st 
Clopper Peter, sail-maker, M'Eldery's wharf 
Close Christain, flour merchant, c 29 north Howard st 
Clowdsley Thomas, grocer, corner of Front st & Pub- 
lic alley 
Coale Edward, Register in the mayor's office, Sarato- 
ga st 
Coate Rev. Samuel, Light street 
Coates Francis, baker, Public alley 
Coates Jonathan, school-master, 31 north Gay st 
Coates & Wagner, merch. 50 north Howard st 
Cochran James, wheel-right, Franklin st 
Cochran Hiram, lumber merchant, 17 Pratt st 
Cochran William & Brothers, 153 Baltimore st 
Cochran William C. acadamy, 17 Harrison st 
Cochran do. cordwainer, 77 Pratt st 

Colby Jonathan, livery stable keeper, Liberty street 1 
Coffee Susannah, school-mistress, near Charles in 

Chatham st 
Coffie John, grocer, 80 north Howard street 
Coffin Charles, commision merchant, 13 Bowley's 

Cocks Matthew, ship-master, Lancaster st. F. P. 
Cole Frederick, grocer, 1 High st. Old-Town 
Cole Godfred, windsor chair-maker, 1 do. 
Cole Joshua, house-carpenter, waggon alley 
Cole Sarah, gentlewoman, 7 S. Howard st 

L 32 ] 

Cole Thomas, currier, Paca st 

Cole Thomas, ship-chadler, 52 Pittst, shop 46, F. P. 
Cole William, merchant, 4 South st 
CoganMitchel, cooper, shop Fleet st. dwelling Hap- 
py alley Fell's-Point 
Coleman Charles, house-carpenter, 46 Green st. Old- 
Coleman John, tavern-keeper, 122 Bond st. F. P. 
Coleman John, cabinet-maker, dwelling, 28 Pitt st. 

Coleman Joseph, ship-joiner next, 37 Philpot's street 

Coleman & Taylor cabinet & chair-makers, 51 south 

st shop in Water st 
Coler John, blacksmith, corner of Charles and Pratt 

Colhoun Benjamin C. dwelling, St. Pauls lane 
Collin Peter, vice consul for Sweden and Denmark, 

Pitt street, Old-Town 
Collins Arthur, house-carpenter, Forrest lane 
Collins James, grocer, 41 Market space 
Collins John, cooper, south Frederick st 
Collins William, plaisterer, 84 Hanover st 
Colver Stephen, proprietor of the mud machine, 4 

Bridge st. O. T. 
Colvin Margaret, widow, Great-york st 
Colvin Samuel, 4 Colvin' s wharf Fell's-Point 
Combs Samuel & Co. merchants 95 Baltimore st 
Combs Sam. & Lewis, do. 89 do. 

Combs John, painter & glazier, Strawberry alley 
Combs Thomas, cabinet-maker, 47 Water st 
Comegys B. & J. merchant, 176 Baltimore st 
Compton William, cordwainer, Forrest lane 
Concklin John, blacksmith, 46 Bondst. Fell's-Point": 
Condla Ellis, house-carpenter Conowagost 
Conger Frederick, hair-dresser, south Frederick st 
Coaley Thomas, mariner, 49 Gough st. F, P. 

[ 33 ] 

Connell Bartholomew, school-master, next, 95 High 

st. Old-Town 
Connell James, buiscuit baker, Fight st 
Connell D. school-master, Montgomery st 
Connell Dennis, do. Frederick-town road 

Connor John, shoemaker Bane st 
Conner James, pilot, 81 Alisanna St. F. P. 
Conner William, labourer, Thames st Fell's Point 
Conner John, tavern-keeper, Pratt st. 
Connor Daniel, merchant, north Liberty st 
Conrad M. & J. & Co. hook-sellers 138 Baltimorcst 
Conrod John, windsor chair-maker, shop Pratt street, 

dwelling 43 north Gay st 
Constahle Charles, Inspector of lumber, 62 Jones's 

st Old-Town 
Constable John, carpenter, 75 French st Old-Town 
Conway Thomas, house-carpenter, corner of Bond Si 

Fleet sts. Fell's Point. 
Conway Michael, shop-keeper, Low st. O. T. 
Cooke William, president of the bank of Maryland, 

upper vnd of Baltimore st 
Cooke Richard, gentleman, Paca st 
Cook William & Co. cabinet-makers, 45 Bond st. 

F. P. 
Cook Casper, house-carpenter, Paca st 
Cook R. H. dwelling 18 Albermarle st. O. T. 
Cook Henry, do. do. do. 

Cooper Ann, widow, 12 Fleet st. F. P. 
Cooper Samuel, porter of the Custom House, west 

side of Jones's Falls 
Cooper Robert, rigger, Strawberry alley 
Cooper Rebecca, widow, 9 Fleet st'. F. P. 
Cooper Thomas, opposite wine alley 
Cooper Vincent, chair-maker, 13 Cheapside 
Cope & Brothers, merchants, 202 Baltimore st 
Corbitt John, brick-layer, Saratoga st 
Corbitt John, do. Waggon alley 

C 34 1 

Corn Daniel, house-carpenter, Aisquith st. O. T. 
Cornelius Nicholas, merchant-tailor, dwelling 77 

Pratt st. shop 101| Baltimore st 
Cornelius Peter, mariner Forrest st 
Cornthwaite Grace, grocer, 106 Bond st. F. P. 
Gorrie James, merchant 20' Cheapside, dwelling 4f 

Pratt st 
Corringham James, brick-maker, Ridgley's Delight 
Coskry Bernard, nail -manufacturer, 105 north How- 
ard st 
Cotton Solomon & Co. merchants, 77 Bowley's 

Coulter Alexander, saddler, 114 Baltimore st 
Coulter John, M. D. Alisanna st. and corner of 

Market st. F. P. 
Coulter John, hair-dresser, north Howard st 
Courtnay Henry William, merchant, north How- 

ard st. dwelling upper end 
Courtney James, carpenter, 27 Albermarle st. O. T. 
Covenhoven William, coach-maker, German st 
Coward William, ship-master, Q Sheakspeare st 
Cox James, cashier of the bank of Baltimore, 154 

Baltimore st 
Cox Edward, ship-master, Lancaster st. F. P. 
Cox Isaac do. Conway st 

Cox Peter, merchant, 2 County wharf, dwelling 84 

Dugan's wharf 
Cox Isaac, ship-master, Peace alley 
Crabbin William, brick -layer, Waggon alley 
Craige John, grocer, 42 George's st. F. P. 
Craig Thomas, plaisterer, Sharpe st 
Craige John, mariner, 46 Apple alley F. P. 
Craig Robert, tailor, 36 Stawberry alley 
Craig James, ship-master, 1 Granby st. O. T. 
Craig and Yeiser, merchants, corner of Lemmon and 

East st 
Crain Thomas, carpenter, Fayette st 
Cramfort Samuel, shoemaker, Bridge st. extended 

[ 35 ] 

^Crawford John, M. D. near 8 Hanover st 
Creamer Edward, whitesmith 100 Bond st. F. F, 
Creish William, butcher, Bridge st. extended 
Cringle Mary, gentlewoman, Wei come alley 
Crockett June, Mrs. boarding house, 8 S. Calvert st 
Cromer Daniel, cooper, Eutua st 
Crumillcr Philip, blacksmith, 01 George st. F. P. 
Cromiller Thomas, do. Camden st 

Crook Ah xander, butcher, Britton st. O. T. 
Crook Charles and Co. merchants, 21 Cheapsidc 
Crook Charles, dwelling 47 St. Patrick's row 
Crook \V r a'ter, cabinet-maker, 47 Market Space 
Cross Andrew, carpenter, 72 High st. O. T. 
Cross John, gentleman, do. 

Cross Robert, house carpenter, do. 
Cross Robert, Fish Market 
Crossgrove and Vansant, book-binders, East st. 

near the court-house 
Crouch William, house carpenter, Goodman st 
Croull Henry, livery stable keeper, Commerce St. 

dwelling Roger alley 
Croul Conrad, carter, Britton st. O. T. 
Crouse John Cordwainer, Fayette st 
Crouse Lawrence, clerk, do. 
Crow Thomas, windsor chair-maker, 3 Lancaster 

st. F. P. 
Crow Thomas, wheelright, Liberty st 
Crow William, tavern-keeper, 9 Bond st. F. P. 
Croxall John, gentleman, Liberty st 
Croxall James, do. 51 south Charles st 
Cruse Christopher, grocer, 102 Pratt st 
Culley Jesse, captain of the Norfolk packet, For- 
rest st 
Cullidon George, soap boiler and candle manufac- 
turer, Conowago st 
Culverwell Richard and Stephen, auctioneers, Pratt 9t 
Culverwell Stephen, dwelling, Conway st 
Cumberland James, mariner, 63 Bond st. F, P. 

[ 36 ] 

Cunningham Daniel, house carpenter, Pitt st. O. T. 
Qunningham Jonn, merchant, 8 Bowley's wharf 
Cunningham John, ship-master, 32 Queen st. F. P, 
Cunningham Martin, grocer, 21 Pitt st. do. 

Cunningham Michael, blacksmith Harrison st 
Curby James, house carpenter, Saratoga st 
Currel Robert, distiller, Harris's creek 
Curson Richard, jun. merchant, Water st. dwelling, 

German st 
Curtain James, butcher, Gough st F. P. 
Curtain Mary, widow, grocer, Lancaster st. F. P. 
Curtain Thomas, butcher, 138 Ann st. do. 

Curtis El eazer, boarding house, 1 Philpot lane, do. 
Curtz Michael, sugar rentier, between Forrest and 

Goodman sts. on the ferry road 
Curtis Edmond, merchant, 79 Hanover st 
Cutchins Casper, butcher, Waggon alley 


JL/ALL JAMES & Co. merchants, 74 Baltimore st 

Dall James, dwelling, do. 

Daly Peter, grocer, 36 Albermarle st 

Daly Donald, plaisterer, Sharpe st 

Daniels Anthony, ship-master 14 Philpot st. F. P. 

Danskin William, sail-maker, loft Bowley's wharf, 
dwelling 65 Albermarle st 

Dare Jeremiah, house carpenter, Eutua st 

Darling John, tin-plate worker, 18 Granby st. Old- 

Dashield John, rigger, near 65 Alisanna st. F. P. 

Dashields Mary, boarding house, 21 Market st. F. P. 

Dashields Henry, ship-master, 39 do. 

Dashields Zachariah, pilot, 29 do. 

Dashields Charles, boat-builder, near 39 Wolfe st* 

Daubcourt Francis L. commission merchant, sworn 

[.37 ] 

interpreter and translator, store 3 corner of Fred- 
erick and Second sts. dwelling, 14 Albermarle st. 
O. T. 

Daugherty Theophilus Felix, attorney at law and 
conveyancer, north Charles st _ 

Daughedy Abraham, blacksmith, dwelling, 36 
North st. O. T. shop, Bridge st. O. T. 

Daunise Simon, 61 Green st. O. T. 

Davey William, grocer, corner of Bond & Wilksts 

Davidge John Beale, M. D. East st 

Davidson James, cabinet maker, 1 Baltimore st 

Davidson & Goddard, merchants, §63 do. 

Davidson Robert, chair-maker, 14 Pitt st. O. T. 

Davidson James, shoe-maker, Primrose alley 

Davis Amos, tailor south Frederick st. next the cor- 
ner of Baltimore st 

Davis David, grocer, above the turnpike, on Little- 
York road 

Davis Mary, widow, shop-keeper, 18 Bridge st. O. T. 

Davis Robert, mariner, 40 south Charles st 

Davis Mrs. gentlewoman, Holliday st 

Davis Samuel, cooper, Franklin lane 

Davis Samuel, inspector of lumber, Old-York road 

Davis Ruth, widow, back of Q Pitt st. O. T. 

Davis John, tavern-keeper, 5 Georges's st. F. P. 

Davis William, do. 7 do. do, 

Davis Edward, do. 5 Fell's st. do. 

Davis John, ship-master, 29 AHsanna st. do. 

Davis William, shoe-maker, Sugar alley 

Davis Joseph, boat-builder, QG Queen st. F. P. 

Davis Peter, gentleman, corner of Wilk and Wolfe 
sts.F. P. 

Davis John, labourer, Apple alley 

Davis John, York st 

Davis Luke, house carpenter Camden st 

Davis Gaither, tavern-keeper, sign of the Green 
Tree, George-Town road 

C 3S ] 

Davis Benjamin, keeper of the Fountain and Whar- 
finger, at O'Donnel's wharf, Fountain st 
Davison Daniel, carpenter, 67 Albermarle st. F. P. 
Davison Robert, chair-maker, 14 Pitt st. do. 
Davison Abraham, grocer, corner of Fleet and Alt- 

sanna sts. F. P 
Davison James, drayman. 91 Union st. O. T. 
Davy William, grocer and bricklayer, corner of 

Bond and Wilk sts. F. P. 
Dawes James, clerk, Bank st 

Dawson and Thomas, merchants, S2 Dugan's wharf 
Dawson William, ship-joiner, shop 9, dwelling 40 

Wolfe st. F. P. 
Dawson, Joseph, ship-master, Dutch alley 
Dawson Mercy, store-keeper, 71 Bond st. F. P. 
Dawson Philemon, ship-masler, Hook's-Town road 
Day Israel, block and pump-maker, Pitt st. F. P. 
Deady Daniel, gentleman, 50 Howard st 
Deady John, baker, 97 north Howard st 
Deagan George, baker, 74 Market st. F. P. 
Deagan Henry, ship-master, above Fleet st. in Mar- 
ket st. F. P. 
Deagle Simon, captain of the Norfolk packet 55 

south Charles st 
Deal Michael, book-binder, Vulcan alley 
Dean Joseph, carpenter, King Georges's st. O. 1\ 
Dean Emanuel, cordwainer, 33 Wilk st. F. P. 
Deaver John, school-master, north Charles st 
De Chevigne, professor in the French college, Mor- 
ris st 
Decker George, merchant, 24 north Howard st 
De Cosey, keeper of stages, Salisbury st. O. T. 
Deegan Patrick, merchant, 36, 38, 40 south Cal- 
vert st. and 3 Water st 
Deems John, tailor, Lexington st 
Deeter Melion, plane-maker, German st. 
Degaus Mr. ship-carpenter, .64 Wolfe st, F. P. 

C so 3 

Degau Captain, 8S Bond St. F* P. 

DegraT Flichard B. S. Eutau st 

Deih] Jacob, tailor, Alisanna, st. F. P. 

Delahunt John, currier, 08 French st. O. T. 

Dela Tullage, gentleman, 75 Pratt st 

Delcber George, dealer in Hour, in an alley leading 

from French st. O. T. near Green st 
Delcher Christian, stone quarries 103 French st. 

Delcher John, precincts east of Jones's Falls 
Delcher Valentine, tavern-keeper, Little- York road 
Delegate Elizabeth, widow. King George's st. O. T. 
Delothy John, weigh-master, 24 Pitt st. do. 

Delozier Daniel, surveyor of the port of Baltimore, 

Green Hill, near Hook's-Town road 
Del Vecchio, print seller and looking glass manufac- 
turer, 1 south Calvert st 
Demangen Charles, cabinet-maker, 58 S. Charles st 
Dempster Thomas, tavern-keeper, Federal hill 
Dempsey Luke, grocer, Happy alley, F. P. 
Dempsey Luke, grocer, corner of Ann and Wilk 

sts. F. P. 
Dempsey Terence, teacher, Conowago st 
Denmead John, cabinet-maker, do. 
Denmead Adam, house-carpenter, corner of Dutch 

alley & Liberty st 
Dennis John, grocer, 02 south Charles st 
Dennison John, dwelling, 57 do. 
Denny William, ship-joiner, 24 Philpot st. V. P. 
De Normanville Rev. Mr. professor of the Spanish 

language, in the French college Morris st. 
Denys Benjamin, merchant, 59 north Howard st 
Derick Susannah, grocer, 33 Market st. F. P. 
Deringjohn, cooper, 74 French st. O. T. 
Dctman, Frederick grocer, Baltimore st 
Dcwitt Thomas, tavern-keeper, ]1 Market Space 
Devlin William, maltster, next 51 Union st. O, T. 

[ 40 ] 

De Volunbrun Mrs. Harrison st 

Dew Robert, tavern-keeper and hay- weigher, For- 
rest st. O. T. 

Dew Robert, tailor, corner of south Frederick and 
Water st 

Dew Anne, gentlewoman, 60 High st. O. T. 

Dewees Andrew & Co. merchants, Lombard st 

Dewald Philip, grocer, 50 north Howard st 

Dickerson Gideon, brick-layer, Frederick-Town road 

Dickeson Brittingham, gentleman, 6 Philpot st. O. T. 

Dickison Edward, ship-carpenter, 96 Ann st. F. P. 

Dickson John, Thomas & William, merchants, 82 
Baltimore st 

Diehl Jacob, tailor, 12 Alisanna st. F. P. 

Diffenderffer M. & Son, merchants, 65 M'Eldery's 

Diffenderffer Michael, merchant, 5 Market Space 
and 6 Baltimore st 

Diffenderffer Peter, iron-monger, corner of Balti- 
more and south Frederick sts 

Diffenderffer Mr. dwelling 35 Bridge st. O. T. 

Diggs Ignatius, cordwainer, 66 Front st. O. T. 

Dillen Ann, widow, shop-keeper, Bridge st extended 

Dillon John, dwelling, Union st. O. T. 

Dillon John, rope and ship-chandler, near Toon's 
gardens, store 19 Thames st. F. P . 

Dil worth William, gentleman, 9 Second st 

Dimmitt James W. merchant, Great- York st. O. T. 
counting-house 56 Baltimore st 

Dimond William, ship-master, 13 Alisanna st. F. P. 

Dinsmore & Moore, merchants, 78 N. Howard st 

Disert Ruth, widow, boarding-house, 24 north Gay st 

Disney William, painter and glazier, Aisquith st. 
O. T. 

Disney Solomon, carter, Happy alley, F. P. 

Dispo Joseph, ship-carpenter, 2t> Ann st. F. P. 

Divers John, house-carpenter, Salisbury st. O. T. 

Dixon John, rigger, 73 Apple alley, F. P. 

C 41 ] 

Dobbin Thomas & George, printers of the Tele- 
graph, 36 Baltimore st. "dwelling Harrison st 
Dobler John, distiller, of cordials French st. O. T. 
Dodd John, tailor, 52 Bridge st. O. T. 
Dodge Samuel, wharf-builder, 25 Pitt st. O. T. 
Doft Charles, tailor, 74 Cumberland row 
Dombrowsky Reynolt, blacksmith, German st 
Donaghy Francis, tailor, south Frederick st 
Donaldson F. widow, gentlewoman, 64 Hanover st ! 
Donaldson Randall, ship-carpenter, York st 
Donaldson John, house-carpenter, shop Conowago 

st. dwelling Vulcan alley 
Donovan Valentine, house-carpenter, 30 North st 
Donovan Bartholomew, tavern-keeper, corner of Pre- 
sident and York sts, O. T. 
Donnavan Timothy, labourer, Vulcan alley, O. T. 
Donnavan Mr, shop-keeper, Water st 
Donnellan Mr. custom-house guager, 1 south Cal- 
vert st 
Donnelly Simon, Pedlar, 66 Bond st. F. P. 
Don nelson Reynold, ship-carpenter, York st 
Donnell John, merchant, Water st. near South st 
Dop George, soap-boiler and tallow-chandler, Fish st: 
Dopt George, tailor, 74 Cumberland row 
Doncy John, shoe-maker, East st 
Dorney Henry, cordwainer, 23 South st 
Donohue James, grocer, Great-York st. near the 

stone bridge 
Dosh M. baker, 41 south Charles st 
Dorsey Owen, magistrate and conveyancer, office 
Chatham st. near the court-house, dwelling near- 
Chatsworth's gardens 
Dorsey Joshua, 8 south Gay st 

Dorsey Walter, attorney at law, office Chatham st. 
nearly opposite the court-house, dwelling 25 south 
Howard st 
Dorsey Robert, merchant, 45 Water St. dwelling <#, 
Hanover st 

D 2 

C 42 .] 

Dorsey John E. broker, 41 South st 

Dorsey Elizabeth, brick-maker, Spring gardens 

Dorsey Samuel, house-carpenter, 55 Bank st. F. P. 

Dorsey Vachel, inspector of tobacco, Calhoun's 
wharf, head of the Bason, dwelling 274 Balti- 
more st 

Doughedy John, gentleman, precincts beyond 
Bridge st 

Doughedy Abraham, blacksmith, 36 North st. 

Dougherty John, cabinet-maker, corner of Charles 
and New Church sts 

Dougherty and Corbet, merchant, 9 Bridge st. O. T. 

Douglas G. printer and book-seller, 180 Baltimore st 

Douglass George, cordwainer, 59 south Charles st 

Dowig George, gentleman, 54 Pitt st. O. T. 

Downs William, corner of Wilk and Bond sts. F. P, 

Dowson Elizabeth, boarding-house, 200 Baltimore st 

Dowry Abraham, blacksmith, precinct beyond 
Bridge st 

Doyle Jacob, mariner, North st 

Drawbaugh Valentine & John, oak-coopers, corner 
of Water and south Frederick sts 

Dreyer John Rev. Second st 

Driscoll Florence, ship-mastor, Starr alley, F. P. 

Driscoll Florence, do. 11 Alisanna st. do. 

Driscoll Cornelius, do. Happy alley, do. 

Drummond William, ship-carpenter, Alisanna st. 
F. P. 

Dryden M. tailor, 65 Baltimore st 

Dubourg William Rev. president of the French acade- 
my, Morris st 

Ducatel Edme, apothecary, 26 Baltimore st 

Ducan Mary, widow, 64 Fleet st. F. P. 

Duchemin Francis, gentleman, Camden st 

Duer John, grocer, 221 Baltimore st 

Duer John, merchant, 27 Market st. F. P. 

Dugan Cumberland, merchant, 66 Water st. dwel- 
ling corner of Second and south Gay sts 

C 34 ] 

Duitman Frederick, grocer, Baltimore st 
Dukehart John, house-carpenter, shop East st. dwel- 
ling 102 Baltimore st. 
Dukehart Henry, baker, 15 Baltimore st 
Dulaney Peter, sexton of the Methodist church in, 

Light st. living in Cyder alley 
Dulaney John, merchant-tailor, 19 Fells st. F. P. 
Dumas Reyman, gentleman, 50 Green st. O. T. 
Dunan Lewis Marie, physician, Saint Paul's lane 
Dunbar George T. assistant teller of the bank of 

Maryland, north Gay st 
Dunbar William, plaisterer, Great-York st. O. T. 
Duncan Mary, widow, (>4 Fleet st. F. P. 
Dancan William, shoe-maker, 203 Baltimore st 
Duncan Rebecca, widow, boarding-house, Harrison st 
Duncan & Sewell, boot and shoe-makers, 65 Balti- 
more st 
Dungan William, cordwainer, 60 south Charles st 
Dunkcl, George, M. D. north Liberty st 
Dunkin Perry, ship-master, 140 Bond st. F. P. 
Dunn James, tyle-maker, Ferry branch road 
Dunn William, tailor, M'Clellan's st. near Balti- 
more st 
Dunsford William, ship-carpenter 30 Alisanna st. 

F. P. 
Dunwoody Robert, house-carpenter, Pratt st. head 

of Spear's wharf 
Dupratt George, hair-dresser, 191 Baltimore st. 

dwelling Waggon alley 
Durham John, oak-cooper, Sharpest 
Durham Giles, stage-driver, Lancaster st. F. P. 
Durham Thomas, 47 Bridge st. O. T. 
Durkee Pearl, ship-master, south Charles st 
Dutton Jacob, captain, Strawberry alley, F. P. 
Duvivier J. F. painter and glazier, 24 Union st. 

O. T. 
Dye William, ship-master, 23 Ann st. F. P. 
Dykes William, clerk, Petticoat alley, F. P. 

L 44 ] 

Dylrymple John, carpenter, King-George's st. O. T 
Dyson Samuel T. first lieutenant at Fort M'Henr 


AGLESTON HENRY, tavern-keeper, 4 Mar- 
^ ket st. F. P. 

Eagleston Abraham, trader, Bond st. F. P. 
Eagleston Abraham, house-carpenter Eden st. F. P. 
Ealer Peter, M. D. Water st 

Eanergey & Co. cabinet-makers, 29- Bond st. F. P. 
Earnest George, cordwainer, German st 
Eaton & Updeyratt, sugar refiners, Britton st. Old- 
Easton Nicholas Wing, ship-master, near 48 Ann 

st. F. P. 
Eaverson Richard, hatter, County wharf, dwelling 

German st 
Eccles Samuel, cordwainer, 57 South st 
Edmondson Thomas & Isaac, merchants, 192 Bal- 

more st 
Edmondson Joshua, shop-keeper, precincts beyond 

Bridge st. O. T. 
Edmondson Joseph, drayman, Mulberry st 
Edwards James, farmer, York road 
Edwards Jonathan & Co. merchants, 23 Baltimore st 
Edwards Jonathan, dwelling, Saint Patrick's row 
Edwards William, grocer, Baltimore st 
Edwards William, shoe-maker, 91 N. Howard st 
Edwards William, jun. ship-master, Public alley 
Edwards Edward, brick-layer, Strawberry alley 
Edwards William, ship-master, 96 Bond st. F. P. 
Edwards Robert, house-carpenter, Pratt st. above 

Paca st 
Edwards William, house-carpenter, Pratt st. above 

Paca st 
Egerton Charles C. merchant, 79 Smith's wharf i 

[ 45 ] 

Eherman John, gentleman, French alley 
Eichelberger George, tobacco manufacturer, Water 

st. dwelling 23 Commerce st 
Eichelberger Martin, weigh-master, Hanover st 
Eichelberger Jacob, custom-house officer, 23 Com- 
merce st 
Eichelberger Martin & Co. tanners, yards Union st. 

precincts beyond Bridge st 
Eiseleti & Home, merchants, 69 Smith's wharf 
Eiselen Conrad, dwelling 246 Baltimore st 
Eissel John, drayman and grocer, Pitt st. O. T. 
Elder Bazil, dwelling Fayette st. 
Elderkin J. dwelling 4 south Gay st 
El fry William, cooper, Fayette st 
Ellicott & Co. flour-merchants, 41 and 43 Light st 
Ellicott Elias, dwelling corner of Lombard and 

Sharpe st 
Ellicott Benjamin & James, flour-merchants, 45 

Light st 
Elliot Hartwell, stage-office, Baltimore st. dwelling 

south Howard st 
Elliot Catharine, widow, Eden st. F. P. 
Elliott James, plaisterer, Aisquith st. O T. 
Elliott Robert, paper-hanger, west of Jones's Falls 
Ellis John, tavern-keeper, York, st, O. T. 
Elphinston David, 59 north Gay st 
Elvins William, clock and watch-maker, 12 Fell st. 

F. P. 
Engle Joseph, gentleman, Great-York st. O. T. 
Engle Selas, boat-builder, Caroline st. shop near 

Fleet st. in Strawberrv alley 
Englesby William, 75 Wolfe st. F. P. 
Englesh John, blacksmith, Conowago st. dwelling 

German st 
Ennick Nicholas, house-carpenter, Liberty st 
En nick George, saddler, Fayette st 
Ennis Philip, carter, back of IS Granny St. O. T. 
Enniss Joshua, ship-carpenter, S3 Market st. F. P. 

[ 4S ] 

Ensor Luke 8r William, grocers and brick-makers, 

Bridge st. extended 
Ensor Martha, boarding-house, 30 Queen st'. Fell's- 
^ Point 

Ensor Alary, Petticoat alley, F. P. 
Entler Philip, house-carpenter, Paca st 
Erskine Edward, do Happy alley, F. P. 

Esender, John, tavern-keeper, oortb Liberty st 
Etchberger William, boat-builder, 10 Queen st. 

F. P. 
Etsberger William, tavern-keeper, 14 Thames st. 

F. P. 
Etsberg Wolfgang, grocer, Bridge st. extended 
Etting Reuben, marshal 1, 12 north Gay st 
Etting Solomon, dwelling 15 south Calvert st. ware- 
house 1 Lovely lane 
Euler Erasmus, tanner, 47 Hanover st 
Evans & M'Cabe, saddlers, 197 Baltimore st. dwel- 
ling 60 Hanover st 
Evans William, innkeeper, 1S7 Baltimore st 
Evans John, baker, Public alley 
Evans John, biscuit-baker, 64 South st 
Evans John, Pilot, IS" Wilk st. F. P. 
Evans Daniel, baker, south Frederick st 
Evans George W. dwelling 60 Hanover st 
Evans Griffith, cooper, dwelling W x ater st. shop 

Smith's wharf 
Evans Henry, brick-layer, 39 Eden st. F. P. 
Everard William, shop-keeper, 40 Bridge st. O. T, 
Everson Nicholas, ship-master, Wilk st. F. P. 
Everson Richard, hatter, County wharf 
Everet Thomas, merchant, 179 Baltimore st. dwel- 
ling German st 
Everson Meriam, cooper, 54 Light st 
Evett Edward, whitesmith, Light st 
Ewing William, coOper, 51 Smith's wharf 
Eymann George F. M. D. Bond st. F. P. 

C 47 ] 


AHNESTOCK B. & SOX, merchants 15 nortEt 

Howard st 
Fabnestock Dietrick, dwelling Fayette st 
Falls & Brown, merchants, Pratt st 
Falls Noah, dwelling Market st. extended 
Falls Moore, dwelling Great-York st 
Fare Edmnnd, drayman, Eutua st 
Faris William, carver, gilder and looking-glas$ 

manufacturer, south Charles st 
Farquhar Mahlon, miller, /. Carroll's mil** 

Gwynn's falls 
Farrell James, tavern-keeper and boarding-house, 1 

Bond st 
Farrell Bridget, grocer, 108 Bond st 
Farrell Thomas, carter, East st. O. T 4 
Farrier John, labourer, 17 Vv'ilk st 
Faspine Peter, tavern-keeper, Eutua -t 
Faure & Berenger, merchants, SO -Baltimore st 
Favier John, mariner, ?<i Granbv st. O. T. 
Fearson Jesse, brick-maker, Sharpe st 
Fejnouer Stephen, cedar-cooper, next 26 Alisanna st 
Feinouer Charles, tin-plate worker and plumber, 30 

Market st. F. P. 
Fenby Mary, shop-keeper, north Gay st 
Fenby Peter, grocer, 31 south Charles st 
Fenby Elizabeth, crockery-store, corner of Front and 

Great- York sts 
Fenby Samuel, trunk-manufactory and shoe-store, 

35 Bond st 
Fennel Caleb, ship-carpenter, 37 Strawberry alley, 

Fennel John, city ganger, north Liberty st 
Fenton Thomas, smith and bell-hanger, Harrison st 
Ferguson John, miller and iiour-dealcr, Bridge st. 

C 43 ] 

Ferguson Sarah, boarding-house, near Second st. in 

Triplet's alley 
Fergusson & Robertson, merchants, 80 Bovvley's 

Furgusson Robert, dwelling Lombard st 
Ferrin Patrick, shop-keeper, 87 Bond st 
Farron Alexander, merchant, 8 south Calvert st 
Fevererjohn, mariner, 72 Granby st. O. T. 
Ficke Herman, wood and ivory turner, 49 N. Gayst 
Field Thomas, carpenter, north Frederick st 
Fields William, pilot, Alisannast 
Fifer George, labourer, 7 High st. O. T. 
Finla}', Taylor, & Finlay, wholesale merchants, 45 

north Howard st 
Finlay & Shakes, brush-manufacturers, 21 Second st 
Finlay John & Hugh, painters, south Frederick st. 

dwelling Harrison st 
Finless Sebastian, stay-maker, East st 
Finley James, mariner, King George's O. T. 
Finn William, keeper of the warm and cold baths, 

west of Jones's falls 
Fisher Henry, painter and glazier, Green st. shop 

near 48 South st 
Fisher William, chair-maker, Jones st. O. T. 
Fisher Frederick, innkeeper, Montgomery st 
Fisher John, dwelling, Orange alley 
Fisher Joseph, gentleman, (33 French st. O. T. 
Fisher Robert, fancy chair-maker, shop south Gay 

st. dwelling 46 Jones's st. O. T. 
Fisher Richard, painter and glazier, south Charles 

st. below Pratt st. 
Fisher William, house-carpenter, Pitt st. O. T. 
Fisher Thomas, silversmith, Forrest st. do. 
Fisher James, plaisterer, Wolfe st. F. P. 
F !i "hAi. innkeeper, 38 Light st. - 
1 h Amos, shoe-merchant, 109 Baltimore st 
Fit. Henry, labourer, East st. O. T. 
Fite acob, dwelling, north Liberty st. 

'[ 49 ] 

Fitzejohn, cooper, 16 Philpot st. F- P. 

Fitzgerald Richard, oak-cooper, Baltimore st 

Fitzpatrick Charlotte, shop-keeper, 2S Thames st. 
F. P. 

Fitzpatrick William, mariner, 4 Queens st. F. P. 

Fitzsimmonrs Ann, boarding-house, south Fre- 
derick st 

Fit/Simmons Peirce, preceptor, precincts, beyond 
Bridge st 

Fiys Frederick, tavern-keeper, Great-York road ; 

Flaget Rev. Mr. professor of Geography and French, 
in the French college, Morris st 

Flannegan William, ship-carpenter, Wolfe st F. P. 

Flarahau Edward, Biscuit-baker, Light st 

Flax Margaret, shop-keeper, 8 Queen st. F. P. 

Fleming Stem, cabinet-maker, 41 Fleet st. (Jo. 

Fleming William, stevadore, 20 do. 

Fleming John, clerk, Harrison st 

Fletcher James, shoe-maker, south Liberty st 

Fletcher Joseph, merchant, head of Frederick st. 

Fletcher Martin, innkeeper, 26 north Howard st 

Flower Theron, harness-maker, 7 Pitt st. F. P. 

Flowers Christian, calico-printer, Brandy alley 

Flowers Solomon, innkeeper, corner of Forrest and 
Bridge sis 

Floyd Caleb, potter, 74 Front st O. T. 

Floyd Charles, grocer, Baltimore st 

1 lovd Eleanor, mantua-maker, 74 Front st. O. T. 

Floyd John, carter, Franklin st. 

Focke Frederick, merchant, 39 south Gay st. dwel- 
ling Camden st 

Fornerden Adam, card-manufactory and shoe-store, 
54 Baltimore st 

Foot E. washerwoman, North st. 

Forbes Mrs. E. widow, Boarding-house, 20 George 
st. K P. 

Forbes John, merchant-tailor, 44 George st. F. P, 


j [ 50 ] 

Ford Joseph, wheel -wright, between York &; Queen 

sts. in Prince St. O. T. 
Ford Samuel, jeweller, north Charles st 
Ford William, labourer, north Frederick st 
Fordney William, cow-hide, whip, & glue manufac- 
turer, Great-York st. dwelling Duke st. O. T. 
Foreman William Lee, baker, next 57 Market Space 
Forman Charles, black and whitesmith, President st 
Foreman Joseph, merchant, 59 Market Space 
Forney David, tanner, Union st 
Forrest Alexander, silversmith, Conowago st 
Forrest John, carpenter, Hanover st 
Forrest Robert, upholsterer, Roger's alley 
Forrester Jacob, baker, 17 Green st. O. T. 
Forstler widow, Dutch alley 

Foss George & Samuel Frey, sugar refiners, Sarato- 
Foster James, ship-master, 91 Bond st 

Foster Isabella, widow, 104 do. 

Foudray Samuel, hatter, 28 do. 

Foulk Lewis, merchant, 41 South st 

Fouse Henry, grocer, north Liberty st 

Fowble Jacob, tailor, 30 south Calvert st. dwelling 

south Hanover st 
Fowble Peter, house-carpenter, Paca st. dwelling 

Whiskey alley 
Fowler Benjamin, clerk, 57 Albermarle st. O. T. 
Fowler Margaret, grocer, 43 South st 
Foxall Thomas, grocer, 78 Albermarle st. O. T. 
Foy Aleanor, widow, gentlewoman, 25 Bond st. 
Frail John, carter, Union st. O. T. 
Frailey Leonard, dwelling Commerce st 
Fralet Joseph, wine-merchant, 13 Second st 
France Joseph, store-keeper, German st 
Francis Benjamin, do. corner of Charles and 

Pratt sts 
Franciscus John, runner of the Bank of Maryland, 

north Gay st 

C 51 ] 

Frazier Anthony, gentleman, 49 somh Charles st 
Frazier Jeremiah, ship-joiner, shopPhilpot st. dwel- 
ling 7(j Alisanna st 
Frazier Richard, grocer, 39 Market Space 
Freeburger Henry, tavern-keeper, 36 do. 
Freeberger John, driver of a waggon, Barre st 
Freidag John, sail and net-maker, Camden st 
Frelet Joseph, wlne-merchatit, 17 Second st 
French Bennett, cordwainer, Aisquith st 
French Samuel, porter of the Bank of Discount and 

Deposit, 56 Green st. O. T. 
French Simon, pilot, 8 Fleet st 

Frey Samuel, dwelling corner of Sharpeand Barre st 
Frick Peter & Son, china-merchants, 58 Baltimore st 
Frick Peter, dwelling 9 south Gayst 
Frie John II. dwelling Hanover st 
Friese John H. Merchant, 212 Baltimore st 
Fritzc John E. shoe-maker, Mulberry st 
Fromentsin Elegius, teacher of languages, 61 Mar- 
ket st 
Fryc Elizabeth, grocer and boarding-house, Alisan- 
na st 
Fryc Andrew, cordwainer, German st 
Frymiller John, coppersmtih, south Liberty st. dwel- 
ling Barre st 
Fulford & Farnandis, merchants, 79 Baltimore st 
Fullam Mary, grocer, Dugans wharf 
Fuller & Brown, shoe-warehouse, 86 Baltimore st 
Fuller Abraham, merchant, 11 south Calvert st dwel- 
ling Mulberry st 
Fulmer Martin, blacksmith, near 43 Alisanna st 
Fulton Alexander & James, merchants, 174 Balti- 
more st 
Fulton William, grocer, corner of Union & French 

sts. O. T. 
Fulton David, innkeeper, the sign of Columbus, Bal- 
timore st. corner of Howard st 
Fultz William, dwelling 95 Pratt st 
Funk Benedict, house-carpenter, Franklin st 


L 5« ] 

Furby Marga™, boarding-house, 18 Market st. F. P. 

Furney John, labourer, next 23.Fleet st 

Furney John, tavern-keeper, Rarre st 

Furnival Alexander, farmer, Camden st 

Fuze Dorothy, widow, shop-keeper, Britton st. O. T. 



vJTADE JOHI^, lace-weaver, Harrison st 
Gahagan John, grocer, (j Lancaster st. F. P. 
Gagus Joseph, ship-carpenter, Camden st 
Galand B. tailor, 1 south Gay st 
Galbraith Margaret, gentlewoman, Lovely lane 
Gallaher James, store-keeper, south Frederick st 
Gallaher A. merchant, near 253 Baltimore st 
Gait Peter, watch-maker, 6 Fell's st. F. P. 
Galway Catharine, seamstress, S8 Strawberry alley, 

Gamrell I. hair-dresser, 17 Water st 
Gantz Adam, grocer, 94 Dugan's wharf 
Gardner Timothy, ship-master, 12 Queen si. F. P.. 
Gardner James, rigger, 74 Bond st 
Gardner Peter, ship-carpenter, 63 Annst. F. P. 
Gardiner H. teacher of navigation, la George st. P.P. 
Gardiner A. tailor, Baltimore st 
Gardiner James, flour-merchant, .ix4 - N. Howard st 
Garrett John, house -carpenter, Lombard st 

Garrett Freeborn, dwelling 

Garrish Francis B. ebonist, 53 High st. O. 'P, 
Garrison Benjamin, pedlar, Britton st. do. 

Garts Charles & Co. sugar refiners, 9 Water st 

Garts Charles, dwelling, do. 

Gassaway Henry & Co. merchants, corner of south 

Gay and Baltimore Sis 
Gatchell Samuel H. justice of the peace, 21' Mar- 
ket st. dwelling 23 Thames st. F. P^jj 
Guttis William, farmer, Waggon alley 

C 53 ] W 

Gcauteume James, grocer, 9 George st. F. P. 
Gebhardt John F. baker, Fayette st 
Geddls David, tavern-keeper, Hook's-Town turn- 
pike road 
Geist Joseph B. porter of the Bank of Maryland, 

Front st. O. T. 
George Archibald, merchant, 87 N. Howard st 
German Margaret, widow, 4 C 2 Pratt st 
German phifip, grocer, 40 north Howard st 

Gerlock — , , M. D. 19 north Howard st 

Getman Nicholas, tobacconist, 23 High st. O. T. 
Gevaude:>Rose, confectioner, 151 Ba'timore st 
Ghequiere & H. Kuncke 1 , merchants, south Charles 

st. near Baltimore st 
Gibson James, ship-master, 43 Ann st. F. P. 
Gibson William, clerk of Baltimore county, dwel- 
ling Rose-Hill 
Gibson William, shoemaker, corner of High and 

Great-York sts. O. T. 
Gilbert Thomas P. carter, Market st. F. P. 
Gilberthorp James, cordwainer, 55 Bond st 
Giles J. W. gentleman, corner of Strawberry alley 

and Dulaney sts. F. P. 
Gill John, merchant, Conowago st 
Gill Nicholas, saddler and harness maker, Little- 

York road 
Gillard Jacob, Blacksmith, Tuscarora-Hill 
Gillingham James, blacksmish, Lombard st. dwel- 
ling German st. between Liberty and Howard sts 
Giiimeyer Francis, merchant, 10 north Howard st 
Gilmore Robert & Sons, merchants, Second st 
Gilmore Robert, senior, dwelling 35 Water st 
Gilmore Robert, junior, do. Water st 
Gilmore William, do. upper end of Balti- 

more st 
Giraud John James, M. D. 35 South st 
Gisse Peter, ship-master, 16 Thames st. F. P. ", 
Glanville Stephen, tanner, Union st 

[ 54 1 

Glascow James, M. D. 3 south Gay st 

Glasser Jacob, black and whitesmith, next Griffith's 

bridge, Bridge st. O. T. 
Glaveny Francis R. ship-master, 68 south Charles st 
Glenn John & Co. merchants, 71 M'Eldery's wharf 
Glenn John W. dwelling 25 Light st 
Glenn Elias, attorney at law, Conowago st 
Glenn James, saddler and harness-maker, 40 Mar- 
ket Space 
Glover Josias, shoemaker, shop 17 Bridge st. dwel- 
ling Jones's st. O. T. 
Goan John, carter, Bottle alley 

Goddard Mary, Catharine, shop-keeper, Chatham st 
Goddard John, merchant, 163 Baltimore st 
Goddard William, grocer, 113 north Howard st 
Goetz John, M. D. 15 south Howard st 
Gold Paul, ship-master, 44 south Charles st 
Gold Peter do. 25 do. 

Golden John, north Liberty st 

Golden Martha, gentlewoman, 28 south Charles st 
Golden John, sail-maker, 5 Ann st. F. P. 
Goldsmith Joseph, house-carpenter, Eutua st 
Goldsmith John, brick-layer, north st 
Goldthwaite Samuel, china-merchant, 25 South 

Calvert st 
Gooding Hutchins & Co. wholesale dry-good mer- 
chant, 152 Baltimore st 
Goodwin Abby, boarding-house, 244 Baltimore st 
Goodwin Samuel, carpenter and grocer, Aisquith st. 

Goodwin William, gentleman, Chatham st. extended 
Gordons & Smith, merchants, 67 Bowley's wharf 
Gordon John, dwelling, Hanover st 
Gordon John, cordwainer, Lancaster st. F. P. 
Gordon George, mariner, Alisanna st. do. 
Gordon John, saddler, corner of Saratoga and 

Charles sts 
Gordon Mrs, widow, south Howard st 


[ Si ] 

Gordon Mrs. widow, Cowpen alley 

Gore Richard, teacher, Lancaster st. F. P. 

Gore Amos, boarding-house, 97 Bond st. do. 

Gorsuch Robert, justice of the peace, N. Frederick st 

Gorsuch John, merchant, 38 Bridge st. O. T. 

Gorsuch Nicholas, innkeeper, 38 do. do. 

Gorsuch Jacob, shop-keeper, precincts beyond Bridge 
street, O.T. 

Goswick Daniel, Gough st. F. P. 

Gottier Edward, grocer, Happy alley 

Gouiran Isidore, merchant, 10 Baltimore st 

Gouldsmith & Son, merchants, 59 Smith wharf 

Gouldsmith Thomas, dwelling 61 north Gay st 

Gourdon Frederick, merchant, 198 Baltimore st 

Gough William, cordwainer, 193 do. 

Gough Henry Dorsey, gentleman, 83 Front st. O.T. 

Go did James", hatter, 3 Water st 

Gover Sarah, School-mistress, north Howard st 

Grace Peter Boyer, carter, Forrest st. O. T. 

Grace John, house-carpenter, Aisquith st. O. T. 

Graff Jacob, taylor, Wilk st. F. P. 

Graming & Hardister, sail-makers, Spear's wharf. 

Graham John, grocer, Public alley, opposite Coun- 
ty wharf 

Graham James B. bottler, 17 Pitt st. celler, 8 
George st. F. P. 

Graham Levi, ship-wright, 53 Apple alley F. P. 

Graham Hamilton, book-keeper of the Bank of Ma- 
land, Franklin st 

Grahame William, merchant, near Baltimore st. in 
Light st 

Graham Michael, merchant, 27 Baltimore st 

Gramborg, John, innkeeper, Hook's-Town 

Grape Conrad, grocer, corner of Forrest and Bridge 

street, O. T. 
Grapevine Frederick, grocer 76 north Howard st 
Grapevine Abraham, shop-keeper, Saratoga st 
Grant Alexander, carpenter, next 105 French st. O.T. 


[ 53 ] 

Grant John, stage-driver, Lombard st 

Giant John, merchant, 3(5 Wiik st. F. P. 

Graves Edward, labourer, Dutch alley 

Graves Kbenezer, taverri* keeper, corner of Prince 
and President sts. O. T. 

Gray John M. shoe-maker, near 34 Bridge st. O. T. 
shoe-store, County wharf 

Gray John, drayman, Duke st. O. T. 

Gray bell PHilip, flour-merchant, 177 Baltimore st. 

Grays Hero, drayman, Dutch alley 

Green Edward, gentleman, 21 Albcrmarle st.O.T. 

Green George, grocer, Honey alley 

Green Elisha, mariner, 34 Fleet st. F. P. 

Green Isaiah, hatter, French st O. T. 

Green Matthew, house-carpenter and joiner, Harri- 
son st 

Green Aivicious, cordwainer, next 64 Green st. O.T. 

Green & Waills, merchants 215 Baltimore st. dwel- 
ling German st 

Greenfield Asbery, tailor, north st. O. T. 

Greenfield Thomas, brick-layer, Union st. O. T. 

Greenfield & Edwards, merchants, Pratt st. 

Greer William, clerk, north Frederick st 

Greer Alexander & Co. merchants, corner of Ger- 
man and Howard sts 

Griest Mary, widow, lot 69 County wharf, F. P. 

Griffin Philip, tailor, Hill st 

Griffin Abraham, blacksmith, 40 Pratt st 

Griffin John, miller, Mount Republican mills 

Griffin Thomas, house-carpenter, Eutau st 

Griffin Walter, trader, Wolfe st. F. P. 

Griffith Greenbury, stone-cutter, Welcome alley; 
yard, near the Court-House 

Griffith Eli R. cryer and constable, 13 S. Howard st 

Griffith John, pump-maker, Saratoga st 

Griffith Thomas W.& Joseph, merchants, 57 Bal- . 
timore tt 

[ 57 ] 

■Griffith Osborne, innkeeper, HooWF-TWn, turn- 
pike road 
Griffith Nathan, innkeeper, 6 Bridge st. O. T. 
Griffith Henry, stone-cutter, shop Chatham st. near 

the Court-house 
Grigincal Mrs. boarding-house, 74 Cumberland row 
Grigo John & Co. looking-glass manufacturer, 2 ) 

South -t 
Groom William, grocer, Lancaster st. F. ?. 
Gross John, merchant, 01) north Gay st 
Groves Jacob, .ship-carpenter, York st 
Groverman, Anthony, merchant, George-Town road 
Grub Michael, cedar-cooper, 930 Baltimore >t 
Grundy George & Nephew, merchants, 13J Balti- 
more street 
Guestior Peter Augustus, merchant, corner of Com- 
merce & Water sts. oVelliiig 24 Fleet .st 
Guest, A tterbury & Co. Dry-good merchants 13 S*. 

Calvert st 
Gunn James, merchant, 8 south Calvert st 
Gunby Stephen, ship-carpenter, 3 ( J Queen st, F. ?. 
Guildener & Spott, merchants, 8 Pratt st 
Guilder Charles 

Guishard Mark, house-carpenter, Aisquithst. O.T. 
Guishard David pliasterer, do. 

Guishard Henry do. do. 

Gullen Mr. music- master, Goodman st 
GuisenderofFer, Jacob, grocer and shop-keeper, 55 

north Howard st 
Guess Eleanor, Forrest st 
Gittiy Elizabeth, grocer, 91 Han over st 
Guthrow Jnhn, shop-keeper, 33 south Charles st 
Guthrow Joseph, ship-master^ 3i do. 
Guthrow Joseph, grocer, Guthr jut 

Guthrow &c Merriken, hatters, 6 Water st 
Guy Francis, landscape-painter, Holliday st 
Gvvinn Achoah, boarding-house, 215 Baltimore st 
Gwinn Charles & Co. merchants, 13 County wh 
dwelling IS north Gay st 

C oS ] 

grocer, 56 Light st 
Gwinn William, boarding-bouse, East st 

Gwvnn William, attorney at law, office near the 
Court-House in Chatham st 



AAFF JOHN, tailor, Frederick st 
Hacke Nicholas, upholsterer, 47 south st 
Hacket John, merchant, next 27 King-George st. 

Haddick Gabriel, cabinet-maker, Petticoat alley, F. P. 
Haddevay Robert, mariner, Strawberry alley, F. P. 
Hagan Henry, tailor, Dugan's wharf 
Hagans John, baker, Barre st 
Hagerty John & Ne»he\v, stationers, Light st 
Hagerty Bernard, burr-mill-stone manufacturer, 

Lexington st 
Hagthrop Edward, cordwamer and grocer, 26 Ali- 

sanna st. F. P. 
Hague John, brewer, 55 French st. O. T. 
Harm John Adam, baker, 58 Light st 
Halm Peter, butcher, old Philadelphia road 
Haifiigh Frederick, house-carpenter, German st 
Haines John, ship-master, 25 south Charles st 
Ha'e Henry, mate, 138 Bond st. F. P. 
Hale Amos, bricklayer, Dutch alley 
Hales Charles, tailor, 22 south Calvert st 
Hales Robert, house-carpenter, 145 High st. O. T. 
Haley Mrs. boarding-house, Bank st 
Halev Thomas, custom-house bargeman, Lloyd st, 

O. T. 
Hall Alexander, merchant, 143 Bond st. F. P. 
Hall Edward, cordwainer, 10 do. do. 

Hall Ezekiel, do. do. do. 

Hall George, do. south Charles st 

Hall William, chimney sweep, 26 Front st. O. T. 
Hall George, inspector of lumber, Market st. F. P. 


CS9] i 

all James M. ship-carpenter, 39 Bond st. F. P. 
all Isaac, do. 43 do. 

Hall Anne, widow, IS Green St. F. P. 

Hall Levin, 1 Point st. F. P. 

Hall Isaac, senior, ship-carpenter, Queen st. F. P. 

Hall Washington, merchant, north Liberty st 

Hainan Jacob, brick-layer, do. 

Hamer Peter, sailor, Public alley 

Hamilton Thomas & Co. merchants, Baltimore st 

Hamilton James, merchant, 60 Cumberland row 

Hamilton Pleny, ship-master, 34 Albermale stO.T. 

Hamilton John inspector of the customs, coiner of 
Wolfe and Pitt sts. O. T. 

Hamilton James, gentleman, opposite the Court- 
House, north Calvert st 

Hamilton John, pavier, Camden st 

Hammer Frederick, merchant, 173 Baltimore st 

Hammersley Prudence, boarding-house, 38 Thames 
st. F. P. 

Haminon Abraham G. innkeeper, sign of General 
Smith, Great-York, O. T. 

Hammond John, merchant, 26 Hanover st 

Hammond Rebecca, widow, 40 High st. O. T. 

Hammond H. gentlewoman, 59 Pratt st 

Hance Samuel, cordwainer and grocer, (50 N. Gay st 

Hans Martin, innkeeper, near 102 Pratt st 

Hand Jacob, cooper, Eutua st 

Hands Ephraim, innkeeper, 7 Market Space 

Hanlin Patrick, mariner, 133 Bond st. F. P. 

Hanna Andrew, printer and book-seller, dwelling 
30 Green st. O. T. 

Hanna Alexander, South st 

Hanna Thomas, store-keeper, 72 South st. and dwel- 
ling Great-York st. O. T. 

Hanna William, boarding-house, 3 south Gay st 

Hanna Caleb, windsor-chair-maker, shop Fish st. 

Hanna John, housercarpenter, 64 Granby st. O. T. 

Hanna Michael, do. 116 Bond st. F. P. 


Kanninger FhlTip, stone-cu tier, Great-York st.O. Tjr 

dwelling Harrison st 
Hanninger John, batcher, 36 north Cay st 
Hanes Martin, sign of the Sorrel Horse, Pratt st. 

dwelling 2.3 Market space 
Hansin Barnev, miller, v. indsor mills, en Gwinns 

Hanson John, hairdresser, IS Market st. F. P. 
Hanson Anthony, boat-builder, 36 Wolfe st F. P. 
Halfpenny William, pilot, 4o Alisanna st. F. P. 
Hapke John F. merch. 29 south Calvert st 
Harden Mary, washerwoman, Saratoga st 
Plarden 8z Wilson, merchants, 76 Ealimorest 
Harden Samuel, dwelling 76 do. 
Harding Charles, shool -master, 101 N. Howard st 
Hardisty Benjamin, Green st. O. T. 
Flardisty Henry, & Co. merchants, next the sign of 

the Cross Keys, Fligh st. Old-Town 
Hardisty Henry, merchant, 44 Bridge st. Old-Town 
Hardwick Robert, conveyancer & commission mer- 
chant, 35 south Gay st 
Hare Margaret, widow, tavern-keeper 28 Fell's street 

Flargrove John, Rev. minister of the New Jeruslem 

Church, Exeter st. Old-Town 
Hargrove Thomas, tavern-keeper, near IMarket space 

in Pratt st 
Hark en Daniel, hair-dresser, 32Bondst.Feirs-Point 
Harlan John, cooper, 48 Pratt st 
Harlan Susan, mantua-maker, Vulcan alley 
Harman Jacob, grocer, Camden st 
Harner Daniel, house-carpenter, Eutau st 
Harper Robert G. attorney at law, 29 S. Gay st 
Harper Mr. brick-layer, Holliday st 
Harper Samuel, breeches-maker, 57 Green st. O. T. 
Harper John, musical instrument-maker, 81 Bowley's 

Harper William, do. 36 north Frederick st 

[ 61 a 

^Harris David, merchant, 46 north ^^ard st. dwell* 
[ ing Franklin st 
Harris John, tailor, 1 South st. dwelling Front & 

Ploughman sts 
Harris David, cashier of the office of Discount & De- 
posit, 19 south Gay st 
Harris George, school-master, corner of an alley lea- 
ding from Pratt st. to the Hill market 
Harris .Moses, blacksmith, Hill st 
Harris Thomas, ship-master, back of the Court House 

Calvert st 
Harris William, cabinet-maker, 30 N. Gay st. 
Harrison Daniel, Carpenter, 16 x\pple alley & shop 

20 Fell's-Point 
Harrison Rebecca, boarding-house, 25 Market street 

Harrison Edward, M. D. near 274 Baltimore st 
Harrison James, cordwainer, 3 Shakespear st. F. P. 
Harrison Joseph, gardener, 48 Green st. Old-Town 
Harrison Thomas, silver-plater, 4 Baltimore st 
Harrison Thomas, gentleman, Lancaster st F. P. 
Harrison William, merchant, 84 Baltimore st 
Harrison William, Engraver, Hooks-Town turnpike 

Harrow Anthony, pilot, near Alisanna st. in Apple 

Harrow William, Pilot,- 76 Ann st Fell's-Point 
Harry A. labourer, Conowago st 
Harry Evan, hatter, 34 south Calvert st 
Harryman Nathaniel, cooper, Caroline st. F. P. 
Harryman David, painter & glazier 68 Green street 

Hart Mary, boarding-house N. Liberty st 
Hartman Jacob, shop-keeper, Dukest. O. T 
Harvey & Armstead, merchants, 89 Bowley's wharf 
Harvey Jonathan, do. 206 Baltimore &t 

Harvey Joshua, Lombard st 
Harwood Henry, rigger, 21 Shakespear st, F, P, 


t m 1 

Harwood Jer^Rh, clerk, Camden st 
Harwood Mrs. school-mistress, Triplet's alley 
JIasham Josiah, ship-painter, Strawberry alley 
Haskins Govert, merchant, 7 Bowley's wharf, dwell- 
ing King George's st O. T. 
Haskins Joseph, junior, coppersmith, 62 South st 
Haskins Philip, merchant, next 4 N'. Howard st 
Hassard John & Ralph, merchants, 73 do. 
Hasselbauck John, wheel- wright, shop corner of 

Charles & Chatham st. 
Hassenfratz Dorothy, grocer, north Frederick st 
Hatten Aquila, grocer, Bridge st. extended 
Hatten John C. boarding-house, 40 north st. O. T. 
Haubert Frederick, house-carpenter, Wiskey alley 
Haun John, wheel -wright, 21 High st. Old -Town 
Haupke John Matthias, tobacconist, N. Liberty st 
Hauptman John & Henry, cordwainers, 22 south 

Calvert st 
Hauptman Mr. dwelling Fayette st 
Hauptman George, house-carpenter, Bottle alley 
Hause Samuel do. 76 Green st O. T. 

Hauseman John, tailor, 16 Pitt st. Fell's-Point 
Hawkins James, dwelling Pacast 
Hawkins John, merchant tailor, 36 Fell's st. F. P. 
Hawkins & Lucket, merchants, 247 Baltimore st 
Hawkins William B. dwelling Hanover st 
Hawkins William & son, merchant-tailors, 7 South st 
Hawkins Tobias, cordwainer, Water st 
Hawkins James L. dwelling Fayette st 
Hay Alexander, house-carpenter .83 N. Howard st 
Hay Jacob, do. corner of Union & Eutau st 

Hay Martha, widow, High st. Old-Town 
Hayden H. H. Dentist, St. Pauls lane 
Haydock John & Henry Hagan, grocer, 96 Dugan's 

Hayes John, miller, Rock Mills 
Hays John, gentleman, Pitt st. Old-Town 
Hayes Walter, ship-master, Orange alley 

r (is ] 

gfcllavles Hugh, trader, Pitt st. Old-^Pn 

•Hayes William, block & pump-maker, 42 Philpotssi 


I Hayes William, merchant, 77 N. Howard st 
f Hay ward John, merchant & grocer, dwelling 227 
Baltimore st 
Hay ward Wm, flour merchant, 43 N, Howard st 
Hay ward Wm. merchant, 9 County wharf, dwelling 

Britton st. Old-Town 
Hay ward Benjamin, carpenter, Hooks-Town turn- 
pike road 
Hazeltine Thomas, cordwainer, 110 Baltimore st 
Hazel ton Hugh, whitesmith, Light st 
Hazelhurst Brothers & Co. merchants, Water st 
Head Richard L. & B. flour & grocery merchants, 35 

north Howard st 
Headinger Michael, gardener, Sleigh's lane 
Healey John, silk-dyer, Harrison st 
Heath James, tailor, 44 Bond st. Fell's Point 
Heaton Jeremiah, saddler, 34 South st 
Heiiigh Peter, tanner, Frederick Town road 
Hagerty Barney, burr mill stone manufacturer, Lex- 
ington st 
Heide George, dwelling, 163 Baltimore st 
Heidlebach John D. merchant, 39 Souih st 
Heims Solomon, grocer, 113 N. Howard st 
Heisling Thomas, butcher, Ridgley's Delight 
Heisling Frederick, do. do. 

Hekesley John, brick-layer, facing Miller's tavern 

Great-York st 
Hellen Peter Y. constable, 75 Bond st. Fell's-Point 
Helm Thomas, house-carpenter, near Gay in East st 
Helm & Johnson, merchants, 10 George's st. F. P. 
Helms John, house-carpenter, 54 Green st. O. T. 
Helm M. carpenter, East st 
Hemessen Andrew I. Von, dwelling Saratoga st 
Henderson Archibald, dwelling, Calvert st 
Henderson & Colhoun, merchants, 33 N. Howard st ] 
Henderson & Be^tty, merchants, 11 County wharf 

• L 64 3 
& Thomas, tanners fis curriers, l&A 
north Howard st 
Henley George, carter, Britton st. Old-Town 
Hennicks George, saddler & harness-maker, Fayette at 
Henn Henry, baker, Conowago st 
Henning Benjamin, brick-layer, Lexington st 
Henry Christiana, shopkeeper, 21 Caroline st 
Henry George, shoe-maker, near the brick yards. 

Bridge st. Old-Town 
Henry & Lindenberger, merchants, 204 Baltimore st 
Henry Peter, miniature painter, north Charles st 
Henry Rosannah, grocer, 8o north Howard st 
Henry John, saddler & harness-maker, Frederick- 
Town road 
Herbert & Biscoe, ironmongers, 15 & 21 S. Calvert 

Herbert Charles, keeper of the powder magazine, 

dwelling Federal Hill 
Herman John, wheelwright, Franklin st 
Hermes & Karthaus, merchants, third door below 

Howard & Fayette st 
Hermintage Francis, blacksmith, Lee st 
Hermintage William, grocer, corner of Hill & Sharp 

Herner John, brick-layer, Saratoga st 
Herold Dretrick, baker, corner of Fleet st. & Happy- 
alley Fell's-Point 
Herring Ludwig, carpenter, next 72 Albermarle st. 

Herter Ignatius, grocery-store, 67 N. Gay st 
Herwig C. P. M. D. 190 Baltimore st 
Herwig C. P. & Co. 19 north Howard st 
Jleslip John, shoe-maker, Conowago st 
Heuisler Anthony, farmer, Goodman st 
Heuisler Maximillian, nursery & seedsman, Philadel- 
phia road 
Henaeman John, coach-maker, German st. dwelling 
294 Baltimore st 

I C 65 1 

Hewitt Caleb, tobacconist, 226 Baltimore st 

Hewitt Eli, do. 234 do. 

Hickley William, bottle, 7 Bond st. Fell's-Point 

Hicks Benjamin, tailor, 37 south Gay st 

Hicks James, superintendent of thests. next 43 Front 

st. Old-Town 
Hicks Lazarus, fisherman, Goodman st 
Hicks Robert, drayman, Frederick-Town, road 
Hicks George, shoemaker, 71 north Howard street 
Hickley Bastion, stone cutter 101 High st.O. T. 
Higcnbothem Ralph, teller of the Office of Discount 

&: Deposit, Great York st. near the sign of the Swan 
High James, shoe-maker, Whiskey alley 
High William, painter & glazier, Wilksst. F. P. and 

shop in Water street 
Higgens Patrick, Hawk st 
Higgens Edward, baker, 30 Thames st. F. P. 
Hignet John, brick-maker, corner of Eutau &Barrests 
Higson George, rigger, Caroline ■& Fleet st 
Hilbert John, dealer, St. Tamany st. F. P. 
Hi Ide biand Jacob, baker, south Frederick st~ 
Hildt John, leather-dresser west of Jones's Falls 
Hill George, bookseller & stationer, 132 Baltimore si 
Hill G. cooper, Camden st 

Hill John, house-carpenter, 113 High st. O. T. 
Hill Richard, carpenter, 14 Fleet st. Fell's-Point 
Hill William, rigger, Happy alley, . do. 

Hill John, do. do. do. 

Hilliams James, blacksmith, south Frederick st 
Himes Solomon, butcher, Montgomery st 
Himes Solomon, hatter, do. 

Hindman James, gentleman, Hi south Gay st * 
Hines James, bricklayer Whiskey alley 
Hintze Charles, M. D. 15 south Gay st 
Hipwell Humphrey, tailor, North st 
Hobby & Stansbury, hatters, 22 Baltimore st 
Hoburg Sophia, distiller of cordials, lj Green street 


F 2 

t « ] 

Hockerman Philip, blacksmith, Franklin st 
Hodge Henry, butcher, Ferry Branch road 
Hodgkin Thomas B. gentleman, corner of Granby & 

King George's st. Old-Town 
Hodgson & Thompson, hardware merchants, 215 Hai- 
ti more st 
Hoever George, painter & glazier, Fayette st 
Hoffman & Baltzell, mei chants, 201 Baltimore st 
Ho'Fman'Daniel, butcher, Lombard st 
Ho rman George, wholesale merch. 171? Baltimore st 
Ho Fmari Jacob, currier, 7 Cheapsule & dwelling 46 
i [mover st 

return] ih na r 1 i ft, 4 soiflh Calvert st 
H i Fman He irpentej, Paca st 

H » man Peter & Son, merchants, 153 Baltimore st 
Hoffman Peter junior, merchant, 53 do. 

& dwelling 8 South st 
Hogan Aaron, well-digger, North st 
Hogner John, tinman 205 Baltimore st 
Holdbrookes Edward, carter, Caroline st. F. P. 
Holden Henry, merchant, 73 Smith's wharf, dwel- 
ling 13 Pratt st 
Hoi brooks Thomas, cooper, Bridge st. extended 
Holland John T. brick-maker, Ferry Branch road 
Holland Littleton, jeweller, 122 Baltimore st 
Holland John T. grocer, 13 Union st O. T. 
Holland John, carter, East st. O. T. 
Holland William, carter, Sharpe st 
Holliday Daniel C. attorney at law, corner of Lem- 

mon and East sts 
Hollingsworth Francis, dwelling Hanover st 
Hollingsworth Jesse, do. Bank st 

Hollingsworth Jesse & Son, merchants, next 8 

County wharf 
Hollingsworth Samuel, dwelling north Charles st ^ 
Hollingsworth & Sullivan, merchants, 270 Balti- 
more st 

c m ] 

Hoi lings worth Thomas & Samuel, merchants 41 S. 

Calvert st 
HoUingsworth Thomas, dwelling, 15 South st 
Hollingswortb Zebuton, attorney at iaw, 5 north 

Calveit st 
HoUingsworth Levi, merchant 11 Bowley's wharf 
Hollhis John & Michael M»Blair, merchants, 16 

South st 
Hollins John, dwelling opposite the court -housed N . 

Hollins William conveyancer, 34 South st. dwelling 

Bar re st 
Hollis James, merchant, 3 Pratt st. dwelling 109 

Baltimore st 
Holmes John, captain, Caroline st. F. P. 
Holmes James, 69 Alisanna st. do. 

Holu William K. drayman, Fayette st 
Homman John, hair-dreesser, 38 Market Space 
Honicombe John, baker, 19 Bridge st. O. T. 
Hook Ferdinand, wheel -wrigbt, south Charles st 
Hook Joseph, saddler and harness-maker, Eutau st 
Hopkins John, farmer, Prospect-Hill 
Hopkins Gerard T. grocer, 1 County wharf, dwel- 
ling 78 Pratt st 
Hopkins John, city collector, 10 north Calvert st 
Hopkins Frances, widow, Great-York st. O. T. 
Hopkins Joseph, farmer, Old-York road 
Hopkins Nicholas, do. do. 

Hopkins Johns, do. do. 

Hoppe Justus, merchant, counting-house, 61 Smith's 

Hopwell Humphrey, tailor, North st. 
Hopwood William, comb-manufacturer, Frederick-? 

Town road 
Horn Philip, grocer, 102 north Howard st 
Hornduck Nicholas, drayman, Paca st 
Horne ; John S. dwelling Green st 

C 68 j 

Honier Nathaniel, house-carpenter, next 101 High 

st. O. T. 
Horstman John, tavern-keeper, 
Hoi ton John, cooper, 13 Bond st. 
Hoskins John Henry, gentleman, 36 South st 
Hoss Catharine, widow, next 7 south Howard st ' 
Hosseibock John, Esq. Hook's-Town 
Hottenburg William, hair-dresser, Conowago st 
Hostetter David, innkeeper, 41 north Howard st 
Hough Robert, grocer, 12 County wharf, dwelling 

Sharp st 
Hourston John, ship-master, 51 x\pple alley, F. P. 
Houlton David, plaisterer, 36 High st. O. T. 
House James, Second Lieutenant, Fort M' Henry ; 
Houzelot Peter, furrier, 50- Baltimore st 
Howard Henry, tailor, Lemmon st 
Howard Henry, M. D. St. Paul's lane 
Howard John, brick-layer, south Howard st 
Howard John E. gentleman, Belvidere 
Howard John, blacksmith, German st. near south: 

Liberty st 
Howard Joshua, shoemaker, Aisquhh st. O. T. 
Howard Peter, mariner, Conowago st 
Howard Philip, carpenter, Hanover st 
Howe Charles, ship-master, Philpot st. F. P.' 
Howe Thomas, ship-master, 20 Queen st. F* P. 
Howel John, grocer, 92 Hanover st 
Howland Daniel, merchant, north Frederick st 
Howland John Wilks, constable, Salisbury st. O.T. 
Howland David, mariner,. Alisanna st. F. P. 
Howser John, wheel-wright, south Frederick st. 

dwelling Pitt st O. T. 
Hubbard William, merchant, 78 Bowley's wharf, 

dwelling Great- York st. O. T. 
Huber George, painter and giazier, Fayette st 
Hudson George & William Jordan, tailors, Light $t 
Hudson James, labourer, north Frederick st 
Hudson Jonathan, merchant, 169 Baltimore st - 

C 09 ] 

Hughes Christopher, gentleman, Forrest st. the 

head of the Bason 
Hughes Abraham, shoemaker, Bridge st. extended 
Hughes Elijah, blacksmith, shop Thames st. dwel- 
ling near 46 Apple alley, F. P. 
Hughes Griffin, shop-keeper, Waggon alley- 
Hughes J. & J. merchants south Howard st. near 

Baltimore st 
Hughes John, wheel-wright, Tuscarora-Hill 
Hull James, cordwainer, 71 Wilkst. F. P. 
Humphrey James, Market st. do. 

Humphrey Thomas, jeweller, 62 French st. O. T. 
Humphrey Kerr, grocer, 58 Pitt st. F. P. 
Hunt & Diffendertler, dry-good merchants and gro- 
cers, 35 Bridge st. O. T. 
Hunt Elizabeth, gentlewoman, Great Yorl;,st. O.T. 
Hunt John, plumber, 22 Fleet st. F. P. 
Hunt Joshua, hair-dresser and Perfumer, 2 Balti- 
more st 
Hunt Shadrich, gentleman, North st. O. T. 
Hunter James, tavern-keeper, ()1 South st 
Hunter Jane, widow, gentlewoman, Great- York st. 

Hupfeld Thomas, music-master, 96 N. Howard st 
Hurston John, ship-master, 51 Apple alley, F. P. 
Husband, Joseph & Co. curriers, 10 Water st 
Husband William, merchant, 10 County wharf, dwel- 
ling 12 Pitt st. F. P. 
Hussey Mr. tanner, Causeway 
Hussey & Fisher, tanners & curriers, 3 Cheapside 
Hussey Nathan, innkeeper, 5 north Howard st 
Huston Alexander, saddler and harness-maker, 39 

South st 
Hutchins Samuel, ship-master, Alisanna st. F. P. 
Hutton & Wilson, wholesale and retail grocers, 24 

Baltimore st 
Hylers Anthony, carpenter, Mulberry st 

[ 70 ] 

Kvndman Samuel, publisher, 14 north Frederick s't 
Hynson Nathaniel, cabinet-maker, 98 Bond st.F.P* 
Hyrig John, grocer, 00 north Howard st 

XNGLES John, blacksmith and grocer, corner of 
Conowago & Liberty streets 

Inglis James Rev. ministerof the presbyterian church, 
dwelling next in Eastst 

llker Mary, widow, 74 south Charles st 

Inloes James, duputy sheriff, 28 Alisanna st. F. P. 

Inloes Elizabeth, widow 20 do. do. 

Inloes Joshua, house-carpenter, 69 Bond st do. 

Inloes John, cordwainer, 83 do do. 

Ireland Edward, gentleman, 38 South st 

Irwin James Jaryn, dwelling, south Frederick st 

Irwin James, brick-layer, Paca at 

Irviri , custom-hoHse officer, Great- York st. 


Irvin James blacksmith, south Frederick st 

Isgrig William, tailor, 7 Shakespear st. Fell's-Point 

Israel Beale, constable, Baltimore st extended, oppo- 
site the Presbyterian Burial ground 

Ives James, shoe-maker, water st 

Jl ACOBI George, gold and silver-smith, 58 north 

Howard street 
Jackson Joseph, silversmith, 13 South st 
Jackson Nathaniel, sail -maker, corner of iVrgyle & 

Fleet st. Fv P. 
Jackson William, house-carpenter, facing the sign of 

the Swan, Great- York st 
Jackson William, blacksmith, shop 13 Thames street 


C 71 ] 

Jackson James, saddler, 23 south Calvert st 

Jacobs Esther, store-keeper 1 Market space 

Jacobs Joseph, captain of the city-watch, 76 Front st 

Jacob Samuel, tailor, 34 south Calvert st 
Jacobs William, sail-maker, 15 Market street Fell's- 

Point, loft Yellott's wharf 
Jacobs William, ship-carpenter; Forrest st. do. 

Je Fery James, merchant 92 Mariovtft' st 
Je Fery Henry, grocer, corner of Ann & Alisanna st 

Jago Samuel, grocer, 14 Pratt st 
Jambu & Co. druggists, 222 Baltimore st 
James Amos, grocer, 48 Light st. dwelling Pratt st 
James Daniel, tavern-keeper ,8 FelFs st. F. P. 
James Henry, cooper, Ruxton lane & 82 Pratt st 
James H. next, 27 Alisanna st. F. P. 
James E. grocer 

James John, tin-manufacturer, 42 Baltimore st 
James Mary, school-misstrcss, 15 N. Gay st 
James William, Apple alley F. P. 
Jamison Joseph, inspector of lumber, 3S north Fred- 
erick st 
Janin Mrs. widow, 70 south Charles st 
Janny Lewis, preceptor, Ploughman st 
Jaquett John P. inn-keeper, Sign of the Bell, Phila- 
delphia road 
Jared John & Brother, grocers, 6 Pratt st 
Jarrett John, grocer, Barre st 
Jarvis Joseph, flour & grocery store, Mulberry st 
Jeffers Joseph, Rural Felicity gardens 
Jefferson Thomas, labourer, sugar alley 
Jenkins Edward, saddlery 34 south Calvert st. dwell- 
ing Bank st 
Jenkins Michael, cabinet-maker, 18 Light st 
Jenkins Walter & Co. merchants, 109 Baltimore st 
Jenkins Thomas C. gentleman, 12 S. Calvertst 

[ 72 ] 

Jenkins William & Welsh curriers, 4 Water st 

Jenkins William, dwelling, 4 Water st 

Jenkins Walter, dwelling, Chatham st extended 

Jenne Benjamin, ship-master, \<2 Alisanua st. F. P. 

Jenne M. seamstress, Strawberry a; ley do. 

Jenne Rebecca, widow, 34 Alisanua st. do. 

Jennings John, clerk, Rutau st 

Jephson John, cordwainer, Paca st 

Jeii in Air. gardener, Strawberry alley 

Jessop Wiliam, merchant, 1 Bowley's wharf, dwell- 
ing north Liberty st 

Jewec George, blacksmith, shop 62 north Gay st dwell* 
ing 5 Jones's st. Old-Town 

Jewett John & Co. tannic s& curriers, 90 Dugan's 

Jewit John, dwelling, Harrison st 

Johonnott & Cook, distiller, Still -House st 

Johonnott Francis, dwelling, south Gay st 

John Eleanor, widow, 49 Arm st. F. P. 

Johnson Abijah, tin-plate worker & japanner, So 

North st Old- Town 
Johnson Henry, block^tin manufacturer, 188 Balti- 
more st 
Johnson Ann, school -mistress. 37 Market st. F.P. 
Johnson James, ship-master, 137 Bond st. do. 
Johnson James, merchant, 18 Alisannast. do. 
Johnson Joseph, brick-maker, Bridge st extended 
Johnson Joseph, rigger, 36 Market st F. P 
Johnson Joshua, portrait painter, 52 N. Gay st 
Johnson & Mason, potters, Great-York st. manufac- 
tory on Pitt & Bond sts 
Johnson Robert, hair -dresser, 1 south Gay st 
Johnson Solomon, cordwainer, 60 Green st. O. T. 
Johnson William, mariner, Fleet st. F. P. 
Johnson William, tailor, Harrison st 
Johnson Mrs. gentlewoman, north Frederick st 
John Thomas, miller, Mount Royal mills 
Johns Hosea, trader, Strawberry alley 

C 73 ] 

Johns Aquila, gentleman, Great- York st 
us ! . school -mistress, 27 south Gay st 
Johns Isaac, 87 south Gay st 
Johns Joseph, hair-dresser, 17 north Gay st 
Johns Richard, bhip-master, 31 Shakespear street 

Johnstone Elizabeth, seamstress, Waggon alley^ 
Johnstone C. merchant 101 Bowley's wharf dwelling 

Fayette st 
Johnstone John, merchant, 88 north Howard st 
Johnstone William, grocer, Light st 
Jolley John & Co. merchants, Vanbibbers wharf 
Jolley John, dwelling 100 Hanover st 
Jolley William, merchant, 28 south Calvert street 

dwelling St. Paul's lane 
Jones Ambreay, shoe-maker, 66 Cumberland row 
Jones Edward, merchant, 92 Baltimore st 
Jones Ellis, coach-maker, 58 Albermarle st. O. T. 
Jones John, rigger, 75 Apple alley, F. P. 
Jones Joshua, tailor, 64 Front st. O. T. 
Jones Levin, ship-master, 2 Queen st. F. P. 
Jones Richard, oil & paint store, 74 South st 
Jones Richard, dwelling, Sharpe st 
Jones Richard, segar-maker, 38 Market st. F. P. 
Jones Richard, painter, store corner of Bond and 

Thames st Fell's-Point 
Jones Richard, gentleman, East st. Old-Town 
Jones Richard, Apple alley F. P. 
Jones Samuel G. dwelling, 93 Baltimore st 
Jones William, cordwainer, Harrison st 
Jones William, brick-layer, Eutau st 
Jones Talbot, merchant, 48 N. Howard st 
Jones Mary, widow, Law st. Old-Town 
Jones Caleb, cordwainer, Public alley 
Jorden William, brick-maker^ Paca st 
Jordan Dominick, Franklin st 
Jordan Frederick, merchant, 14 N. Howard st 

C 74 J 

Jordan, Wm. tailor, St. Pauls lane 

Joice William house-carpenter, 11 Green st. O. T. 

Joyner Robert, M. D. opposite Union st. in French 

st. Old-Town 
Juden John, tailor, 205 Baltimore st. 



ALAFUS LEWIS, skin-dresser, Hooks-Town 

Kail John Theodore, baker, south Howard st 
Kaminsky John Christian, tavern-keeper, Bank st. 
Kane John M. grocer, 35 Market Space 
Kast Frederick, 

Kauck John, dry-good store, 62 north Howard st 
Kaylor George, baker, corner of Bond and Alisanna 

st. F. P. 
Kean Thomas, house-carpenter, Fayette st 
Kearney Richard, ship-master, 74 Alisanna st. F.P. 
Kearney Thomas, house-carpenter, next 76 Granby 

st. O. T. 
Keatinge George, book-binder, north Liberty st. 

near Baltimore st 
Keatinge Henry S. book-store and stationer, 10-1 

north Howard st 
Keen William j grocer, 7 Howard st 
Keene Zachariah, merchant, Lancaster st. F. P. 
Keener Jacob, tailor, Harrison st 
Keener John, gunsmith, 106 Green st. O. T. 
Keener Christian, gentleman, Hooks-Town turnpike 

Keeports George P. notary Public, 32 South st 
Keer) Henry, M. D. and druggist-store, 233 Balti- 
more st. dwelling German st. near Howard st 
Keigler Daniel, merchant, Front st. O. T. dwelling 

corner of Pratt st and Dugan's wharf 
Keilhotz John, baker, south Liberty st 

i 75 ] 

Keiser Samuel, d welling north Liberty st. 

Keith James, master of the Alexandria packet, For- 
rest st. O. T. 

Kell Thomas, attorney at law, 66 north Gay st 

Keller & Forman, grocer and flour-merchants, fifth 
lot west of Howard st. in Baltimore st 

Keller John, currier, south Liberty st 

Keller John, plane-maker, Sleighs lane, O. T. 

Kelley John, custom-house officer, Pitt st. do. 

Kellcy James, mariner, Wolfe st 

Kelley John, potter, dwelling Union st. near 
Gorsuch's tavern 

Kelly Mary, widow, grocer, Fountain st. F. P. 

Kelseimer "Francis, shop-keeper, Saratoga st 

Kelso John & George, victuallers, loi French st. 

Kelso Samuel, silk-dyer and calico printer, 106 
French st. O. T. 

Kelso Mary, widow, Granby st. O. T. 

Kemmelmyer Frederick, portrait painter 1 East st 

Kemp James, ship- Wright, Apple alley, F. P. 

Kennedy A. & Colhoun, merchants, 146 Baltimore st 

Kennedy John & Cox, do. Q56 do. 

Kennedy James, store-keeper, Conowago st 

Kennedy Samuel S. carver, guilder and looking- 
glass manufacturer, 3 north Gay st 

Kennedy John, drayman, 55 Green st. O. T. 

Kennedy William, dwelling Conowago st 

Kenned v Robert, house-carpenter, 5o Strawberry 
alley," F. P. 

Kent & Brown, tea-merchants, 127 Baltimore st 

Kent Emanuel, dwelling 32 Hanover st 

Kent C. drayman, Lee st 

Kenter & Von Harten, merchants, 4 N. Howard st 

Keplinger Michael, brick-maker and grocer, pre- 
cincts beyond Bridge st. O. T. 

Keplinger John, keeper of carts, Britton st. O. T. 

Kepold Hannah, widow, south Howard st 

C 76 ] 

Keppler John, grower, 20 Pitt st. F. P. 

Kergan Alary, grocer, Pitt st. F. P. 

Kerney Richard, ship-master, 74 Alisanna st. F. P. 

Kerr Archibald, do 9 do. 

Kerr John, school -master, Lombard st 

Kerr Thomas, brewer, near Baltimore st. in Han- 
over st. dwelling north Liberty st 

Kerr & King, grocers, 3 Cheapside 

Kesler John, plaisterer, 13 High st. O. T. 

Key Abner, tailor, Pratt st 

Keys Richard, merchant, 79 Bowley's wharf, dwel- 
ling Mulberry st. west of Howard st 

Keyser Derick, merchant, 12 north Howard st 

Kilmer John, potter, Bottle alley 

Kilty John, supervisor, 67 Hanover st 

Kimble Henry, drayman, Paca st 

Kimmel Anthony &Son, merchants, 21 north How- 
ard st 

Kimmel Anthony, dwelling 21 Lexington st 

Kimmel Michael, do. 21 north Howard st 

King Jacob, comb-maker, Conowago st 

King Charles, tavern-keeper and grocer,. Water st 

King Elias, house-carpenter, Eutau st 

King John, slop-warehouse, corner of Water and 
south Frederick sts 

King Thomas, house-carpenter, 81 north Howard st 

King William, south Frederick st 

King Richard, ship-master, Happy alley, F. P. 

King Amasa, Rope-maker, Bridge st extended 

Kings George, house-carpenter, Eutau st. 

Kinsell F. B. O. surgeon dentist, 31 south Gay st 

Kipp John & Co. oil and colour store, 16 Cheapside 

Kipp John, dwelling Camden st 

Kipp John, shop-keeper, 44 Pratt st 

Kipps Nicholas, plaisterer, Conowago 

Kirby James., house-carpenter, Saratoga st 

Kirchhoof John, butcher, Franklin st 

Kirk Thomas, horse-farrier, near 42 George st. .FP« 

[ 77 ] 

Kirkpatrick Jeremiah, drayman, 20 North st. O.T. 
Kittleman John, shoe-maker, 20 Granby st. do. 
Kitts Barnet, plafsterer, 11 High st. do. 

Kline Jacob, house-carpenter, 5 north Gay st 
Knight Joshua, house carpenter, Waggon alley 
Knight Nathaniel, book-seller and stationer, 1 Mar- 
ket st. F. P. 
Knight Caleb, house-carpenter, Goodman st 
Knight Joshua, do. Fort M* Henry's road 

Knodt John, hair-dresser, Pratt st 
Knott Arden, tavern-keeper, Ruxton lane 
Knott James, hatter, 133 Baltimore st 
Knott Peregrine, carpenter and joiner, Britton st, 

Knox Reynolds, house-carpenter, Eutau st 
Knup Abraham, baker, Camden st 
Koch Andrew, do. south Frederick st 

Koldhouse George, farmer, Philadelphia road 
Konecke Nicholas, merchant, 80 north Howard st 
Konz C. S. merchant, 39 south Gay st. dwelling 

south Liberty st 
Konig Frederick, merchant, German st 
Konig Joseph, M. D. Fayette st 
Kratcht Fre Wick, m.vchm, 53 Pratt st 
Kramer & Wilmott, merchants, 46 South st 
Kreber Martin, sign of General Washington, Balti- 
more st. extended 
Krebs John, brick-maker, Eden st. F. P. 
Krebs Wiiliam do Ridgley's Delight 

Krems Joseph, store-keeper, 166 Baltimore st 
Kummer Frederick, shoe-maker, north Liberty st 
Kurtz Daniel, minister of the German Lutherian 

congregation, Holliday st 
Kurtz Jacob, hatter, 950 Baltimore st. 
Kurtz John lumber-merchant, 78 Alisanna st. F. P. 

G 2 

L 78 ] 

JLrfABOU MICHAEL,wheel-wright, 4 Goodman st 

Labruere Henry, gentleman, 20 Commerce st 

Lafferty Daniel, pavier, 71 Apple alley 

La Freet Miss, 34 south Charles st 

Lamb John, blacksmith, Hawk st 

Lamarlere Anthony, merchant, 31 Jones St. O. T. 

Lamdin Thomas, ship-carpenter, south-west corner 

of Lancaster st. F. P. 
Lammott Daniel, gentleman, Union st 
Lampsey John, cordwainer, 191 Baltimore st 
Lancaster Moses P. gentleman, Great- York st 
Lanford, John, mariner, 49 Wilk st. F. P. 
Langtry Henry, grocer, 55 Bridge st. O. T. 
Lane John, baker, 17 Thames st. F. P. 
Lanius William, house-carpenter, Franklin st 
Lanny Lewis & Peter, merchants, 62 Dugan's 

Lanove Mary Ann, south Howard st 
Larabee, Daniel, cordwainer, 16 south Charles st 
Larken John & Co. grocers, 30 north Howard st 
Lason Mr. merchant, Conowago st 
Latouche J. W. ship-master, 35 south Charles st 
Latour John, merchant, corner of Commerce and 

Water sts. dwelling 41 Jones st. O. T. 
Lauderman Frederick, tobacconist and grocer, 21 

Bond st. F. P. 
Lauderman John, ship-joiner, Apple alley 
Lausang Peter, Albermarle st. O. T. 
Law John & Denmead, cabinet and chair-makers, 66 

South st 
Law Anthony, dwelling, Fayette st 
Law James, gentleman, 89 Green st. O. T. 
Lawrence W. brick-maker, Bridge st. extended 
Lawson Robert, constable, Water st 
Lawson Richard, dwelling 20 Albermarle st, O. T. 

[ 79 ] 

Lawson Elizabeth Mrs. widow* gentlewoman, op- 
posite Dutch church, Fish st 

Lay Henry, coppersmith, 23 south Calvert st. dwel- 
ling Pratt st 

Leahy John, cooper, 49 Smith's wharf 

League Abraham, cordwainer, 15 Fleet st. F. P. 

League John 9 Fleet st. F. P. 

League Reuben, windsor-chair-maker, 32 X. Gay st 

League Thomas, clerk of the Point maket and con- 
stable, Fleet st. F. P. 

Leaman Thomas, innkeeper, sign of the siege of 
York, 41 Market Space, corner of "Water st 

Leary Andrew, whitesmith, Hook's-Town turnpike 

Leatherborrow William & Co. morocco-manufactu- 
rers, Fish st. dwelling Holliday st 

Lebaturd John Lewis, gentleman, Ruxton lane 

Leckey Hugh, grocer, Fells st. F. P. 

Leclaire Lewis, druggistand chymist, JO Baltimore st 

Leclcre Francis & Peter Cazeaux, gardners near the 

Leduc & Bonneiin, merchants, 168 Baltimore st 

Leduc, Bonnefin & Co. ship-chandlers and grocers, 
3 Bond st. F. P. 

Lafever Nicholas, cordwainer, Harrison st 

Lee William, pump-maker, Caroline st. F. P. 

Lee William, Brooke & Dillon, merchants, S north 
Howard st. 

Lee William, dwelling Franklin st 

Lee Michael, baker, corner of French and East st. 

Lee Henry, tailor, north Charles st 

Lee John, gentleman, Lancaster st. F. P. 

Lee John, oak-cooper, Whiskey alley 

Lee Samuel W. gentleman, facing Miller's tavern, 
Great-York st. O. T. 

Legardeur M. next 93 Hanover st 

Leek Nicholas, teacher, Alisanna st. F. P. 

[ so ] 

Legg William, tailor, Saratoga st. west of north 

Howard st 
Legoux Delarne, dealer in ice creams, Bloomsberry 

plantation, near the Ferry Branch 
Le Grand Samuel, store-keeper, 22 Market Space 
Leinhart Henry, grocer, German st 
Lemmon& Campbell, auctioneers, head ofGayst.dock 
Lemmon Robert, dwelling 49 south Calvert st 
Lemon John, soap and candle-manufacturer, back of 

29 Bond st. dwelling Lancaster st. 
Lenhart Frederick, grocer, 65 north Howard st 
Lepold John, gentleman, 103 Hanover st 
Lerew Francis, gentleman, Mulberry st 
Lerew James, merchant-tailor, 1 Fells st. F. P. 
Lerew Abraham, house-carpenter, Eutau st. 
Lescamela Elizabeth, 17 south Howard st 
Lescb Heronimus, innkeeper, Saratoga st 
Lester William, stone-mason, Frederick-Town road' 
Letter Thomas, porter of the Bank of Baltimore, 38 

High st. O. T. 
Levely Catharine, widow, 140 Baltimore st 
Levering Enoch & Jesse, grocers, 23 Cheapside 
Levering John & Aaron, merchants 25 do. 
Levering & Nelms, do. 28 do. 

Levering John, dwelling 99 Hanover st^ 
Levering Enoch, do. do. 

Levering Peter, do. do. 

Levering Nathan, merchant, 5 Bowley's wharf, 

dwelling Hanover st 
Levering Aaron, dwelling, 21 south Charles st 
Levi Levi Andrew, boarding-house, corner of Saint 

Paul's lane and Chatham st 
Levillain Jacqeus, French commercial agent, Holli- 

day street 
Levinder Levin P. house-carpenter, Barre st 
Levy Jacob F. broker, 2S Water st. dwelling Pratt st 
Lewis Charles, keeper of the Frederick-Town turn- 
pike gate 
Lewis, Samuel & John, merchants, 51 Baltimore st 

[ 81 

Lewis William Young, merchant, 20 south Calvert 

st. dwelling 43 Albermarle st. O. T. 
Lewis Margaret, grocer, 5 Market Space 
Lewis Philip, M. 13. 11 Bridge st. O. T. 
Lewis Peter, hair-dresser, 14 north Gay st 
Lewis William, -gardener, south Liberty st 
Lewthwait Agnes, widow, 25 Caroline st. F. P. 
LeypoM Frederick, grocery and liquor-store, 61 

north Gay st 
L'hermite Vincent, merchant, next 62 South st 
Librou Anthony, hair-dresser, Water st 
Liddle Catharine, next 2i Alisanna st. F. P. 
Lieutand B. confectioner, Harrison st 
Lihault Augustus, cabinet-maker, Triplets alley, 

near Second st. 
Liggat John, merchant, 39 Baltimore st 
Liggat George, do. 16' Commerce st 

Lightbody John, carpenter, Aisquith st. O. T. 
Ligbtner George, gentleman, 2S Bridge st. do, 
Light ner John, butcher, Grcew st. O. T. 
Lindenberger G. & Co. merchants 200* Baltimore st 
Linden bergcr Frederick & Co. do. 200 do, 
Lindenberger Susannah, gentlewoman, 59 do. 
Linsord Henry, Fayette st 

Linwiller Martha, comb-maker, 70 Baltimore st 
Liskey Peter, cooper, Triplets alley 
Literfather Peter, Waggoner, Hook's-Town turn- 
pike road 
Littig George of Philip, custom-house officer, 33 

north Gay st 
Little Peter, watch and clock-maker, 122 Batimore st 
Little Robert mariner, 57 Apple alley, F. P. 
Little Peter, dwelling, Union st. 
Littlejohn Thomas, innkeeper, north Calvert st 
Littlejohn Myles, M. D. 24 Light st 
Livers Arnold, hatter, 21 south Charles st 
Livers &Mackey, do. 70 Cumberland row 
Livers Anthony, grocer, Franklin st 
Livers Arnold, hatter, Lexington st 

L 82 ] 

Livesay William, grocer, 10 Pratt st. 

Lloyd- William, shoe-maker, Saratogas! 

Lloyd Sarafo boarding-house, ()0 Pratt st 

Lock Jacob, bricklayer, Ferry Branch road 

Lock Wilbam, deputy inspector of the customs, 
Aisquith st. O. T. 

Lock .Nathaniel, constable and assistant clerk of the 
Centre market, 40 south Calvert st 

Logan John, fruiterer and grocery-store, G6| Balti- 
more' st 

Logan Neale, carter, Conowago st 

Logan ifichael, 52 Phil pot, st. F. P. 

Long Henry, soap and candle manufacturer, 47 
dwelling 51 Jones st. O. T. 

Long James, gentleman, 3 Baltimore st 

Long Kennedy, merchant, 41 Baltimore st 

Long Robert, gentleman, Franklin st. corner of 
Paca st 

Long Robert Cary, house-carpenter, Conowago st 

Long Thomas, tailor, 16 Bond st. F. P. 

Long Sewell, cordwainer, 38 Geroge st. dwelling 
3 Ann st. F. P. 

Long Samuel, grocer, Forrest st. O. T. 

Long Mr. ship-master, 77 Apple alley, F. P. 

Long Nathaniel, innkeeper, 40 north st. O. T. 

Long William, merchant, Bowley's wharf, dwel- 
ling Saint Paul's lane 

Loos Jacob, farmer, Hopk's-Town 

Lorman & Ful fords, merchants, 14 Bowley's wharf, 
dwelling Saint Paul's lane 

Love Peter, rope-maker, Ferry Branch road 

Love John, man -mid wife, 37 Bridge st. O. T. 

Love Mrs. milliner, do. 

Lowry John & Robert K. merchants, 121 Balti- 
more st 

Lowry James, attorney at law, corner of East and 
north Calvert sts 

Lowry Samuel, grocer, 27 Wilk st. F. P. 

[ 83 ] 

Lowry William, farmer, back of the court-house 
Lucas John, inill-wright, 63 Green st. O. T. 
Luddingtoii Hugh, captain of the mud machine, 76 

Granby st. O. T. 
Luke Jane, widow, next 71 French st. O. T. 
Lukins Benjamin, cordwainer, 23 Pitt st. 6. T. 
Lutze George, merchant, 149 Baltimore st 
Lux Darby, farmer, Mount Airy 
Lynch Benjamin, oysterman, Bridge st. extended 
Lynch Bernard John, grocer, 6 Queen st. F. P. 
Lynch John, silversmith, Franklin st 
Lynch Abraham, whcel-wright, precinct beyond 

Bridge st 
Lynch Joshua, trader, 70 Petticoat alley, F. P. 
Lynes William, tailor, Bank st 
Lynes Ann, widow, mid-wife, north Charles st 
Lyon &"Webster, merchants, <7 north Howard st 
Lyon John, Cutler & tool-maker, 18 Pratt st 
Lyon Samuel, dwelling, Chatham, st. extended 
Lyons James, sail-maker, 2j Alisanna st. F. P. 
Lyons Bartholomew, shoe-maker, Montgomery st 
Lythe Samuel, senior, house-carpenter, 42 north 

Howard st 
Lythe Samuel, junior, house-carpenter, 42 north 

Howard st 
Lythe John, house-carpenter, 42 north Howard st 
Lytton John W. chief clerk in the auditor's oifice, 

3 south Calvert st 


iVJ ACATEE Ciement, inn-keeper, IS Jones's st. 

Mac Creare William, merchant, 9 south Calvert st 
MacdonaM &: Ridgly, merchants, coiner of Howard 

& Baltimore sts 
>Iacher Benjamin, house-painter, Camden st 
Mackenheimer John, gentleman, 42 Bridge street. 

Old -Town 

C & ] 

MacK<- b'oflas$, butcher, Waggon al 1 

& Co. merchants, 4. r , ah -uore st 
. :; iv W iiiiato, cooper, shop 52 South st. dwel- 
ling 8 Commerce st 

Mackenzie George, saddler and harness-maker, 21 
Water st 

Mackenzie CoHn, M. D. Albermarle, st. O. T. 

Mackenzie & Zane, coopers, cooper-shops, Pitt st. 
and Fells st. F. P. 

Macfclin William, boarding-house, 4.0 Wilk st. F.P. 

Mackubin & Douglass, merchants, Pratt st. head of 
Smith's dock 

Maetier Alexander, merchants, 79 Bowley's wharf, 
dwelling Saint Paul's lane 

Madairy Jacob, keeper of the New-Jail 

Maddin FJeanor, 32 south Charles st 

Magan Michael J. baker, 68 Wilks st. F. P. 

Magee Edward, cordwainer, 34 Bond st. F. P. 

Magers John, wheel-wright, Waggon alley 

Maggs Jane, widow, grocer, 23 north Gay st 

Magruder William B. merchant, corner of Liberty 
and German sts 

Mahool Thomas, ship-master, 39 Ann st. F. P. 

Maguire Hugh, grocer, corner of Bond and Lan- 
caster sts. F. P. 

Main Susannah, Gough st. F. P. 

Mainster Jacob, rope-maker, upper end of Bond st 

Mainyard Foster, house-carpenter, south Howard st 

Mangee Samuel, shop-keeper, 46 south Charles st 

Mankin Isaiah, merchant, 69 Smith's wharf, dwel- 
ling back of the court-house 

Mann Frederick, cordwainer, next 115 Green st. 

Mann Anthony, druggist, 120 Baltimore st 

Manro Jonathan, flour and grocery -merchant, 258 
Baltimore st 

Mansfield Polly, Conway st. near Sharpest 

Manson William, ship-master, 23 Caroline st. F.P. 

Manson Gabriel, rigger, Happy alley, do. 

[ & ] 

March John, gentleman, 40 Pitt St.- O. T. 

March Peregrine, 3 Green st. do. 

Marean Jonas, merchant, S3 Smith's wharf 

Marrileus Henry, hatter, German st 

Maris George, druggist and apothecary, 134 Balti- 
more st. dwelling Conowago st 

Maris Jonathan, sweep-master, north Liberty st 

Marquam Edward, cabinet-maker, 55 South st 

Marr Charles, merchant, 7 south Calvert st 

Marsh Andrew, bricklayer, Paca st 

Marsh James, shop-keeper, 99 north Howard st 

Marsh John, pavier, Fayette st 

Marsh William, carpenter, Hook's-Town turnpike 

Marshall Francis, In -fry-stable-keeper, Buck alley 

Marshall Esther, milliner, Light st 

Marshall William P. trader, Fleet st. 

Marston David, horsc-farrier, from London, King- 
George st. O. T 

Martin Aihenatius, ship -master, 36 Front st. O. T. 

Martin Alexander, printer, New Liberty st. O. T. 

Martin James, ship-master, 32 Pitt st. F. P. 

Martin James, block and pump-maker, shop Ten- 
nant's wharf, dwelling Fountain st. F. P. 

Martin James, mariner, 53 Alisanna st. F. P. 

Martin John, hair-dresser, Thames st. do. 

Martin John, rigger, Wolfe st. do. 

Martin George, ship-master, 12 Philpot st do. 

Martin James, cabinet-maker, Lovely lane 

Martin & Jautfret, merchants, 42 north Gay st 

Martin Luther, attorney-general, 10 Light st 

Martin William, rigger, Lancaster st. F. P. 

Marvin William, tavern-keeper, sign of the Bull 
and Butcher, Hartford road 

Mason George, merchant, 3 County wharf 

Massick Johnson, trader, 80 Apple alley, F. P. 

Mathias John, baker, 64 north Howard st 

Matson James, baker, 23 George st. F. P. 

C 80 ] 

Matthews Ann, widow, 98 High st. O. T. 
Matthews Patrick, boarding-house, 55 Queen st.F.P* 
Matthews George, inspector of salt provisions, cor- 
ner Pitt. st. and Wilk lane, O. T. 
Matthews William, merchant, 60 south Calvert st. 

dwelling Water st 
Matthews William, druggist, 117 Baltimore st 
Matthews Samuel, blacksmith, 34 Front st. O. T. 
Matthews John, mate, 10 Sheakspear st. F. P. 
Matthews John, currier, near Eutau st. in German st 
Mattison William, hatter, 16 north Gay st 
Maurer J. Peter, shoe-maker and grocer, Camden st 
Mason Joel M. china-store., 220 Baltimore st 
Maxwell William, cordwainer, 81 Bond st. F. P. 
May dell John, wheel-wright 18 Market-Space 
Maydwell, Alexander, 12 Granby st. O. T. 
Maydwell James, W x aggoner, Happy alley 
Maydwell James, Waggoner, Frederick-Town road 
Mayer & Brantz, merchants, 13 south Calvert st 
Mayer Christian, dwelling, south side of Camden st 
Maynadier William M. merchant, 138 Baltimore st 
M'Allaster Alexander, grocer, Bridge st. extended 
M'Allister John, drayman, 6 Union st. O, T. 
McAllister John, pedlar, Market-Space 
M'Allister Bridget, widow, boarding-house, 24 S. 

Charles st 
M'Allistor John, tavern-keeper, 23 Market Space 
M £ Blair Michael, dwelling 16 South st 
M'Cabe John, dwelling, 60 Hanover st 
M'Caffer John, tavern-keeper, 105 French st. O.T. 
M'Candless Robert, gentleman, 53 south Charles st 
M'Cann James, school -master, Chatham st 
M'Cann Francis, shop-keeper, 58 north Gay st 
M'Cannon James, merchant-tailor, 129 Baltimore st 
M'Carty Cornelius, ship-master, 30 Fleet st. F. P. 
M'Caughen Davis, plumber, 60 Market st. do. 
M'Cauley Alexander, merchant, 78 north Howard st 
M'Cauley Thomas, grocer, Union st. O. T. 

C 87 ] 

M'Causland & Co. brewery near the upper bridge 

Jones's falls 
M'Causland Marcus, dwelling New-ChiKCh st. 
M'Cay John, grocer, head of Frederick st. dock 
M'Clain Thomas, ship-carpenter, 77 Wolfe st.F. P. 
M'Clane John, cooper, Fayette st 
M'Clellan & Righter, shoe-store, 67 Baltimore st 
M'Clellan John, farmer, Parish's Fear, within twer 

miles west of Baltimore 
M'Clellan William, dwelling Eutau st 
M'Clery Thomas, grocer, Montgomery st 
M'Clure John, fruiterer and grocer, 197 Baltimore st 
M'Combs Lawrence Rev. next 65 Market st. F. P. 
M'Colm Matthew, fancy and windsor chair-maker, 

51 South ^t 
M'Colm Duncan, dwelling 63 Alisanna st. F. P. 
M'Conchy William, house-carpenter, near 76 Gran- 

by st. O. T 
M'Conckey John, carter, Exeter st. O. T. 
M'Conkey James, dwelling Hanover st. 
M'Connel Elizabeth, milliner and boarding-house, 

corner of Frederick and Water sts. 
M'Cormick Barney, carter, Aisquith st. O. T. 
M'Cormick Bernard, grocer, 21 south Howard st. 
M'Cormick James, merchant, M'Clellan st 
M'Cormick Samuel, grocer, 81 Wolfe st. F. P. 
M'Cormick William, stone-cutter, corner of Fre- 
derick and Pratt sts. dwelling nearly opposite in 

south Frederick st 
M'Cormick Michael, Pedlar, 85 Bond st. F. P. 
M'Coy John, oak-cooper, upper end of Pratt st 
M'Coy, John, tailor, 3 Bridge st. O. T. 
M'Crea John, boarding-house, Bank st 
M'Crea Samuel, printer of the American Patriot and 

book-binder, 3 north Gay st . 
M'Cubbins Moses, hair-dresser, south Howard st 
M'Culley John, next 6T Bridge st. O. T. 
M'Curdy Hugh, merchant, 16 south Calvert st 

[ 88 ] 

M'Dermott Thomas, ship-master, 35 Ann st. F.P. 
McDonald Alexander, merchant, 17 Conowago st 
M' Donald William, merchant, 43 South st. the 

lower end of Rowley's wharf 
M 'Donald William, merchant, dwelling St. Paul's 

M 'Donald, widow, stone-mason, Conowago st 
M'Donnel, Alexander, ?1 Albermarle st. G. T. 
M'Donnel John, 71 do. 

M'Donnel Alexander, gentleman, Lancaster st. F. P. 
M'Donnel Samuel, cordwainer, 23 Bond st. do. 
M'Doiiogh Joseph, carpenter, Union st. O. T. 
M'Donogh John, gentleman, Timberneck lane 
M'Dougle Peter, painter and glazier, 3 Triplet's 

M'Dowell George, stationer, 5 South st. dwelling 

80 Baltimore st 
M 'Dowel John, wood and ivory turner, corner of 

Bond and Wilk sts. F. P. 
M'Dowell Hamilton, house-carpenter, New-Liber- 
ty st. U. T. 
M'Dowell Hugh, cordwainer, 55 Union st. O. T. 
M'Dowlmg Henry, soap and candle manufacturer, 

the lower end of Buchanan's wharf 
M'Elderry Thomas, gentleman, Aisquith st. O.T. 
M'Ewrs Daniel, innkeeper, 4 north Gay st. 
M'Evoy James, commission-merchant, 46 South st. 

dwelling St. Tamany st. near Liberty st 
M'Elwee John, looking-glass-manufacturer, oil and 

colour store, and turpentine manufacturer, 5 south 

Calvert st 
M'Fadon John, merchant, King-George st. O. T. 
M'Fadon William, merchant, do. 

M'Fadon John, mill-stone-maker, Lexington st. 
M'Farl in Michael, King-George st. O.T. 
M'Ferran John, baker, 5 Second st 
M'Gargle, Francis, tavern-keeper, 33 Light .st 
M'Gie William, cordwainer, 42 Market at. F. P. 

C 89 ] 

M'Ginnis John, livery-stable-keeper, Lancaster $ 

M'Given Patrick, grocer, Wolfe st. F. P. 
M'Gowan Bridget, grocer, corner of Water and 

Frederick sts 
M'Gown John, merchant, King-George St. O. T. 
M' Go wen John, printer, Fish st 
M'Grath Thomas, grocer, 37 Market-Space 
M'Grath Edward, grocer, 59 Bond st. F. P, 
M'Gregor, Hugh, miller, Holly mills 
M' Henry Dennis, shoemaker, Conowago st 
M' Henry James, gentleman, Baltimore st. extended 
M'Huf Thomas, tailor, 19 Pitt st. F. P. 
M'llvain Alexander, dry-good store, 32 S. Calvertst 
MTlvain Andrew & John, grocers, 59 N. Gay st 
M'Intire John, grocer, corner of Pratt st. and 

Franklin alley, dwelling Fayette st. 
M'Kean James, cordwainer, 54 south Charles st 
M'Kechnie Lundin, surgeon and dentist, near South 

st. in Second st 
M'Kerlie Isabella, grocer, corner of Bond and Wilk 

sts. F. P. 
M'Key George, cordwainer, 9 Second st. 
M'Keen & "M'Clellan, merchants, 218 Baltimore 

st. dwelling M'Clellans st 
M'KennaTimothy, tallow-chandler, 62 Bond st. F.P. 
M'Kim John, Merchant, 78 Baltimore st 
M'Kim John, jun. merchant, 108 do. 
M'Kim William D. do. 182 do. 
M'Kim Robert & Alexander, merchants, 14 South st 
M'Kim Samuel, merchant, 29 Baltimore st 
M'Kinnel James, grocer, 4(5 Fleet st. F. P. 
M'Kinnel John, shop-keeper, North st 
M'Kmstry Evan, miller, White Hall mills 
M' Knight James, tailor, 41 Market Space 
M'Kinzey Rebecca, 53 Fleet st. F. P. 
M'Lane Adam, blacksmith, 60 South st : 
M'Laae Roger, drayman, Eutau st 
H 2 

C so ] 

M'Lanc Charles, grocer and house-carpenter, Great- 
York st. O. T. " 

M'Laughlen John, shoemaker, north Gay st 

M'Laughlin Andrew, United States Mail Stage of- 
fice, 185 Baltimore st 

M'Macken Abigail, widow, gentlewoman, Bridge 
st. extended 

M'Manus Owen, grocer, corner of Charles and 
Pratt sts. 

M'Mechen David, counseller at law, 4N. Calvert st 

M'Mechen William, attorney at law, north Calvert 
st. dwelling back of the court-house 

M'Mever John, block and pump-maker, 18 Thames 
st. F. P. 

M'Namara Thomas, boot and shoe-maker, south 
Frederick st 

M'Neil John, ship-master, 33 Fells st. F. P. 

M'Neilley John, Fayette st 

JVX'Neir John, tailor, Lombard st 

M'Neir William, house-carpenter, Pott st. O. T. 

M'New Nathan, tavern and boarding-house, Lan- 
caster st. F. P. 

M'Nulty Thomas, ship-carpenter, Happy alley, F. P. 

M'Pherson Daniel, 71 Albermarle, st. O. T. 

M'Pherson Isaac & Benjamin Browne, mill -stone 
makers, Fayette st 

M'Pherson Isaac, dwelling 29 south Howard st. 

M'Sherry & Owings, grocer, 252 Baltimore st 

M'Quinn & Baron, lumber-merchants, yard Spear's 

M'Quinn William, dwelling Ruxton lane 

Meads Mary, widow, ladies shoe-store, corner of 
Apple alley and Lancaster st. F. P. 

Mead Martha, widow, Gough st. F. P. 

Mead Benjamin, tailor, Great-York st. O. T. 

Medcalf Abraham, butcher, Great-York st. near the 
stone Bridge, O. T. 

Meek Thomas labourer, Mulberry st 

f 91 

Meeteer Thomas & Sons, stationers, 8 Baltimore st 
Meredith William & Co. merchants, 31 north 

Howard st 
Meredith Benjamin, whitesmith, Light st 
Merryman Job, grocer, Hook's-Town turnpike road 
Merry man John, gentleman, 4 Calvert st 

Merryman William & Phil, merchants, 43 Balti- 
more st. 

Merryman William, merchant, dwelling 39 north 
Gay st 

Messersmith William, merchant, 51 north Gay st 
JMessionnier Henry, merchant, 45 South st 

Messmith Isaac, teacher of the English language. 
Waggon alley 

Mewburn & Wilkinson, merchants, 9 south Cal- 
vert street 

Mewburn James, dwelling Lovely lane 

Meyer & Mesmer, innkeepers, 28 Baltimore st 

Meyer Philip, baker, 7 Union st. O. T. 

Michael Lewis & Co. merchants, 238 Baltimore st. 

Michael Lewis, dwelling north Liberty st 

Mickle John, merchant, 242 Baltimore st 

Mickle Robert, dwelling 242 do. 

Mickle John, gentleman, corner of Charles and 
Chatham sts. 

Mickle Wendel & Co. Bakers, south Liberty st 

Mickle Wendle, dwelling do. 

Middleton Henry, bricklayer, 84 Happy alley, I 7 . P. 

Middleton Gilbert, custom-house officer, 57 Market 

Mildwese Nathan, constable, 43 Bank st. F. P. 

Miles & Dewees, merchants, Lombard st 

Miles Aquila, merchant, 115 High st. O. T. 

Milburn William, boarding-house, Happy alley, 

Mihau, merchant, 24 south Gay st 

Millard Henry, tailor, New-Liberty st.O. T. 

C 99 ] 

Millard Joseph Lee, ship-master and boarding-house, 
77 Bond st. F. P. 

Mil lard & Co. lumber-merchants, south Charles sir 

Miller Adam, butcher, Baltimore st 

Miller Charles, cooper, Pratt st 

Miller Christian, drayman, Eutau st 

Miller Jacob, butcher, Franklin st 

Miller Jacob, tanner, 9 Jones st. O. T. 

Miller John, trader, Lancaster st. F. P. 

Miller Henry, wine-merchant, corner of Water and 
Commerce st 

Miller George, blacksmith, Hawke st 

Miller G. W. tailor, 23 Market Space 

Miller John, grocer & tavern-keeper, 39 Wilk st. 

Miller John, jun. dry-good store, 3 Market Space 

Miller Michael, grocer, 39 Fleet st. F. P. 

Miller Peter, tobacconist, 31 South st 

Miller Mary, shop-keeper, 40 Pratt st. 

Miller Lewis, blacksmith, 91 French st. and shop 
High st. O. T. 

Miller Mary, tavern-keeper, 4 Fells st. F. P. 

Miller John, do. sign of the Swan, Great- 

York st. O. T. 

Millerman George, house-carpenter, Aisquith st. 

Mills John, blacksmith, 45 Wolfe st. F. P. 

Mills James, ship-master, Happy alley, do. 

MiUenberger widow, Pratt st near the lower Bridge 

Miltenberger George, leather dresser, shop Harri- 
son street 

Mince Joseph, grocer, near 38 Wilk st. F. P. 

Minic Baltzer, cordwainer, 5 Union st. O. T. 

Mingo John, house-carpenter, Camden st 

Minsel Henry, rigger, bO Market st. F. P. 

Mitchell HoweV, blacksmith, near Charles st. in 
Barre st. 

[ 93 ] 

Mitchell Alexander, merchant, 21 Baltimore it. 

dwelling north' Frederick si 
Mitchell John, grocer, near 62 Pratt st 
Mitchell Alexander, Waggon alley 
Mitchell Francis J. merchant, 49 Baltimore st 
Mitchell James, stage-driver, Lombard st _ 
Mitchell Joseph & Co. merchants, 0*9 Baltimore si 
Mitchell John, clerk, north Liberty st. 
Mitchel John, dwelling, Pratt st 
Mitchell & Kirshaw, ladies shoe-makers, 5$ Balti- 
more st 
Mitchel & Sheppard, grocers, 20 Cheapside 
Mitchell William, duelling Union st. O. T. 
Mitchel Arthur, cooper, 93 French st. O. T. 
Mitchell Margaret, 59 Green st do. 

Moale E. widow, gentlewoman, 49 Pratt st 
Moale Samuel, attorney at law, 7 north Gay st. 
Moale John, magistrate, Camden st. corner of Hill 

Momttjohn, grocer, 6 county wharf 
Mohler Pete;, "bra, --founder, Harrison st 
Molier Mr. gentleman, 57 north Gay st 
Mondel William, grocer, corner of Apple alley and 

Fleet st. F. P. 
Monmonier Charles, constable, Fish Market st. se- 
cond door from Market 
Montalibor G. gentleman, 3=i Jones st. O. T. 

Montgomery Alexander, mill-wright 39 Market st. 
FeiPs- Point 

Montkuf William, house-carpenter, 11 Alisanna st. 
. Moody Doctor, 120 Bond st. F. P. 

Moody William, potter, Queen st. near Albennarle 
st. O.T. 

Mooney Robert, cordwainer, 53 Bond st. F. P. 

Moore Adam, painter and glazier, Union st 

Moore Charles, tiader, 77 French st. O. T, 

Moare Henry* merchant, 135 Baltimore st 

L 64 ] 

Moc^fe Henry, jun. sign-painter, Paca st 
Moore Henry, painter and glazier, Fayette st 
Moore James, merchant, 25 north Howard st 
Moore Jacob, house-painter and glazier, Paca stT. 

corner of Mulberry st. 
Moore John, house-carpenter, 51 Smith's wharf 
Moore John, saddler and trunk-maker, dwelling 

Fayette st. shop in Calvert st 
Moore David, gentleman, Woorefields 
Moore George W. flour-inspector do. 
Moore Philip, clerk of the district court, office north 

Calvert st. dwelling 10 Market st. F. P. 
Moore Robert & Son, merchants, 165 Baltimore st 
Moore Robert, dwelling Saratoga st 
Moore Thomas, ship-master, 28 Wilks st. F. P. 
Moore William, trader, Ruxton lane 
Moore Thomas, dwelling next 21 south Howard st 
Moore Thomas & Hugh, merchants, 200 Baltimore st 
Moore William S. merchant, Pratt st. dwelling 30 

south Gay st 
Moore Ignatius, grocer, near Bond st. in Wilk st. 

Moore Robert, M. D. 19 George st. F. P. 
Moore John, house-carpenter, Water st 
Morancy Joseph, constable, 9 Market Space 
Moraages Stephen, portrait-painter, Lee st 
Mordecai Mordecai, gentleman, Low st. O. T. 
Mordecai Isaac, tobacconist do. 

Morgan Joel, merchant, 9 M'Elderry's wharf, dwel- 
ling upper end of Pitt st. O. T. 
Morgan Jesse, w T ire-weaver, shop 37 dwelling 50 

Front st. O. T. 
Morgan Jesse, jun. flour and whiskey merchant, 15 

Bridge st. O. T. 
Morgan John, 23 Pitt st. O. T. 
Morgan James, ship-builder, 34 Wolfe st. F. P. 
Morgan Thomas, potter, corner of Green and Pitt 

st. dwelling the upper end, O. T. 

C Oo .i 

Morgan William, grocer, 105 Bond st. F. P. 

Morris Jacob, cooper, shop M'Elderry's wharf, dwel- 
ling corner of Pitt and High st. O. T. 

Morris William, merchant, 1Q south Calvert st 

Morris William, hoase-joiner, 56 George st. F. P. 

Morrison Benjamin, hatter, (56 Front st. O. T. 

Morrison James, painter and glazier, 19 S. Charles st 

Morrison K. shop-keeper, Bank st 

Morrison Priscilla, widow, 9 Green st. O. T. 

M or row Kennedy, stage-driver, Saratoga st 

M>rrow William, tailor, 2 north Gay st 

Morrow William mill stone, Lexington st 

M >rrow Catharine, shop-keeper, south Frederick st 

Marrow John, tallow-chandler, next the falls in 
Fish Market st 

Morrow James, stage-driver, 44 Green st. O. T. 

Morse Abraham, tavern-keeper, £7 Annst. F. P. 

Mprsc David, do. 2o Fells st. F. P. 

Morsegrove William, labourer, o(j Philpot st. do. 

Morsels Benjamin, house-carpenter, north Liberty st 

Mortin John A . do. north Frederick st 

Mortimer Thomas, ship-master, corner of Howard 
and Camden sts. 

Mortimer Robert, watch-man, Happy alley, F. P. 

Morton Nathaniel, dwelling back of the court-house, 
north Calvert st 

Mortimer, Thomas, ship-joiner, York st. head of the 

Morton Robert, ship-master, 48 Philpot st. F. P. 

M)sher Philip, blacksmith, 6i) Albermarle st. O.T. 

M >ss Charles, tailor, 51 Smith's wharf 

Mott Joshua, shop-keeper,. 50 Bridge st. O. T. 

Mjule Ann, gentlewoman, Pratt st 

Mounoa Samuel, school-master, north Liberty st. 

Mounsey Nancy, widow, Granby st O. T. 

Moyer U. shop-keeper, 6 Thames st. F. P. 

Mull Jacob, wood-turner, shop Ann st. dwelling 
31 George st. F. P. 

C 06 ] 

Mullen Henry, grocer, 15 Fleet st. F. P. 
Mullikin Benjamin, merchant, 101 Baltimore st 
Mummcy Thomas, merchant 27 north Howard st 
Mummy Gabriel, butcher, Little- York road 
Mummy John, innkeeper, sign of the White House, 

Prices' s-Town 
Munday William, circulating library, north Charles 

st. near Baltimore st. dwelling 63 N. Howard st. 
Munch Philip, tavern-keeper, 12 Market Space 
Munnikhuysen John, broker, 44 south Gay st 
Munson Joel M. china merchant, £20 Baltimore st 
Murphy John, ship-master, 62 Fleet st. F. P. 
Murphy John, mariner, 62 Market st. do. 

Aiurphy James, blacksmith, Happy alley do. 
Murphy William, merchant, 75 Baltimore st 
Murphy John, constable and captain of the watch, 

32 Shakspear st. F. P. 
Murray Daniel, grocer, corner of Pitt and High sts. 

Murray Elizabeth, tailor, 1 Light st 
Murray Edward, shoemaker, Aisquith st. O. T. 
Murray Matthew, soap-maker, Montgomery st 
Murray Francis, tailor, 21 Alisanna st. F. P. 
Murray Robert C. last-maker, Gough st. do. 
Murray John, bricklayer, 80 south Charles st 
Murray John, tavern-keeper, Philadelphia road 
Muschett Walter and John, merchants, 81 Smith's 

wharf, dwelling nearly opposite New-Church st. 

in north Charles st 
Mushberger David, house-carpenter, Franklin st 
Myer Albert, watchman, Barre st 
Myers Charles, gentleman, near the Rural Felicity 

garden, Hampstead-hill 
Myers Christian, dwelling Camden st 
Myers Christian, merchant, 32 Bridge st. O. T. 
Myers Frederick, shop-keeper, Goodman si 
Myers Benjamin, boarding-house, 16 Market st. F.P. 
Myers Jacob, merchant, 55 Baltimore st 

[97 ] 

Myers Jacob, tobacconist, 59 South St. 
Myers Jacob, bricK-maker, Conway st 
Myers Jacob, wet and dry -good store, 11 Bond st. 

Myers Jacob, butcher, Union st 
Myers Joseph, merchant- tailor, 145 Baltimore st, 

dwelling Paca st 
Myers & Keyser, merchants, 199 Baltimore st. 
Myers William, flour-merchant, 44 N. Howard st 
Myers Henry, grocer, Lombard st 
Myles Zachariah, do. 118 north Howard st 
Myrick Joseph, ship-master, 76 Alisanna st. F. P. 
Myring Joseph, glass engraver and lapidary, 15 

Market Space 



of the French seminary, Franklin st 

Nagle Henry, brick-maker i Ridgley's Delight 

Nantz Mary, nail-manufactory, 149 Bond st. F. P„ 

Nash Charles, ship-carpenter, Lee st 

Naylor Samuel, keeper of the turnpike gate, Hook's* 
Town road 

Neale John, coach and harness-maker, East st. near 
Gay st 

Needham John, rigger, 36 Wolfe st. F. P. 

Needles Ann, widow, 42 north Howard st 

Neal Abner, stationer, 1 Water st. 

Neale John B. grocery-merchant, Dugan's wharf, 
dwelling 124 Baltimore st 

Neale John, coach-maker, East st 

Neale William & Francis, merchants, 124 Balti- 
more st 

Neill Thomas, block and pump-maker, Happy aU 
ley, Fell's-point 

Neilly i , hatter, Ruxton lane 


C SS ] 

Neilson James C. merchant, 64 Baltimore st. dwel- 
ling St. Patrick's row 

Neilson William & Hugh., merchants, 70 Bowley's 

Nelms Noah, dwelling Hanover st 

Nelson Valentine, carter, Cyder alley 

Nelson James, merchant, 55 Market Space 

Nelson Thomas, grocer, 1 Bridge st. O. T. 

Nesbit Robert, merchant,, 38 Baltimore st. 

Nesbit Mary Mrs. 53 corner of N. Gay and Fish sts 

New Philip, mariner, 45 Wolfe st. F. P. 

Newcommer Jacob, windsor chair-maker, 20 Pratt st 

Newlin Patrick, labourer, Eutau st 

Newman Lawson, house-carpenter, Pottst. O. T. 

Nicholson Rebecca, widow, 93 Hanover st 

Nicholson John, Ironmonger, 144 Baltimore st 

Nicholson John, trader, Fleet st. F. P. 

Newton Susan, widow, school -mi stress, 33 Ann st. 

Nickerson Lewis, ship-master, near Charles st. in 
Chatham st 

Nicoll Warren Lisle, jun. attorney at law, 2 Thames 
st. Fell's-point 

Nicoll Benjamin Davie, merchant, 41 George st. F.P. 

Nicoll Warren Lisle, sen. wharfinger, 37 Phil- 
pot st. Fell's-point 

Nicoll David, bricklayer, Ann st. F. P. 

Nicolls Henry, gentleman, Darley 

Nicols Richard, merchant, Bowley's wharf 

Nihoff Nicholas,- farmer, Philadelphia road 

Ninde James, clock and watch-maker, next 26 
Thames st. Fell's-point 

Ninde Isaac, baker, 15 Alisanna st. F. P. 

Nippard George, innkeeper, Little-York road 

Nisbet Alexander, attorney at law, near Charles st. 
in East st 

Nixon Eliza, boarding-house, 208 Baltimore st 

C 09 ] 

Norbury George, bricklayer, Forrest lane, near 

Conowago st 
Nordney James, labourer, 44 Apple alley, F. P. 
Norman Henry, do Conowago st 
Norman Samuel, painter and glazier, Conowago st 
Norque Magnus, shop-keeper, 43 north Gay st 
Norris James, waggoner, Bridge st extended 
Norris Morrison, cartman, Waggon alley 
Norris Nicholas, merchant, 49 South st^ 
Norris James, house-carpenter, near Bridge st. in 

north Gay st 
Norris William, merchant, 83 Baltimore st 
Norris James, last-maker, 11 Union st 
Norris William & Tyson, flour-merchants, 51 

Light st 
Norris Mary, boarding-house, 37 Bond st. F. P. 
Norris Mary, mantua-maker, 84 do. 

Norwood Samuel, constable ^ f^gg ^t 
Nusser, Jacob, segar-maker, north Liberty st 
Nusser Michael, house-carpenter, Hooks-Town road 
Nusser Sebastian, cordwainer, Fayette st 



BRIAN — — , shoe-maker, 93 French street 
O'Brien Charles, inn-keeper, Sign of General Mont- 
gomery, 72 Cumberland Row 
O' Bryan Michael, house-carpenter, Fayette st 
O'Connor Patrick, brick-layer, Saratoga st 
O'Connor Dominick, soap & candle manufacturer 86 

south Charles st 
O'Donnell Thomas, grocer, Pratt st. near the Mar- 
ket space 
O'Donnell Elizabeth, widow, Low st. O. T. 
O'Donnel John, Col. 27 north Gay st 
Ogelby I. & D. Winchester, merchs. 93 Bowley's 

Ogle George, drayman, 5 Queen st. F. P. 

L 100 3 

©gle William, house-carpenter, Saratoga st 
O'Hara Samuel, painter & glazier, south Liberty st 
Oldham Jacob, chair-maker, Whiskey alley 
Oldham John, chair-manufacturer, 70 South st. 

dwelling next, 94 Pratt st 
Oldham Joseph, cooper, south Howard st 
O'Laughlin Bryan, tavern-keeper & grocer, Bridge 

st. extended 
Oliver Thomas, ship carpenter, Lancaster street 

Oliver Robert and Brothers, merchants, 25 Second st 
Oliver Robert, dwelling 22 south Gay st 
Oliver Robert, drayman, N. Frederick st 
O'Reilly Mr. and Mrs. ladies academy, corner of 

Church st. and St. Pauls lane 
Orrick Nicholas, saddler, corner of Water & Cal- 
vert st 
Orricks John, ship-master, Montgomery st 
Osborne Eleanor, boarding-house, near the Market 

Osborne Joshua, boot & shoe-maker, 9 South st 
Osborn William, clerk, York st. head of the Bason 
Osborn Joseph, house carpenter, Eutau st 
O'Shiel B. B. gentleman, 8 Granby st. O.T. 
Oswald James, teacher, Lancaster st. F. P. 
Otterbein Wm. Rev. minister of the Dutch Church, 

Conway st 
Otis Henry, labourer, 38 Wilk st. F. P. 
Otley James, windsor chair-maker, 10 Union street 
Owen John, physician, 46' South st 
Owen John, cordwainer, Pratt st. head of O'Donnel's 

O wings James, flour merchant, 97 Bowley's wharf 
Owings Nicholas, dwelling St. Paul's lane 
O wings William, Flour merchant, 53 Light st 
Owings C. widow, 77 North Howard st 

L 101 ] 

A A CCO Mr. merchant, 54 north Gay st 
Paillottet Joseph, translator of languages, Primrose 

Paine William, west of Jones's Falls 
Pamphilian Thomas, tavern-kepeer, 20 Bond street 

Pannell Edward, gentleman, 33 South st 
Parker Elizabeth, widow, 9 Alisanna st. F. P. 
Parker John and James, merchants, 42 Bridge street 

Old Town 
Parker John, brick -layer, Eutau st 
Parker Robert, cooper, Frederick-Town road 
Parker Mary, widow, 24 Queen st. F. P. 
Parker Robert, oak-cooper, Strawberry alley 
Parks Absalom, drayman, Bridge st extended 
Parks Andrew & Thomas, merchants, 9 Baltimore st 
Parks Maberry, cooper, Pott st. Old-Town 
Parks Andrew, merchant, 61 Market space 
Parks David, clerk of St. Pauls Church, Public alley 
Parks Abraham, gentleman, Caroline st. F. P. 
Parks Frederick, grocer, corner of Bank & Caroline 

sts. Fells-Point 
Parks John, merchant, 6 Market space 
Parks Win. grocer, Bank st 
Parks Nathan, shop-keeper, Gough st F. P. 
Parks John, drayman, 9 Green st. O. T. 
Parish John, house-carpenter, Fayette st 
Parish Matthew, brick-layer, 11 Green st. O.T. 
Parr J^hn, cabinet-maker, 48 Front st. . do k shop 

in Second street 
Parsons John, ship-carpenter, York st 
Parsons William, do. Queen st. Old-Town 

Pascault Lewis, merchant, 42 South st 
Pasquiet J. B. F. Rev. professer of rhetoric in the 
' French College, Morris st 


[ 102 ] 

Pate William, pilot, 17 George's st. F. P. 

Paterson Samuel, cartman, 22 Pitt st. O. T. 

Patrick Hugh & Samuel C. merchants, SSCheapsidV 

Patrick John, boarding-house, south Howard st 

Patrick Hugh, miller, Salisbury mills 

Patterson John, grocer, 74 north Howard st 

Patterson Humphrey, grocer, 29 Market space 

Patterson William, merchant, 18 & 20 South st 

Patterson William, cabinet-maker & grocer, 22 Al- 
bermarlest. Old-Town 

Patterson Walter, stucco plaisterer, Aisquith st Old- 

Patton & Jones, watch & clock-makers, 93 Balti- 
more st 

Patton William, bookseller and stationer, 82 Balti- 
more st 

Paul Thomas, tailor, 13 Second st 

Paul Peter, tavern-keeper, and master of the Ferry- 
boat, corner of George and Market sts F. P. 

Pawley John, china merchant, 209 Baltimore st 

Pawson Matthew, ship-master, Lee st 

Paxton Ruth, grocer, M'Eldery's wharf 

Payson & Smith merchants, 75 Bowleys wharf 

Payson Henry dwelling, Hanover st 

Peale John, cordwainer, 38 Anne st. F. P. 

Peace Christopher, oak-cooper, Fayette st 

Pean & Co. sugar refiners, Paca st 

Pearce Charles, ship-carpenter, Lower end of Han- 
over st 

Pearce Richard, merchant, 97 Baltimore st 

Pechin & Frailey, printers of the American, 34 
S. Gay st. 

Peck Henry, hotel & coffee-house, late proprietor of 
the Columbian inn, removed to Fell's-Point, corner 
of Bond & Fell's sts 

Peckhever John, plaisterer, North st 

Peduzi Peter, boarding-house & tavern-keeper, 21 
Market st F^ll's-Point 

[ 103 ] 

Pegrusse Arnaud, tailor, South Frederick st 
Peirce Humphrey, merchant, 178 Baltimore st 
Peirce Israel, do. 103 do. 

Pierce Joseph, shingle dresser, East st Old-Town 
Pence Jacob, carter, in an alley leading from French 

st toward the jail 
Pence Henry, butcher, Duke st. Old-Town 
Pender Jacob, blacksmith, Franklin st 
Penfield Ransom, Lee st 

Penniman E.&W. shoe merchants, 109 Baltimore st 
Pennington Henry, brick-layer, 74 Green st. O. T. 
Pennington Josias, justice of the peace, Salisbury 

mill, Jones's Fall's 
Penston James, cordwainer, Low st. near Front st. 

Pepper Francis, painter and glazier, Forrest st 
Perkin William, sail maker, next 46 High *t. O. T. 
Perrine Patrick, inn-keeper, Sign of the Black Horse 

Baltimore st 
Perrine Peter M. oak-cooper, Bottle alley 
Peters John, grocer, King George's st. O. T. 
Peters Michael, blacksmith, Duke st. Old-Town 
Peters Henry, gentleman, corner of Howard & Fran- 

lin st 
Peterson George, tavern-keeper, 11 George's street 

Fell's-point, livery stables Lancaster st 
Peters Sz Johnson, brewers, King George's st. O. T". 
Pettis William, inn-keeper, north Charles st 
Pfalty John Wm. clock & watch-maker, 58 north 

Howard st 
Phillips Bethuah, gentlewoman, Bank st 
Phillips James, ship-master, do. 

Phillips Isaac & Co. plaister of paris manufacturers, 

& provision merchants, south west corner of How- 
ard & Franklin sts 
Phillips Isaac & James, merchants 68 north Howard; 


[ 104 'J 

Phillips Benjamin, Windsor chair-maker, corner of 
Bond & Alcanna st. F. P. 

Phillips Win, & Co. merchant, 36^ N. Howard st 

Phippi fames, hair-dresser, 10 Market st F. P 
^Pick haver Jonathan, plaisterer, Lexington st 

Pierce John, constable, 23 Shakespear st. F. P. 

Pierce Elizabeth, widow, 54 Fell's st. do. 

Pierson Thomas, tanner, Bridge st. extended 

Pierson Daniel, cordwainer, Harrison st 

Pike James, pilot, 29 Alisanna st. F. P. 

Pikop&Hope, merchants, 77 M'Eldery's wharf 

Pikh James, tallow chandler & soap-boiler, manufac- 
tory 6Q Fleet st. and dwelling Pitt st. F. P. 

Pinault Rene, teacher of the French Language, &nre 
work-maker, Primrose alley 

Pindell John, coach-maker, 29 Green st O. T. 

Pindell Charles R. constable, 7 do. do. 

Pines Thomas, distiller, Eden st. Fell's-point 

Piper & Co. merchants & rope-manufacturers, 12 
Bowleg's wharf 

Piper James, dwelling Old -York road, near the rope 

Pitt Joseph, pilot, Apple alley Fell's-Point 

Pitt Thomas, cooper, next 20 south Howard st 

Pitt Wm. pilot, 16 Alisanna st. F. P. 

Placide Paul, cooper, Frederick st. Dock, dwelling 
Triplet's alley 

Pleasants Joseph & Co. hardware merchants, 197 
Baltimore st 

Pleasants Israel &: John P. wholesale dry-good mer- 
chants, 197 Baltimore st 

Pleasants Israel, dwelling, Fayette st 

Pleasants P. do. Lombard st 

Plummer & Judge, grocers & flour merchants, north 
Howard street 

Plummer Eli, oak cooper, Camden st. near Sharpe 

Poe Jacob & George, merchaiUs, 223 Baltimore st 

C 105 ] 

Poe George, gentleman, 6 N. Charles st 

Foe Thomas, cabinet-maker, south Frederick frt 

Poe Jacob, duelling, north Liberty st 

Points James, cooper, 30 south Howard st 

Polk & M'Henrv, merchants, 14 County wharf 

Polk Gillis Washington R. M. D. Fayette st 

Polkinhom Henry, saddler & harness-maker, 143 

Baltimore street 
Pollard Peter, trader, 54 Cumberland row 
Pollock Elias, black-ball manufacturer, 72 Front st 

Pomphrey Frederick, house-carpenter, Whiskey al- 

PoncetL. gold & silversmith, 44 Baltimore st 
Pomier Antoine, hair-dresser and perfumer, 6 north 

Gay street 
Pop John, hair-dresser, Waggon alley 
Porter David, Captain, Hanover st 
Porter Win. & Andrew M'Culloh, merchants, 81 

Baltimore st 
Porter James, pewterer, North st 
Postill John, rigger, 29 Wilk st F. P. 
Pothen Peter F. baker, 12 Thames st F. P. 
Potter Nathaniel, M. D. 18 south Gay st 
Potter John, cooper, Whiskey alley 
Potter John, house-carpenter, 85 Pratt st 
P»tts William & Co. merchants, 23 L Baltimore st 
Poultney Thomas, merchant 1(52 Baltimore st. dwell- 
ing saint Paul's lane 
Powder Leonard, house-carpenter, 95 north Howard 

Power Conrad, butcher, Market st. extended ■ 
Power James, brick-layer, near Eutau in Pratt st 
Powley Daniel, tavern-keeper, 20 Fell's st. F. P. 
Powley Daniel, baker, Britton st Old-Town 
Pradere John, grocer, corner of Argyle alley & Wilk 

sts Fell's-Point 
Pratt Henry, gentleman, 65 Hanover st 

C 106 J 


Prendel Frederick, gentleman, 61 north Howard st 
Prentice & Nelson, tailors, 80 Baltimore st 
Prentiss Charles, 132 Baltimore st 
Pressbury George, justice of the peace, and one of the 

associate judges of the court of Oyer & Terminer, 

33 north Gay st 
Pressbury Joseph, school -master, 19 Wilk st. F. P. 
Presstman George, dwelling, 165 Baltimore st 
Preston William, cooper, 64| north Howard street 
Preston Ann, widow, Dutch alley 
Priestman Thomas, grocer, 57 Wilk st. F. P. 
Price Hanible, near the pot-house, on Fell's-point 
Price Andrew, boarding-house, corner of East and 

Lemmon sts. 
Price Daniel, drayman, Saratoga st 
Price Evan, dry good store, 79 north Howard st 
Price G. grocer, North st 

Price Hezekiah, dwelling precincts beyond Bridge st 
FriCC James, merchant, 88 Bowley's wharf 
Price Israel, tailor 17 Bridge st. Old-Town 
Price Warwick, Cabinet-maker, next 45 Bridge street 

Old-Town and dwelling, 136 High st Old-Town 
Price William, ship-builder, 28 Pitt st. F. P. 
Priddy John, grocer, Pratt st 
Priestley James, Principal of the Baltimore academy, 

St. Paul's lane 
Priestley & Minskey, cabinet makers, Water st 
Prill Frederick, baker, 7 south Gay st 
Prindeville Garret, next 18 Thames st. F. P. 
Prindeville Thomas, grocer, Light st 
Pringle Mark, merchant, Second st & dwelling Great 

York st 
Printiss I. T. B. B. dwelling, 14 Market space 
Probert James, house-carpenter, 21 Alisanna street 

Prossor, Elizabeth, German st 
Proud John G. dwelling, 28 south Gay st 

C 107 ] 

Proud & Biglow, merchants, S6 Bowley's wharf 
Procter Izak, Iron-monger, 214 Baltimore st. & 10 

Fell's-st. F. P. 
Pugh Arthur, M. D. Auborn 
Procter Isaiah, city constable, New Liberty st 
Purdin Joseph, saddler and harness-maker, corner of 

Market space & Pratt st 
Purdon William, house-carpenter, Eden st F, P. 
Purdy Elizabeth, 23 Fleet st. do. 

Purviance John, attorney at law, office Second st, 

and dwelling 11 S. Gay st 
Purviance James, merchant, corner of Chatham & 

Charles sts 
Purviance Robert Esq. collector of the customs, south 

Gay st. corner of Second st 
Pyke Abraham, tobacconist, 18 north Howard st 



,UAIL Thomas, shoe-maker, 20 Granby street 
Quail Robert, oak-cooper, Public alley 
Quay Thomas, house-carpenter, Pitt st. Old-Town 
Quay William, do. 56 Ann st. F. P. 

Quisick John, do. 60 Fleet st. do. 



AAB P. G. school-master, Holliday st 
Raab Dietrick, baker, 28 Market st. Fell's-point 
Raab Wm, dwelling 101 Hanover st 
Raborg Christopher & Son, coppersmiths and brass- 
founders 11 Water st. manufactory next 11 Water 
Raborg Christopher, dwelling, Lovely lane 
Raborg Wm. gentleman, Baltimore st. extended 
Raeny Joseph, cooper, Triplet's alley 
Ralston William, drayman, south Liberty st 

C 103 ] 

Ramah Thomas, rigger & boarding-house, 55 Alis* 

anna st. i . P. 
Ramsay James, grocer & ship-chandler, 21 Thames 

st. Fell's-point 
Ramsey Isaac, tavern-keeper, 11 Market st F. P* 
Ramsay Charles, stone-cutter, Causeway 
Randall Christopher, tailor, 3 north Charles st 
Randall John, merchant, 95 Bowley's wharf dwell- 
ing Hanover st 
Randolph Issac, painter & glazier, 24 S. Charles st 
Rapp Elizabeth, gentlewoman, Fayette st 
Ratien Richard, merchant, 1. Baltimore st 
Rattoone Rev. Mr. associate rector of St. Paul's & 
Christ Churches, at the corner of Albermarle & 
Duke sts. adjoining Mr. Peter's brewery 
Raven Thomas, ship-joiner, 51 Al'sanna st. F* P. 
Ray John, oak cooper, shop Spears wharf, d we- ling I 

Commerce st 
Ray Miles, sail-maker, 15 Pitt st. Fell's point 
Readle John, porter bottler, 7 north Frederick st 
Ready John, house-carpenter, Coiiewago st 
Reany William, grocer, corner of Front & Great- 
York st. Old-Town 
Reed John, D. blacksmith, 91 north Howard st 
Reed James, ship-master, 7 Philpot st. F. P. 
Reed Honora, widow, Ruxton lane 
Reese William, victualler, 11 Union st. O. T. 
Reese John, merchant, 60 N. Howard st 
Reese Jacob, pilot, 67 Ann st. F. P. 
Reese George, trader, upper end of Bond st 
Reese Henry, tavern-keeper, Horse-market 
Reeves Elizabeth, widow, 59 Ann st. F. P. 
Reeves William, ship*master, Fleet st. do; 

Reiner Bastion, Sharpe st 
Reinicker & Fite, merchants 226^- Baltimore st 
Reinicker George, flour merchant, 223t &>. 
Reinicker C. dwelling, north Liberty st 
Reneau Jtfhn, boat-builder, 47 Queen st, F. Pe 

[ 109 ] 

Rcneand Margaret, widow, seamstress 52 S. Charles 

Ren. er Henry, tavern-keeper, 13 Market space 
Ren^haw James, tavern-keeper, 104 High st. O.T. 
Repolti George merchant, 170 Baltimore st 
Resiine George, labourer, 94 Pratt st 
Reticker Adam, shop-keeper, 70 Alisanna st. F. P. 
Rettig John, painter & glazier, Button st. O.T. 
Renter Frederick C. Rev. Saratoga st 
Re)iiell Richard, gun-maker, .30' Water st 
Reynolds Elizabeth, boarding-house 39 north How- 
ard st 
Reynolds Isaac, flour merchant, 953 Baltimore st 
Reynolds Colm, coidwainer, 84 Bond st 
Rhinebart Philip, grocer, 219 Baltimore st. dwelling 

Whiskey alley 
Rhode George, ship-carpenter, south Charles st 
Rhody H. grocer, 13 north Howard st 
Rice I. & Co. booksellers &c. 87 Baltimorest 
Rice James, grocer, Bridge st. extended 
Richards John C. & Co. merchants, 113 Baltimore 

RichardsTLewis, Rev. 10 Pitt st. Old-Town 
Richards E. oysterman, Hawk st 
Richard John, ship-chandler, Bowley's wharf 
Richards Paul, grocer and confectioner, near Lancas- 
ter st. in Bond street, F. P. 
Richardson Enoch, house-carpenter Exeter st. 
Richardson A. Norris & Co. merchants, 31 Baltimore 

Richardson Alexander, 254 Baltimore st 
Richardson A. dwelling, 45 north Gay st 
Richardson & Merryman, merchants, 51 Water st 
Richardson Robert, grocer, 13 Cheapside 
Richardson William junior, dwelling Pratt st 
Richstine John, carpenter, Whiskey alley 
Richter Charles, hair-dresser, 48 Bond st. F, P, 
Richter Joseph, miller, Brandy alley 


C no 3 

Ricketts Hugh, drayman, Saratoga st 
Riddel 1 Robert, merchant, 157 Baltimore st 
Riddle Wm. house-carpenter, back of 24 J one's st. 

Ol.i Town 
Riefkugle Christian, tobacconist* 56Bond st. F. P. 
Riddlemoser Michael, gentleman, Hook's-town road 
Ridgely Charles, hampsted, 9 north Gay st 
Ridgely Lott, merchant, 10 Market space 
Ridgely Noah, gentleman, 2 north Gay st 
Ridgely Nicholas, inspector of tobacco 23 south 

Howard st. 
Ridgeley Rebecca, gentlewoman, Auborn 
Ridgeley James, merchant, 13 Baltimore st 
Rien Elizabeth, widow, Fish Market st 
Ridgeley Sarah, widow, German st 
Rigby John, house-carpenter, 28 Granby st. O.T* 
Rigby Alexander, windsor chair-maker, near 17 

Wilk st 
Righter Jacob, dwelling Triplets alley 
Riggan David, ship-carpenter and shop-keeper, next 

12 Pitt st F. P. 
Rihm Godfrey, tinman, 25 south Howard st 
Riley Conrad, tavern-keeper, Little- York road 
Riley Stephen, tailor, 18 Pitt st. O. T. 
Riley William, boot and shoe-manufacturer, op- 
b posite the Presbyterian meeting-house, Fast st . 
Rinellauh Stephen, ship-carpenter, 52 Fleet st. F.P. 
Rint Christopher, clerk, Fayette st 
Roach John, grocer, corner of Apple alley and Ali- 

sanna st. F. P. 
Roach Hannah, shop-keeper, 8 Green st. O. T. 
Roany, John, bricklayer, Lexington st 
Robardet James, dancing-master, Fish Market st 
Robb John, ship-master, corner of south Charles St 

Camden st 
Robb William, dwelling 101 Hanover st. 
Roberts John & James, merchants, 224 Baltimore s# 
Roberts John, trader, 45 Pittst. F. P. 
Roberts Thomas, cordwainer, Honey alley 

C wi ] 

Roberts Peter, waiter, 49 Green si. O. T. 
Roberts Henry, conveyancer, 52 Green st. O. T. 

Roberts Jonathan, miller, Ellicott's mills 
Robinson Charles, flour-merchant, 89 N. Howard st 
Robinson & Conway, merchants, 68 Cumberland 

Robinson Alexander, gentleman, Baltimore st. ex- 
Robinson E. gentlewoman, 36 north Howard st 
Robinson Eleanor, widow, Co now ago st 
Robinson Edward, shoe-maker, Aisquith st. O. T. 
Robinson John, merchant, 216 Baltimore st 
Robinson John, do. 54 north Howard st 

Robinson John, waiter, Conowago st 
Robinson Robert, carpenter, 59 Green st. O. T. 
Robinson Samuel, cedar-cooper,, 20 north Howard st 
Robinson William, ship-master, 42 Bank st. F. P. 
Robinson Mr. Waggon alley 

Robinson Joseph, house-carpenter, Bridge st. ex- 
Rochbrune Thomas D. house and ship-joiner, Foun- 
tain st. F. P. 
Roche John Philip, trunk-maker, 26 Bridge st. 
Roche Francis, tailor, 25 Fleet st. F. P. 
Roche Joseph, trunk-maker, 56 north Gay s^t 
Rodgers Arthur, grocer, Public alley 
Rody Andrew, clerk, Camden st 
Roger Hannah, grocer, 8 Shakespeare st. F. P. 
Roger Arthur, grocer, north Frederick st 
Roger & Hincks, wholesale French store, 178 Balti- 
more st. 
Rogers Benjamin, stevadore, 18 Fleet st. F. P. 
Rogers Jacob, hatter, 29 South st 
Rogers Charles, farmer, Morgan's Delight 
Rogers James, ship-carpenter, 71 Wolfe st. F. P. 
Rogers Elijah, clerk, East st 
Rogers, Nicholas Lowes, 10 Union st, O. T. 

C ii5 3 

Rogers Henry W. attorney at law, corner of nortfc 

Calvert and East sts 
Rogers Joseph, ship-master, Goodman st 
Rogers Philip,* dwelling 19 South st 
Rogers & Owing, merchants, 69 Bowley's wharf 
Rogers Peter, saddle and harness-maker, c 2 Cheapside 
Rogers Thomas, grocer and cork-cutter, jQ Market 

street, Fell's-point 
Rogers Rebecca, Fleet st. F. P. 
Rogers Richard, sen. bricklayer, 47 High st. O. T. 
Rogers William Richard, carpenter, 47 do. 
Rolington John, hair-dresser, north Liberty st 
Roloson Richard, cordwainer, 3 South st 
Romain Alexander, hair-dresser and Perfumer, 147 

Baltimore st 
Roney Patrick, tallow-chandler 110 Bond st F. P. 
Root Peter, house-carpenter, 55 do. 

Rose Henry, tailor, Light st 
Rose George, shoe-maker, Eden st. F. P. 
Rosell Charles, do. Albermarle st. O. T. 
Rosensteel George, junior, merch. 139 Baltimore st 
Rosensteel George, senior, Baltimore et extended 
Ross Charles, baker, ()4 north Gay st 
Ross Charles, dwelling south Charles st 
Ross Hays, pilot, 57 Wolfe st. Fell's-Point 
Ro>,s Thomas, cordwainer, corner of Caroline and 

Fleet streets, Fell's-point 
Ross William, merchant, 7 Baltimore st 
Rothrock Jacob, tin-manufacturer, 211 Baltimore st 
Rothrock Jacob, do. N. Liberty st 

Rothrock John junior, near 38 Market Space 
Row William, tailor, Bridge st extended 
Rowles & Mackubin, merchants, 56 Cumberland 

Rowley Nathaniel, cedar-cooper, Fayette st 
Roy John merchant, 56* Baltimore st 
Rubert John, wheel-wright, lower end of Hanover st 

[ 113 ] 

Ttublabregn Mary, mantua-maker, Dugan's wharf 
Ruckle John & Paul, merchs. & grocery store, 195 

Baltimore st 
Ruckle John, dwelling, 195 Baltimore st 
Ruckle Thomas, painter and glazier, N. Liberty st 
Rummel George H. gardener, 3(5 Fleet st. F. P. 
Rummel Mrs. midwife, 36 do. 

Rusk John, butcher, Albermarle st. Old-Town. 
Rusk Mary, widow, 24 do 

Rusk Robert, butcher, do. 

Rusk Robert, grocer, Pratt st 
Russell Alexander, callico printer, Lee st 
Russell Wm. Justice of the peace, 13 Bank st 
Russell Rebecca, washerwoman, north Liberty st 
Rust Samuel, cordwaincr, Britton st. O. T. 
Rustin Ann, widow, 41 Bond st F. P. 
Ruth John, clerk, Dugan's wharf 
Rutter Solomon, shir>-master, 40 South st 
Rutter Thomas, junior, gentleman, Mount Republi- 
Rutter John, gentleman, Mount Royal 
Ryan Michael, guager and inspector of liquor for 

the City, and Dry good store, 69 N. Howard st 
Ryan James, whitesmith, 31 Light st 
Ryland John, house-carpenter Montgomery st 
Ryland William, merchant, Baltimore st 


k^ABEL JOHN, ship-carpenter, 52 Alisanna 

st. F. P. 
Sadler Joseph, shoemaker, Pitt st. O. T. 
Sadder Philip, watch-maker, 156 Batimore st 
Saint Claire Hannah, milliner, 25 bridge st. O. T. 
Salmon George, president of the Baltimore Bank, 

118 Baltimore st M 

Salmon Jonathan, clerk in the Bank of Maryland^ 

53. Market Space 

K 2; 

L H4 3 

Salmon John, gentleman, Great-York st. O. T. 

Sampson George, dwelling do. 

Sampson Joseph, rigger, 31 Alisanna st. V. P. 

Sander Valentine, baker, 97 north Howard st 

Sanderson M. merchant, 32 Water st. dwelling 30 

Sandford Joseph, ship-master, 18 Queen st. O. T. 

Sands Robert, ladies shoe-maker, 42 south Charles st 

Sanger Seth, ship-master, 17 south Gay st 

Sargeant Samuel, innkeeper, sign of the spread Ea- 
gle, Little-York road 

Saunders Valentine, baker, precincts beyond Bridge st 

Sauners John, drayman, Lombard st . 

Savage George, umbrella-maker, 40 Baltimore st 

Savage Patrick, cordwainer, South st 

Savage Thomas, house-carpenter and innkeeper, 101 
High st. O. T. 

Say Mrs. midwife 80 Water st 

Schaeffer Baltzer, merchant, 34 Baltimore st. dwel- 
ling north Frederick st 

SchafFer Frederick, brush-maker, 39 Gough st. F.P. 

Schaffer & Littig, merchants, 142 Baltimore st 

Schaltzer Rudolph, butcher, 5(5 Front st. O. T. 

Schardal William, pump-maker, Forrest lane 

Scharper William, ivory-turner, 29 south Gay st 

Schauff John, grocer, Welcome alley 

Schay Edmund, farmer, Hawk st 

Scheeler John, sen. north Frederick st 

Schmuck George, grocer, 12 Bridge st. O. T. 

Schnauber George, grocer, corner of Pratt and 
Charles sts 

Schrimm John, oak-cooper, north Frederick st 

Schribs^ John, translator of languages, corner of 
Green and Low sts. O. T. 

Schroeder Henry, merchant, 167 Baltimore st 

$jchroeter Charles, letter carrier, south Frederick st. 
corner of Second st 

fcchultz John M. saddler and harness-maker, 17 N. 
Howard st 

C 115 ] 

Schwartze Frederick and Augustus, merchants, 71-^ 
Bowley's wharf, dwelling Hanover st 

Schwarzauer Daniel, observatory, Federal-Hill 

Schwarzauer, Mr. innkeeper, Fort M' Henry 

Schwatke August, blacksmith, Lexington st. O. T. 

Schwenick Godfred, cordwainer, south Howard st 

Scott Andrew, tailor, North st 

Scott Andrew, shoe-maker, Forrest st 

Scott Edward, tailor, 10 south Gay st 

Scott John, dwelling Eutau st 

Scott Henrietta, 4 Apple alley, F. P. 

Scott John, house-carpenter, Great-York st. O. T 

Scott Isaac, miller, Wood berry mills 

Scott Margaret, Lexington st. 

Scott Joseph, miller, Laurel mills 

Scott John, attorney at law, St. Paul's lane 

Scott Sarah, school-mistress, S3 north Howard st 

Scott & M'Clellan, Hour-merchants, 47 N. Howard st 

Scott Rossetta, grocer, 48 Bridge st 

Scrouggs Alexander, house-carpenter, High st. O.T. 

Seabrooks Richard, merchant, 248 Baltimore st. 
dwelling north Liberty st 

Seaman John C. rope-maker, Hook's-Town turn- 
pike road 

Searight James, china-merchant, 135 Baltimore st. 
dwelling Lombard st 

Sears Lucretia, widow, gentlewoman, Hanover st 

Seekamp Albert, merchant, 161 Baltimore st 

Segerstrom Johan Gus. keeper of a billard table, 6 
south Gay st 

Selch John, watchman, 51 High st. O. T. 

Sellers John, house-carpenter, south Howard st 

Sellers Abraham, merchant-tailor, 17 south Calvert st 

Sellman Mary, widow, 84 Happy alley, F. P. 

Sellman Jonathan, assistant book-keeper of theBank 
of Maryland, St. Patrick's row 

Selman Peter, 30 south Charles st 

Sellman Johzee, gentleman, Hook's-Town road 

r no i 

Semering John, tavern-keeper, Camden st 

Seiners Henry, tavern-keeper, near col. Strieker's 

mills, on Jones's Falls 
Sequin John, merchant, Hook's-Town turnpike road, 

opposite Franklin st 
Serin Jabes, tavern-keeper, 52 Light st 
Seton John Curson, wine-merchant, 36 south st. 
corner of Pratt st. and at which place is kept the 
office for the New- York packets, where every in- 
formation can be obtained respecting freights, &c. 
And in New-York, at Mr. Elias Burger and 
Philip Buskirk, Old- Slip, dwelling corner of North 
and Fayette sts 
Server John, cordwainer, President st. O. T. 
Sewall & Vailliant, merchants, 2 Bowley's wharf 
Sewall William E. dwelling 43 south Charles st 
Sewall Reuben, cordwainer, Forrest lane 
Shade John, merchant-tailor, north Liberty st 
Shaffer Jacob, grocer, 17 Fells st. F. P. 
Shalley Adam, grocer, 91 Pratt st 
Shalley John house-carpenter, near Eutau st. in 

Pratt st 
Shall y Jacob, house-carpenter, Conway st 
Shane Peter, gentleman, 77 Pratt st 
Shane M. Montgomery st 
Shanly J. D. M. D President st. O. T. 
Sharpe Thomas, innkeeper, Paca st 
Sharpe Peter, (3 Phil pot lane, F. P. 
Shartell Catharine,. St. Tamany st 
Shaw Alexander, house-carpenter, Triplets alley- 
Shaw Catharine, grocer, 117 High st. O. T. 
Shaw x^rchibahl, gentleman, 90 Bond st. F. P. 
Shaw John, bricklayer, Petticoat alley, do. 
Shaw John, ship-carpenter, Montgomery st 
Shaw Joshua, cook-shop, near 22 Market Space 
Shaw Robert, sen. carter, Bridge st extended 
Shaytield Lydia, widow, 15 Shakspear st. F. P. . 
Shedden John, merchant, 8 north Gay st 

C 117 ] 

Sheneman Abraham, cooper, German st 
Sheneman J >hii , carpenter, 120 Green St. O. T. 
Sheppard Thomas, grocer, 48 south Calvert st, 

dwelling 87 Hanover st. 
Sheppard Thomas, merchant-tailor, corner of Bond 

and Fells st. F. P. 
Sherlock John, merchant, 3S Water st 
Sherwood Philip, clerk, 34 Pitt st. O. T. 
Sherwood Thomas, cabinet-maker, l c 21 Bond st. F.P. 
Shidle George, cooper, 7(i Albermarle st. O. T. 
Shield William, ship-master, 8 Pitt st. do. 

Shields David, Hatter, 14 north Gay st 
■Shields Solomon, cordwainer, 18 Bond st. F. P. 
Shilling Tobias, comb-maker, ¥Aen st. do. 

Shilling John, tailor, precincts beyond Bridge st 
Shilmerdiue Joseph, Hatter, Fish Market st 
Shineflew Conrad, house-carpenter, 144 Green st, 
• Old-Town 
Shinnick Jacob, rope-maker, Sleigh lane, opposite 

the head of Caroline st 
Shipley Edward, hatter, dwelling Eutau st 
Shippey David, Rural Felicity gardens, Philadelphia 

Shock Henry, ship-master, Ruxton lane 
Shoemaker Jacob, brush -maker, Busy alley 
Shoemaker Ignatius, blacksmith and shop-keeper, 

39 south Charles st 
Shorb Andrew, cedar-cooper, 9 north Howard st 
Shorb Jacob, grocer, 9 do. 

Shorb John, shop-keeper, 11 do. 

Shorter Bazel, news-carrier, 56 south Charles st 
Shreck Dederick, comb-maker, Bridge st extended 
Shreen Caleb, miller, Jones's Falls 
Shriver John, baker, Goodman st 
Shriver John, labourer, north Liberty st 
Shriver Jacob, brick-maker, Goodman st 
Shryack John, pump-maker, Pitt st. O. T. 
Shryack Jacob, saddler, Lexington st 

[ 118 ] 

Shrack Samuel, cordwainer, Low st. near Front at. 

Shryer Lewis, currier, 8 Cheapside, dwelling Cam- 
den st. second door from the market-house 
Shultz John, gentleman, German st 
Shumberg Henry, grocer, south Liberty st 
Shut Jacob, house-carpenter, Market st extended. 
Shute & Burns, sail-makers, M'EIderry's wharf 
Shute Henry, dwelling, 30 Pitt st. O. T. 
Sidler Mathias, tinman, Fayette st 
Sidwell Mary, boarding-house, 103 north Howard st ■ 
Sigmond Peter, tailor, Bank st 
Silvias Francis, segar-maker, Light st 
Sinclair Robert, house-carpenter, Saratoga st 
Simminwood Joseph, shoemaker, Frederick-Town 

Simmons Peter, mate, 67 Wolfe st. F. P. 
Simons Evan, tailor, 29 Strawberry alley 
Simpson Dulcina, boarding-house, S. Frederick st 
Simpson & Brotherington, lumber-merchants, Pub- 
lic alley 
Simpson Walter, sen. dwelling 56 Hanover st 
Simpson Walter, jun. dwelling, 7 south Charles st 
Simpson John, house-carpenter, Pott st. O. T. 
Simpson John, tobacconist, Forrest lane 
Singer Abraham, merchant, 172 Baltimore st' 
Singleton William, cabinet-maker, 11 north Gay st 
Sink Christopher, hair-dresser, 15 Fells st. F. P. 
Silter Jacob, tin-manufacturer, Baltimore st 
Si] ter William, shingle-dresser, Barre st 
Skelton Phabe, boarding-house, 58 Market st.F. P. 
Skerrett Clement, inspector of the Port of Baltimore, 

26 Market st. F. P. 
Skinner John, ship-carpenter, 21 Ann st. F. P. 
Skinner, Lawrence, 26 south Howard st 
Skipper Thomas, carter, 70 Green st. O. T. 
Skirven & Wallis, merchants, 99 Bowley's wharf 
Slabe Elizabeth, Holliday st 

C 119 ] 

Slare Margaret, widow, tavern-keeper, 28 Fells st» 

Fell's Point 
Slater William, Ironmonger, 77 Baltimore st 
Slay maker Clarinda, widow, 100 Pratt st 
Slaysman Michael, blacksmith, 91 High St. shop 

Green st. O. T. 
Sleppy Jacob, house-carpenter, Lexington st 
Slimmer Christian, inspector of lumber, Queen st. 

O. T. near lower bridge 
Slingluff Jesse, dwelling 15 north Howard st 
Sloan James W. merchant, 24() Baltimore st. dwel- 
ling 248 do. 
Sloan James, boat and shoe-manufacturer, 5 Water st 
Sloan Mr. school-master, 82 Caroline st. F. P. 
Small Jacob, lumber-merchant, yard Buchannan's 

wharf, dwelling 50 Hanover st 
Small Michael, house-carpenter, Fayette st 
Smallwood William, cordwainer, 20 Caroline st. F.P. 
Small wood William, cordwainer, Harrison st 
Smell Peter, ship-master, York st. head of the Bason 
Smiley Isaac, drayman, Aisquith st. O. T. 
Smith Calhoun & Co. merchants, 92 Baltimore st 
Smith Charles, grocer, Bridge st. extended 
Smith Amos, dwelling 5 Bridge st. O. T. 
Smith Arnold, black and whitesmith, N. Frederick st 
Smith Archibald, house-carpenter, Eutau st 
Smith Archer, shoemaker, Montgomery st 
Smith Alexander, slop-shop, tailor and grocer, 75 

M'Elderry's wharf 
Smith Caleb, carpenter, King-George st. O. T. 
Smith Casper, baker, High st. O. T. 
Smith Christopher, house-carpenter, 155 Bond st. 

Smith David, dwelling, 131 Baltimore st. 
Smith Dorman, cooper, Conowago st. 
Smith David, merchant-tailor, 13 Fells st. F. P, 
Smith Edward, tailor, 20 Thames st. do, 

Smith George, flour-merchant, Fayette st 

[ 120 J 

Smi tli George, carver, gilder and looking glass ma- 
nufacturer, corner of Front and Great- Yoik sts. 
^ Old-Town 
Smith George, fruiterer, corner of Calvert and Wa- 

te sts. dwelling Montgomery st 
Smith George, merchant, IS Water st 
Smith Gotlip, boarding -house, 10 Shakspearst. F. P. 
Smith Henry, carter, Mo .ltgotnerjr st 
Smith Joseph P. merchant, 21 2 Jaltimore st 
Smith James, M. D. 5 souti Calvert st 
Smith James, tavernkeeper, Baikst 
Smith Job, ba ^er, do! 

Smith Jacob, blacksmith, Franklin st 
Smith John A. ship-master, 54 Pitt st. F. P. 
Smith John, house-carpenter, 64 Green st. O. T. 
Smith John, M. D. 2 Market st. F. P. 
Smith John, wheel -wright, Philadelphia road 
Smith James, ship-master, Whiskey ally 
Smith Job, justice of the peace, office 22, dwelling 

26 Shakespear st. F. P. 
Smith John, ship-master, 9 Phil pot st. F. P. 
Smith Jane, boarding-house, 58 Bond st. do. 
Smith Isaac, merchant, near 25 3 Baltimore st 
Smith Joseph, captain, harbour-master, 16 Pitt st. 

Smith Joseph, merchant, 107 Baltimore st 
Smith Lambert, near the court-house, in East st 
Smith Lydia, gentlewoman, Hanover st 
Smith Mary, widow, 105 Bond st. F. P. 
Smith Peter, gentleman, Baltimore st extended 
Smith Philip, tavern-keeper, 157 Bond st. F. P. 
Smith Pompey, drayman, south Howard st 
Smith Ralph, dwelling St. Paul's lane 
Smith Richard, innkeeper, 1 George st. F. P. 
Smith & Patterson, grocers, 29 Market Space 
Smith & Steene, merchants, 254 Baltimore st 
Smith Samuel general, Water st. between south Gay 
«t. and South st 

£ 121 J 

Smith Samuel R. merchant, 19 Cheapside, dwel- 
ling 23 Pratt st 
Smith William, rope-maker, Argyle alley, F. P. 
Smith Thoroughgood, justice of the peace, 6 Front 

st. Old-Town 
Smith Joseph, tailor and grocer, North st 
Smith William, dwelling (j Calvert st 
Smith William B. blacksmith, shop Bartem's wharf 
• dwelling 28 Ann st. F. P. ' 

Smith Zachariah, ship-carpenter, York st. head of 
the Bason 

Smith , M'Elderry's wharf, next 73 

Smith Mrs. Hanover st 

Smyth John, \1.D. 24 South st 

Snuggrass William, windsor chair-maker, Hook's- 

J own turnpike road 
Snyder Andrew, brass-founder, 148 Baltimore st 

dwelling south Liberty st 
Snyder John, ship-chandler, 41 Fells st. 
Snyder John C. M. D. 41 Pratt st 
Snyder Elizabeth, widow, south Frederick st 
Snyder William, coppersmith, Lombard st 
Snyder V . keeper of stages, south Liberty st. 
Sollers B. hatter, shop 05 Baltimore st. dwelling 
Lemmon st & 

Solomon Levy, Ironmonger, 112 Baltimore st 
Solomon Elkin, broker, opposite the custom-house 
in Water st * 

Solomon Benjamin, merchant, 32 Granby st. O T 
So omon Catharine, gentlewoman, Saratoga st ' ' 
Solon Mary, widow, Waggon alley 

t°duZ7c H me? , & f°'. merchants «« Baltimore st 
Souder G H. oil and paint-store, 23 south Calvert 

st. dwelling 3 Water st 
Southworc 1 William, tavern-keeper, l Water st 
bower & Cole, printers and book-sellers, 190 Baltic 

more st * JK) ■ Daitt *' 

[ 122 ] 

SbweYwine Peter, flour-merchant, 56 N. toward si 
Spalding & Elder, merchants, 3 do. 

Spalding William, dwelling Fayette st 
Spalding & Gilpin, merchants, 13 Cheapside 
Spear Joseph, sugar refiner, counting-house 43; 

south Gay st. dwelling nearly opposite 
Spedden Edward, waterman, south Howard st 
Spellecy James, grocer, Water st 
Spence George, plaisterer, S4 Hanover st 
Spencer Robert, grocer, 98 north Howard st 
Spencer Richard, cordwainer, Saratoga st 
Spencer William, coach-maker, near Gay st. in 

East st. 
Spencer Benjamin, bricklayer, 89 Bond st. F. P. 
Sperry & Barnes, merchants, 183 Baltimore st 
Spilman William & Co. merchants, 0*1 Laltimore st 
Spott H. G. dwelling 190 Baltimore st 
Sproule William, grocer, 24 Market Space 
Spurrier Sophia, boarding-house, 7 south Calvert st 
Squires Sophia, milliner, 9 Market Space 
Stables William, upholsterer, Light st 
Stains John, rigger, Wolfe st. F. P. 
Stafford Patrick, ship-master, 43 Pitt st. F. P. 
Stafford Cornelius William, Fditor of this directory, 

Lloyd st. O. T. 
Stall Edward H. druggist, 91 Baltimore st 
Stall Samuel, oak-cooper, Lexington st 
Stanlev Charles, boarding-House, next 51 Alisanna 

st. F. P. . 
Stanley Robert, ship-master, 23 AHsan^a st. F. P. 
Stansbury Thomas, grocer, corner of North and For- 
rest sts. O. T. 
Stansbury Jacob, merchant, 46 Bridge st. O. T. 
Staples Robert, tavern-keeper, Causeway, F. P. 
Stapleton Rachael, do. north Frederick st. 

Stapleton Edward, blacksmith, Philadelphia road 
Starck John, gentleman, 29 Bridge st. O. T. 

L I' 23 1 

Stark Cai'hariue, bo u ding-house, corner of soutk 

Gay and Water sts 
Starkey James, ilour--merchant, 949 Baltimore st 
Starr Joseph, clerk, Triplet's alley 
Starr & Price, merchant-tailors, 2 Fell's st. F. P. 
St. Clair William & John, nailors, York st. O. T. 
Steele William, merchant, 5 south Gay st. dwelling 

Eutua st 
Steele John, ship-builder, 27 Pitt st. F. P. 
Steell John, merchant, lil Baltimore st 
Steenhuis Henry, grocer and wet good-store, 251 

Baltimore »>t 
Steer John, bricklayer, Lloyd st, O. T. 
Steever George, Great- York st. O. T. 
Steetz Joseph, merchant, 75 north Howard st 
Steiger Jacob, skinner, Franklin st 
Steiger Mary, widow, do. 

Steinmetz Gabriel, watchman, North st 
Steinmetz John George, furr-merchanl, Fayette st»- 
SSteinbeck C. & D. do. 110 Baltimore st 

Steinbeck John G. do. Fayette st 

Steltz Stevenson Edward, Eutau st 
Stenson William, gentleman, Pilgrims Choice, near 

Winsor mills, on Gwinn's falls 
Stephen John, attorney at law, near the court-house, 

in East st 
Stephens Rebecca, Goodman st 

Stephens Richard, ship-master, 107 Bond st. F. P. 
Stephenson——, M. D. shop Harrison st 
Sterett Joseph, merchant, 45 Water st. dwelling 38 

south Gay st 
Sterett Samuel, notary public, 49 Water st. dwel- 
ling 32 south Gay st 
Sterling John, baker, south Howard st 
Sterling James, merchant, corner of Market Spac^ 

and Baltimore st. 
Sterling William, merchant, 11 Halumore st 

C 124 ] 

Steuart Hugh, bricklayer, Duke st, O. T\ 

Steuart Robert, stone-cutter, do. 

Steuart William, do near the lower bridge in 

Pratt st. dwelling Duke st 
Stevens Timothy, carter and grocer, near Charles st. 

in Chatham st 
Stevens Timothy, house-carpenter, Pitt st. O T. 
Stevenson J.ihn, M. D. shop Harrison st 
Stevenson William, ship-master, Wolfe st near Wilk 

street, F. P. 
Stevenson Josias, innkeeper, sign of the Phoenix, 

Great- York road 
Stever & Sons, coach and harness-makers, corner of 

North and Union sts. O. T. 
Steward David, merchant, 13 south Gay st 
Steward Rachael, mantua-maker, and tailoress, 

Conway st 
Steward William, gentleman, Harrison st. 
Stewart Archibald, merchant, 95 Bowley's wharf, 

dwelling Holliday st 
Stewart David, dwelling 13 south Gay st 
Stewart David C. & Co. merchants, 73 Bowley's 

Stewart James, M. D. 11 south Charles st 
Stewart James C. ship-chandler, 27 Philpot st. F.P. 
Stewart John, merchant, 4 Cheapside 
Stewart John, clerk, 98 Pratt st 
Stewart Margaret, ship-chandler and grocer, cor- 
ner of Bond and Thames st. F. P. 
Stewart Peter, tailor, shop near Baltimore st. in 

south Frederick st. dwelling north Frederick st. 
Stewart William, grocer, 13 Thames st. F. P. 
Sticher John, cabinet-maker, 33 South st 
Sticher David, constable, 34 north Gay st 
Stickney & Co. spirits of turpentine-manufacturers, 

near Jones's falls, in Water street 
Stiynble Peter, pilot stage-office, 175 Baltimore st. 
Stiver Christian, grocer, Camden st 
Stoble John, bottler, 14 Shakespeare st. E, P, 

t **& ? 

Stoddart David Major, Harris's creek 

Stocket Henry, ship-master, 47 Bond St. F. P. 

St. Memin Charles, portrait painter and engraver, 71 

Water st 
Stoffleman Henry, carpenter, next 74 south Charles st 
Stone Edward, drayman, 25 Green st. O. T. 
StoufFer Henry & Son merchants 13 north Howard st 
Stoup John, house-carpenter, 136 Bond st. F. P. 
Stover John, currier, Hanover st 
Strain Priscilla, widow, grocer, Market st. F. P. 
Stratford William, ship-master, Wilk st do. 
Stratton James, grocer, corner of Lancaster and 

Market sts F. P. 
Strebeck Christopher, biscuit-baker, Triplets alley 
Street Daniel, keeper of carts, Goodman st 
Stremmel Frederick, tailor, Pratt st 
Strieker and Beatty, merchant, 4 Bowley's wharf 
Strieker John, dwelling 13 south Charles st 
Strike Nicholas, constable, 1(5 Pratt st 
Struthoff Barney, baker, Harrison st 
Stuart George, leather breeches- maker, 16 Market 

Stuart James, book-keeper at Evan's tavern, Har- 
rison street 
Stuart Richardson, nail manufacturer, corner of 

Conowago and north Charles sts 
Stuart. William, miller, Mount Clare mills, on 

Gwinn's fall's 
Stump Samuel, merchant, 27 Cheapside, dwelling 

Sharpe st.. 
Sullivan John P. tailor, 46 south Calvert st 
Summers Martin, grocer, Second st 
Summers Thomas, ship-carpenter, 52 Alisanna st. 

Summers James D. school -master, German st - 
Sumwalt & Hays, grocers, Second st 
Sarawak Frederick," blacksmith, Lexington sfe- 


C i« ] 

Sam wait Godfrey, tanner, corner of Goodman and 
Montgomery sts 

Sum wait George, brick-maker, dwelling Welcome 
alley, yard Hanover st 

Supper John, baker, East st 

Susack Doctor, Water st 

Suter George, hatter, Montgomery st 

Sutherland John, merchant, Barton's wharf, F. P. 
dwelling Harrison st 

Sutton Isaac, ship-wright, 47 Philpot st. F. P. 

Swain Jeremiah, forage-store, near Alisanna St. in 
Wolfe F. P. 

Swan George, tinplate-worker, Second st. near Mar- 
ket Space 

Swan John, general, 121 Baltimore 

Swan Joshua, lumber-merchant, yard M'Elderry's 
wharf, dwelling 24 Green st. O. T. 

Sweeney Paul, cabinet-maker, Fayette st 

Sweeny Richard, chair-maker, Baltimore st. dwel- 
ling 68 Front st. O. T. 

Sweeny Hugh, school -master, Saratoga st 

Sweeny Elias, mathematical instrument-maker, 45 
Fells st. F. P. 

Sweeting Thomas, dwelling 54 Hanover st 

Sweitzer Jacob, stage-driver, Paca st 

Swindler Catharine, widow, 54 French st. O. T. 

Sybern Elizabeth, boarding-house, next 48 Bond st, 

Syrenson Peter, ship-master, Fleet st. F. P. 

Sykes John, merchant, 116 High st. O. T. 

A AGERT John, gentleman prospect, Jone's Falls 
Talbot John, merchant-tailor, 66 north Gay st 
Tall Sarah, widow, boarding-house, Lancaster street 

C 1*7 ] 

Taney Mrs. gentlewoman, German st 

Tan nock James, cordwainer, (51 South st 

Tarin William, painter, Whiskey alley 

Tarr Levin, cabinet-maker, Dutch alley and shop 

Light st 
Tate James, spinster, north Frederick st 
Taylor George, grocer, Bridge st. extended 
Taylor George, dry good merchant, 47 Baltimore st 
Taylor Grace, seamstress, Lancaster st. F. P. 
Taylor John, merchant, corner of South & Pratt sts 
Taylor James, carpenter, Montgomery st. 
Taylor James, mate, 28 Shakespear st. F. P. 
Taylor John, house -carpenter, 39 Fleet st. F. P. 
Taylor James, blacksmith, shop near Bond in Fleet 

st. & dwelling Fleet st Fell's-piint 
Taylor Lemue 1 , merchant, 89 Bowley's wharf, dwel- 
ling 86 Hanover st 
Taylor Mat. inn-keeper, lower Bridge, Jone's Falls 
Taylor Robert, school -mister, Bridge st. extended 
Taylor Richard, dry good store, 49 Bridge st O. T. 
Taylor Win. merchant, 8 Bank st 
Taylor Thomas, oax-cooper, head of Spear's wharf 
Tear Daniel, ship-master, Strawberry alley 
Teets John, 30 south Charles st 
Tegtmeyer A. & H. Ewat, grocers, Franklin st 
Telfair William, ship-chandler, George's st. F. P. 
Tellcn Elizabeth, boarding-house, 2 Ann st. do. 
Tenant Thomas merchant next, 20 Georges st do. 
Terry Win, mariner, 7 Caroline st 
Tessier John, vice-president of the French seminary, 

Franklin st 
Thiel John, cordwainer, 114 Bond st. F. P. 
Tevis Daniel, house-carpenter, 1() north Howard st 
Thomae & Vibrans, merchants 175 Baltimore st 
Thomae H. dwelling, 100 north Howard st 
Thomas Abisha, gentleman, 25 south Charles st 
Thomas Benjamin, merchant, 24 Fell's st. F. P. 

C i?8 V 

Thomas Jane Ann, gentlewoman, 9 Market street 

Thomas John, miller, Mount Royal mills 
Thomas & Caldcleugh, stationers, 141 Baltimore st 
Thomas Andrews & Butler, booksellers & stationers, 

corner of Charles & Baltimore sts 
Thomas Philip E. ironmonger, 106 Baltimore st 
Thomas M iry, nurse N. Frederick st 
Thomas Luke, dwelling, near Charles in Chatham 

Thomas Lawrence, grocer, Eden st. Fell's-point 
Thomas Richard S. gentleman, New Church st 
Thomas Robert, pilot, 8 Alisanna st F. P. 
Thompson Anne, 74 Granby st. Old-Town 
Thompson Alexander, house-carpenter, York st head 

of the Bason 
Thompson Hugh, merchant, south Frederick st 
Thompson James, house-carpenter, Eutau st 
Thompson John, waterman, Sharpe st 
Thompson John, ship-master, Phil pot's St. F. P. 
Thompson E. carpenter, North st 
Thompson Nathaniel, ship- Joiner, 9 Thames street 

Thompson Sarah, grocer, 43 Wilk st. Fell's-point 
Thompson William, 175 Baltimore st 
Thompson William, watch & clock-maker, 4 Market 

Thompson William, school -master, N. Liberty st 
Thompson William, carpenter, north Charles st 
Thompson William, cabinet-maker, near Liberty st 
Thompson Robert, deputy sheriff, Aisquith st. O.T. 
Thompson William carter, Brandy alley 
Thompson William, tobacconist 33 south Calvert st ^ 
Thompson William, ship-master, 13 Philpot's st 
Thomson John & James, merchants, 12 South st 
Thornburgb George, grocer, 207 Baltimore st 
Hiornbiirgh Joseph, & Miller, merchants, 186 BaU- 

timore st. 

I «* ] 

Thornton John school -master, 24 south gay st 

Thornton Joseph, tobacconist, 25 north Howard &\ 

Thorp Agnes, gentlewoman, Saratoga st 

Thorpe John, brick-layer, Forrest lane 

Tilyard William, painter & galzier, corner of Wates 

st. & Publicalley 
Thwaites John dry good -merchant, 35 Market st. 

Theker Walter, painter and glazier, 23 Second st 
Tiernan Luke & Co. merchants, 1.35 Baltimore st 
Tiernan ML & Co. merchants, corner of Howard & 

Baltimore sts 
Tillman Sarah, 69 Wilks st. Fell's-point 
Timanous Charles, stone-mason, Frederick Town road 
Timmes John, house-carpenter, Strawberry alley 
Timner William, gardener, Ferry Branch road 
Timon James pedlar, Eutau st 
Tinges Charles, watch-maker, 68 Balt'more st. and 

dwelling Great-York st. O. T. 
Tinker Thomas, butcher, 59 George's st. F. P. 
Tipton Jared, duputy sheriff, precincts beyond Bridge 

Tobin John, tavern-keeper, 21 George's st. F. P. 
Todd George H. oil & paint store, 15 Cheapside 
Tod John, grocer & tavern-keeper, corner of Forrest 

& Montgomery sts 
Todd James, & Co. bottlers, 231 Baltimore st 
Toelle Frederick M. D. 23 Commerce st 
Tool John, grocer, Goodman st. near Montgomery it 
Tool Thomas, grocer, 28 south Howard st 
Toon Samuel, pleasure gardens, below Harris's 

Top Eleanor, widow gentlewoman, 25 Bond street 

Topken Gerard & Co. merchants, 6') Bowley's wharf 
Torrance Charles, gentleman, 21 Baltimore st 
Tory Charles, paint glass store &c. corner of Second 

and Frederick sts 

[iso 3 

Towers Eliza, widow, 79 Ann st Fell's-Point 
Townseud Joseph, mrrch. warehouse 6 ^i'Llderry'* 

wharf, dwelling back of 18 Baltimore st 
Towson Win. tavcru-Letper, Little-Ycik turnpike 

Toy Isaac, school -master, Bank st 
1 rapaial Joshua, house carpenter, Brandy alley 
1 rapnal William, labourer, Petticoat alley 
Trapnall Susannah, gentlewoman, Lombard st 
Traverse Henry, ship-master next, 24 Ann st. F. P; 
Traverse Matthew, do. 3 . do. 

Traverse Patrick, do. 31 do. 

Traverse Priscilla, gentlewoman, Lancaster st F. P, 
Trice Herman, hair-dresser, 93 Bond st. Fell's-point 
Triepell Christopher, G lass-House 
Trimble Isaac, flour inspector, 92 N. Howard st 
Trimble John, dwelling 7 Gran by st. Old-Town 
Trimble Joseph & John, iron-merchants, 18 Cheap- 
Trimble Jane, widow, 46 Alisannast. F. P. 
Trimble William, merchant, 5 Market st. F. P. 
Iripp Edward, captain of the French-Town packet, 

81 Hanover st 
Truelock Lydia, widow, store-keeper, 3 Market st. 

Trumbo Adam, house-carpenter, Frederick Town 

Trump Henry, house-carpenter, next the corner of 

Lombard st. in Eutau st 
Tschudy Winbert, miller, on Gwynn's Fall's 
Tull Joshua, ship-carpenter, 40 Queen st. F. P. 
Tull Mrs. boarding-house, Second st 
Tully Michael, tailor, do. 

Tumbleson William, inn-keeper, 11 Fleet st. F. P. 
Tunis Charles H. & Co. merchs. lltj Baltimore st 
Tunis Charles H. dwelling, 7 south Howard st 
Tupper Nathaniel, ship -master, 17 Alberrnarle street 


C 131 3 

Tureerie John, gentleman, 24 Fleet St. Feil's-poinl 

Turiei- Rebecca, fcnner, Little-York Turnpike road 

TuTUer 8c Do wson merchants, 77 do. 

1 iirner Caleb, shin-joiner, Lancaster St. F. P. 

Tiir icr Alexander, Saratoga st 

Turtle Jeremiah, shop-keeper, Gough st. F. P. 

Turtle John, labourer, German st 

Twine Daniel, tavern-keeper 13 George's st. F. P. 

Tyson Elisha, gentleman, 44 Hanover st 

Tyson Rehry, ship-master, corner of Conewago &: 

north Charles st 
Tysqn Jesse, dwelling 25 Pratt st 
Tvson Isaac, do 43 do. 
Tyson & Norris, flour merchants, 49 Light st 
Tyson %• Nowland merchants, Pratt st 
Tyson Nathan, gentleman, 62 Jlanovor st 


KJ HLI" currier, Hanover st 

Uhler Philip, saddler ck Harness-maker, 9 Cheapside f 

dwelling Hoi lid ay st. 
Un 'erwood Abraham, merchant-tailor, 10 Fell's sti 

Fell s-prxint 
Underwood Tnoch, inn-keeper, 129 High st. O. T. 
Underwood Flihu, tavern-keeper, ll'j do. 
XJrie .] ames, Wock -maker, south* Frederick & Pratt St 
Urie Jo«-niah, blacksmith, head of Spear's wharf 
Ufchev Rachae', widow, 19 Pratt st. 
Usher M arv, widow gentlewoman, 44 Albermarle st 

Usher Luke, umbrella-maker, Baltimore st 
Usher Joseph., merchant next, 8'* Pratt st 
ytterson Nicholas, mariner, Happy alley 


V ACHE Peter, merchant, 3? Baltimore st 
Yaillant George, dwelling, south Howard st 

C 132 ] 

Vaillant & Chambers, merchants, Bowley's wharf 

Valaram Jacob, labourer, Lexington st 

Valette C. confectioner & cL stiller of cordials, 52 

Baltimore st 
Vanhorn John, shoe-maker, Mulberry st 
Van Kapif & Brune, merchants, 68 Rowley's wharf 
Vanlier Joseph, house-carpenter & shop-keeper, 21 

north Gay st 
VanceWilliam, broker, 67 Smith's wharf & dwelling 

40 north Gay st 
Vance William, plain-maker, north Charles st 
Vaughan George, house-carpenter, Eutau st 
Van Wyck Win. dwelling next 44 south Gay st 
Van Wyck & Dorsey, auctioners, head of Frederick 

st. Dock 
Veazey John, coach-maker, dwelling Granby st shop 

Queen st 
Venn Charles, ship-master, 21 Wilk st F. P. 
Vernon & Hanna, cordwainers, 51 South st 
Ves Felix, gardener, Paca st 
Vickery Stephen & Co. still house & laboratory, 46 

Granby st. Old-Town 
Vickery Stephen, dwelling, 44 Granby st. O. T. 
Vincent Samuel, clerk, 44 north Gay st 
Von Hemessen & Stock, merchants, 49 South st 
Vogel James, professor of music, Hook's Town turn- 
pike road 
Volchman Sophia, gentlewoman, Camden st 
Valck Charles & George Rider, confectioners 13 

Market Space 
Vansant & Poole, shoe-makers 8 Water st. 


VV ACK AARON, tailor, New-Light st. O. T. 
Waddle George, bottle-celler 92 Baltimore st, dwel- 
ling Saratoga st 
Wade John, Water st 

[ 133 j 

Wadley John, saddler, next 34 Bridge St. O. T. 
Wagner, George & Co. bakers, 34 Market Space 
Wales & Clopper, merchants, 15 Bowley's wharf 
Walker Charles, mariner, Lancaster st. F. P. 
WalkerEzekiel, oak-cooper, upper end of N. Ho ward st 
Walker Jacob, sail-maker, Lombard st 
Walker William, sail-maker, County wharf, dwel* 

ling Light st 
Walker Christopher, innkeeper, opposite the turnpike 

gate, Little-York road 
Walker Thomas, innkeeper, Saratoga st 
Walker Samuel, merchant, 98 Baltimore st 
Walker William, hair-dresser, 35 north Gay st 
Walker Robert, captain of the Norfolk packet, Pratt st 
Wall Jacob, house-carpenter, Lexington st 
Wall George, do. do. 

Wall John, saddler, 4 County wharf, dwelling 

Pratt street 
Wall Michael, tailor, 87 north Howard st 
Wallace Andrew, merchant, Lexington st 
Waller George, glue and cow-skin-manufacturer, 

Hook's-Town turnpike road 
Wallis Richard, Potter, 66 Green st. O. T. 
Wallis William, house-carpenter 4 Low st. do. 
Wal raven John, hardware-merchant, 137 Baltimore st 
Walsh Robert, dwelling New-Church st 
Walsh Jacob, jun. merchant, 100 Baltimore st 
Walsh Jacob, merchant, 244 Baltimore st 
Walter Charles, merchant, 53 north Howard st 
Watter John, grocer, 7 County wharf, dwelling 17 

Pratt st 
Walter Nicholas & Co. tobacconist, above Eutau st. 

in Baltimore st 
Walter Nicholas, innkeeper, above Eutau st. in 

Baltimore st 
Walter & Muschett, merchants, Smith's wharf 
Walter Philip, nursery garden, Hook's-Town turn* 

pike road 


[ 154 ] 

Walter Peter, grocer, Baltimore st. extended 
Wampler J. Lewis, surveyor, north Liberty st 
Wante Mrs. gentlewoman, 41 Highst. O. T. 
Ward Elizabeth, do. 45 Pratt st 
Ward George, dwelling do. 

Ward John, ship-carpenter, Sugar alley- 
Ward John, do. Montgomery st 
Ward Joshua & George, grocers, 17 Cheapside 
Ward Joshua, dwelling 32 Pratt st 
Ward Sophia, widow, grocer, 18 S. Charles st 
Ward Wm. sail -maker, Apple alley, loft Cheapside 
Warfield George F. & Lemuel, merchants 264 Bal- 
timore st. corner of north Howard st 
Warfield Lemuel, dwelling corner of Liberty and 

Baltimore sts 
Warfield George F. south Liberty st 
Warm aj en Jeremiah, blacksmith, Still-House st 
Warmingham Richard, painter and glazier, 51 South 

st. and 26 Fells st. F P. 
Warner & Hanna, printers and booksellers, 37 Bal- 

more st 
Warner Cuthbert, clock and watch-maker, 3 Jones 

st. dwelling 113 Green st. O. T. 
Warner George, brick-maker, Ridgeley's Delight 
AVarner Michael, brick-maker, 'do. 
Warner Thomas, silversmith, 64 north Gay st 
Warner Richard, M. D. 37 Bond st. F. P. 
Waterhouse William, grocer, Hanover st 
Waterhouse Lawrence, cutler, 24 Market Space 
Waters Hezekiah, ship-chandler, 39 Thames st. F.P. 
Waters Edward, miller, Herring run near the old 

Hartford road 
Waters N. gentlewoman, next but one to 82 north 

Howard st 
Waters Edward, house-carpenter, 2 Granby st. 

Waters William, coach-maker, between 1 and 2 

Baltimore st 
Waters Stephen, house-joiner, Eutua st 

[ 135 ] 

Watkins Archibald, cordwaiuer, S3 Hanover st 
Watkins Joseph, dp. Forrest st 

Wat hi n£ -Thomas, tailor. 151 Baltimore st 
Watkins Thomas, do. Light st 
Watkins Wfttiam, carpenter, Camden st 
Watterson Robert, tailor, £S South st 
Watts Joseph, ship-master, 43 Alisanna st. F. P. 
Watts Thomas, do. 1 Philpot st. do. 

Watson David, ship-builder, Fountain st. F. P. 
Way Joseph, M. D. 79 Hanover st. 
Wearing Peter, wood-corder, 5 Pitt st. F. P. 
Weatherbttrri John, book-keeper in the bank of Bal- 

more, 6 Granby st. O. T. 
Weatherly William, cooper, dwelling back of 17 

Thames st. shop nearly opposite 
Weatherington William, Lombard st 
Weaver Casper, painter and glazier, Paca st 
Weaver and Cummins, block and pump-makers, 30 

Fells st. F. P. 
Weaver John, cordwaiuer, Waggon alley 
Webb William, hair-dresser, 78 south Charles st 
Web Joseph, house-carpenter, Union st. O. T. 
Webster Alexander & Co, merchants, 1 Commerce st 
Webster John, dwelling Chatham st 
Wedderstrarid Thomas, baker, south Frederick st 
Wederstrandt, John, gentleman, Eutau st 
Wedge Simon, goldsmith and jeweller, 152 Balti- 
more st 
Welmer Philip, house-carpenter, back of 39 Balti- 
more st 
Weisenthal Elizabeth, gentlewoman, opposite ii-'n 

of the Swan, Great- York st 
Welch Labaiij shop-keeper, Price's-Towil 
Welch Michael, do Dutch alley 
Welch Philip, grocer and tailor, Duke st 
Weir Charles, brass-founder, Second st 
Vvcldon Ebenezer, Pilot, 57 Alisanna st. F. P. 
Welling Willing, ship-chandler, 3 Fells st. F. P. 
dwelling Dutch alley 

C 130 ] 

Wellmore Peter, merchant, 17 Baltimore st 
Wellmore, Robert, shop-keeper, Lombard st 
Wellmore William, merchant, 240 Baltimore st 
Wells Thomas, keeper of the powder-mills, Gwinn's 

Wells Cyprian, gentleman, S Pratt st 
Wells Mary, widow, do. 50 south Charles st 
Wells Mary, tavern-keeper, Dutch alley 
Welsh Michael, shopkeeper, Dutch alley, corner of 

North st 
Welsh Adam, merchant, 37 South st 
Welsh Lawrence, drayman, Waggon alley 
Welsh Michael, labourer, north st 
Welsh Henry, cordwainer, 24 south Howard st 
Welch Patrick, tailor, Triplets alley 
Welch John, school-master, 34 Granby st. O. T. 
Wessels & Primavesi, merchants 13 south Calvert st 
Wessels J. F. F. merchant, 13 south Calvert st 
West Joel, merchant, Queen st. O. T. 
West & Herbert, tailors, Water st. near Market space 
West Amos, merchant-tailor, 8 Water st 
West James, merchant, next 274 Baltimore st. 

counting-house, corner of S. Liberty & Baltimore st 
West Hugh S. cordwainer, 
West Jonathan, tinman, East st O. T. 
West & Smith, wheat fan-makers and wrought wire 

manufacturers, 7 Bridge st. O. T. 
Westbay Thomas, tailor, German st 
Westbay Hugh, gentleman, corner of Eutau and 

Pratt st 
Westrom Andrew, painter and glazier, 73 High st 
Westwood John, keeper of stages, 3 Union st. O.T. 
Wethered Samr.el 8z Levin, merchants, 160 Balti- 
more street 
Withered Samuel, dwelling near St. Pauls lane, in 

Chatham st 
Wever Barn<?y, superintcndant of the sugar-house, 

Harris's creek 
Weyman Burney, cordwainer, Fayette st 

[ 137 ] 

Whealen Daniel, butcher, Brittonst. O. T. 

Wheeden James, ship-carpenter, 8 George st. F. P. 

Wheeler George, stay-maker, East st 

Wheeler Thomas, mariner, next 27 Pitt st. F. P. 

Wheeler Jesse, tavern-keeper, 66 Market st. F. P. 

Whelan Jonathan, drayman, Mulberry st 

Wheelan Peter, store-keeper, 4(3 Market Space 

Whelan Richard, merchant, 132 Baltimore st 

Whelan Peter, drayman, Eutau st 

Whelen Peter, oak-cooper, Spear's wharf 

Whelen Richard, merchant, 67 north Howard st 

Whiffing James, grocer, New-Liberty st. O. T. 

Whitaker David, Wise-carpenter, Fleet st. F. P. 

White Mrs. widow, 62 Pratt st 

White A. & Son, grocery store, o\3 nor Gay st 

White Charles, carpenter, Dutch alley 

White George, oak-cooper do. 

White Dennis, saddle and harness-maker, corner of 

Liberty and Cowpen alley 
White J. C. &Sons, merchants, 22 South st 
White Joseph, ship-master, 56 Pratt st 
White J. C. M. D. South 22 st 
White Jane,. gentlewoman, Pratt st 
White R. house-carpenter, Lexington st 
White Reason, hous.vcarpenter, Hartman alley 
Whiteford David, 171 High st. O. T. 
Whitelock John, stucco-plaisterer, Saratoga st 
Whitelock Charles, plaisterer, NortH st 
Whitney Ephraim, merchant, Pratt st. corner of- 

Franklin lane 
Wickham Peter, shipmaster, Great-York st. O.T. 
Wicks Benjamin, ship-master, Granby st. O. T. 
Wightman, William, grocer, corner of Wolfe and 

AHsanna st. F. P. 
Wilcox James, rigger, 30Ann st. F. P. 
Wiley Robert, carter, next 4 Caroline st. F. P. 
Wilingmyre Casper, brick-maker, corner of Sharpe 

and Hill sts 

M 9 

[ 138 ] 

Wilkins Henry, druggist, Q South st. 
Wilkins William, merchant, 73 Baltimore st 
Willard Julius, painter and glazier, Lee st 
Willett John, grocer, 61 Bridge st. O. T. 
Willey Henry, baker, corner of East and Bridge sts. 

Willey William, baker, 140 Green st. O. T. 
Williams Adam, cordwainer, south Howard st 
Williams Amos A. merchant, 9 Bowley's wharf 
Williams Andrew, tailor, 58 Front st. O. T. 
Williams Benjamin & George, merchants, 3 Bow- 
ley's wharf dwelling at Mrs. Crosby's St. Paul's 
Williams Abraham R. paper-hanging manufacturer, 

33 south Charles st 
Williams Charles, dyer in general, 53 Jones st. O.T. 
Williams Charles, cordwainer, 15 Bond st. F. P. 
Williams Ennion & Co. merchants, 16 Baltimore st. 
Williams Ennion, dwelling 18 do. 

Williams Jacob, chair-maker, 89 French st. O. T. 

shop Public alley 
Williams Jas. dyer, near the lower bridge in Pratt st 
Williams Joseph, merchant, 88 Bowley's wharf, 

dwelling at Mrs. Crosby's St. Paul's lane 
Williams Samuel, merchant, 10 Bowley's wharf 
Williams Joseph, gentleman, 26 north Gay st 
Williams John, gentleman, 28 Fligh st. O. T. 
Williams & Wilson, flour-merchants, Hollings- 

worth's wharf 
Williams William, dwelling German st 
Williamson David, gardener, Camden st 
Williamson David, merchant, 12 South st 
Williamson James, merchant-tailor, 231 Baltimore st 
Williamson Thomas, ho use- carpenter, Saratoga st 
Williamson Joana, widow, 2^1 Bond st 
Willing Leonard, ship-master, Wolfe st, near Lan- 
caster st. F. P. 
Willis John, rigger, 67 Apple alley 

L 159 ] 

Willis Joshua, ship-carpenter, 87 Alisanna st. F.P. 
Wilmer Benjamin, coach-maker and shop-keeper, 

41 Bridge st. O. T. 
Wilmer Simon, merchant, 28 Cheapside, dwelling 

55 Pratt st 
Wilms H. A. merchant, 181 Baltimore st 
Wilson Benjamin, do. 7 Market st. F. P. 
Wilson Stephen, merchant-tailor, 8 Water st 
Wilson George, carter, Happy alley, F. P. 
Wilson John W. dwelling Harrison st 
Wilson Hannah, grocer, French st. O. T 
W'lson Isaac, merchant, 9 Front st. O. T. 
Wilson John W. miller, next 46 Hanover st 
Wilson John, grocer, S3 north Howard si 
Wilson & Jones, curriers, 5 Cheapside 
Wilson Isaac, dwelling Front st. O. T. 
Wilson Isaac & Co. merchants. 14 Cheapside 
Wilson John, house-carpenter, Saratoga st 
Wilson John, plaisterer, 55 Green st. O. T. 
Wilson James, sheriff 23 Bridge st. O. T. 
Wilson James, M. tavern-keeper, corner of Pratt si 

and Dugan's wharf 
Wilson John, bricklayer, north Charles st 
Wilson John, plaisterer, Cyder alley 
Wilson John, merchant, Baltimore st 
Wilson Hugh, ship-master, Saratoga st 
Wilson Greenbury, baker, Britton st. O. T. 
Wilson Stephen, tailor, 40 south Calvert st 
Wilson Robert, grocer, 53 Bridge st. O. T. 
Wilson, Robert, cashier, of the Bank of Maryland 

17 south st 
Wilson, William & Sons, merchants, 105 Balti- 
more st 
Wilson William, gentleman, 53 Pratt st 
Wilson William, jun. dwelling 105 do. 
Wilson S. mantua-maker, Lancaster st. F. P. 
Wilson Robert, grocer, 53 Bridge st. O. T. 
Wilson Henry, gentleman, King-George st. O. T. 

t 140 ] 

Wilson David, ship-master, 73 Albermarle st. do. 
Wilson David, house-carpenter, 40 Front st. do. 
Wilson John, superintendant of the streets, next 29 
* Market st. F. P. 
Wilson George, ship-joiner, corner of Lancaster and 

Alisanna st. F. P. 
Wilson William, carpenter, next 37 Strawberry al- 

ley, F. P. 
Wilson John W. dwelling Hanover st. 
Wilson Matthew, keeper of the Bellona powder mills 
Winard Jacob, merchant-tailor, 149 Baltimore st 
Winchester William, merchant, dwelling Fayette st 
Winder W. H. attorney at law, dwelling north Cal- 
vert st. back of the court-house 
Winder Charles, health-officer, Fort M' Henry, 

dwelling 135 Baltimore st 
Winn John, tavern-keeper, Franklin st 
Wintkle James, painter and glazier, shop Holliday- 

st. dwelling Hook's-Town turnpike road 
Winwood Thomas, house-carpenter, north st 
Wirolzky Frederick, teacher of music, N. Liberty st' 
Wise Michael, gardener, Paca st 
Wiselach John, carter, 17 Alisanna st. F. P. 
Wisotzky Frederick, musician, Saratoga st 
Wolf Jacob, bricklayer, corner of Brandy alley and' 

south Howard st 
Wolf Tobias, carpenter, 64 French st. O. T, 
Wolfe Dietrick, do. Conowago st 

Wolfe Samuel, pump-maker, Saratoga st. 
Wood Peirce, school -master, 105 north Howard st 
Wood Gabriel, merchant, corner of East and Holli- 

day sts. counting-house next door 
Wood Joseph, grocer, 135 Bond st. F. P. 
Wood William H. hardware-merchant, 2(3 soutli 

Calvert st. dwelling 72 south Charles st 
Woolfitjohn, house-carpenter, Hill st 
Woollen James, oak-cooper, 58 South st 
Woollen John, grocer, 1Q3 Dugan's .wharf- 

[ 141 ] 

Wooden John of John, innkeeper, sign of the Ri- 
sing Sun, in the fork of Little- York road 

Woodruff Raswell, tinplate worker, Union st. O.T. 

Woods, Denison & Co. merchants, Pratt st. 5 Bow* 
ley's wharf 

Woods Caufil, grocer, 31 Bridge st. O. T. 

Woods Mrs. gentlewoman, Harrison st 

Wooelyear Edward, auctioneer, Water st. near Peter's 
bridge, dwelling 89 north Howard st 

Working Henry, blacksmith, Wolfe st. F. P. 

Workins Mary, widow, Fayette st 

Worrell Robert, blacksmith, 5 President st. O. T. 

Worrell Thomas do. 20 Philpot st. F. P. 

shop Baker's & Chalmers wharf 

Worth William, innkeeper, S Market Space 

Worthington Abraham, teller in the Bank of Mary- 
land, New-Church st 

W-orthington Charles & Co. merchants, 91 Bowley's 

Worthington C. house-carpenter, Vulcan alley 

Worthington Henry, saddler and harness-maker, 25 
Bridge st. O. T. 

Wray John & Co. merchants, 47 Howard st 

Wren Christopher, grocer, 15 Fleet st. F. P. 

Wren Brien, ^ do. (x> Wilks st. do. 

Wright & Price, lumber-merchants, yard Buehan- 
nan's wharf 

Wright William, watch-maker, AVbermariest, O.T. 

Wright John, ship-master, Bank st. 

Wright Jonathan, miller, Ellicott's Baltimore mill ij 

Wyant Peter, innkeeper, 175 Baltimore st 

Wyant Peter, grocer, Baltimore st. extended 

Wyman Matthias, shoe-maker, 175 Bond st 

Wyman Jacob, blacksmith, High st. O. T. 

Wynard Jacob, cordwainer, 36 Market Space 

Wyraen F. butcher, Montgomery st 

Wyse' William, shin-master, 11 PhilpoUU F. P. 

[ 142 1 

JL ATES John, merchant, 63 Smith's wharf, dwell- 
ing north Liberty st 
Yates Thomas, auctioner, corner of Second &: south 

Frederick sts. dwelling south Frederick st 
Yates Joseph, merchant, next 253 Baltimore st 
Yeager Joseph, dwelling, Hanover st 
Yearley Henry, mate, Fleet st. Fell's-point 
Yeiser Englehard merchant, 30 north Gay st 
Yeiser John, merch. opposite M'Cau'slin s Brewery 
Yellott Jeremiah, 10 South st 
Ycrkes David, lumber merchant, M'Elderev's wharf, 

& dwelling upper end of Pitt st. Old-Town 
Yoe & Compton, tailors, 70 Baltimore st 
Yoe Benjamin, dwelling Harrison st 
Yohn John, innkeeper, upper end of Howard st 
Yoner Samuel, currier, (j Cheapside, & dwelling 

Hanover st 
Young Ann Miss, boarding-house north Calvert st 
Young Hugh & William, merchants, 217 Baltimore 

Young Sam. & Co. merchants, corner of Water st & 

Market space 
Young John, sail maker, next 34 Pitt st. loft Price's 

wharf Fell's-Point 
Young John, nailor, Pitt st. Old-Town 
Young Jacob, tailor, Sharp st 
Young John H. ship-wright, next 47 Philpot street 

Fell's- point 
Young Joseph, tailor, Sharp st 
Young Joseph, coppersmith, Water st 
Young Jacob, shoe-maker, Hill st 
Young Larken, house-carpenter, Frederick Town 

Young Nicholas, cordwainer, Saratoga st 
Young Rebecca, widow, gentlewoman, Harrison st 
Young Joseph, merchant, south Gay st. near Pratt st 

C 14S ] 

Tunca Bernard, merchant, 47^ north Howard st 
Yundt &: Brown, editors of the Federal Gazette, office 
12 south Gay st 


^ACHARIE Peter, wood-corder, Buck alley 
Zane Mr. cooper, o7 George's st. Fell's-point 
Zebue John, mariner, 42 Market st. do. 
Zell Christian, butcher, Paca st 
Zell Bernard, do. do. 

Zeumcr & Buttner, confectioners S3 Baltimore st 
Zigler George, cordwainer, Harrison st 
ZolickofFer Caroline, widow, 1(V> Hanover st 
Zollers Charles, M. D. corner of Charles & Pratt st 
Zorn Eve, widow, 90 Greer} st OldrTown. 
Zwisler James, dwelling 5 Biddlc st. leading from. 
Hooks Town road 



ALBERS SOLOMON G. merchant, head of Smith's 

wharf in Pratt st 

Biglow & Proud, merchants, 82 Bowley's wharf 
Barnhart John, sign & house painter, 49 Fleet street 

Brior Emanuel, wheat fan-maker, Pratt st 
Bradley Ezra, attorney at law, Chatham st 
Bunker George, ship-master, 44 Market st F. P. 


Davenport & Bishop, exhibition of wax figures, at 

Brydens tavern, Light st 
Dewald Philip, grocer, 50 N. Howard st 

[ 144 ] 

Dorsey John Worthington, M. D. 13 Light st 
Dougherty Theophilus Felix, attorney at law, north 
Charles st 

Edwards Win, jun. ship-master, 22 south Calvert st 


Fletcher" James, merchant, Pratt st. head of O'Don- 

n ell's wharf 
Friere R. J. merchant, 210 Baltimore st 

Gray George L. editor and proprietor of the Anti- 
Democrat, 14 south Charles st 
Henderson Robert G. wharf-holder, x\nn st. F. P; 
Harvey J. bottler, 240 Baltimore st 

M'Cormick James, miller, Ellicott's mills on 
Gwy nn's Falls 


Pratton Caroline, grocer, Pratt st 


BRYSON Matthew, read Nathan. 

Taylor John, corner of Pratt & South sts. read James 

Chatham Christopher, read Chatman 

Fletcher Joseph, read James 

Chalmers Daniel, read Chambers 

Career John, read Carrere 

Hickley Wm. read Hickey 

Janny Lewis, read Levis 

3Mi Herman George, read MiUeman 

Curtis Edmond, read Custis 

Curtz Michael, read Ferry Branch road 

M'Gown John, read M'Gowan. 




W E, the People of the United States, in 

order to form a more perfect Union, establish 
Justice, insure Domestic Tranquility, provide 
for the Common Defence, promote the General 
Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty 
to Ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and 
establish this Consitution for the United' 
States of AMERICA, 


Section 1. ALL Legislative Powers herein grant- 
ed, shall be vested in a CONGRESS of the United 
States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of 

Sect. 2. The House of Representatives shall be 
composed of Members chosen every second year, by 
the people of the 'several States ; and the Electors in 
each State shall have the qualification requisite for 
Electors of the most numerous branch of the State 

No pet son shall be a Representative who shall not 
have attained to the age of twenty-five years and been 
seven years a Citizen" of the United states, and who- 

[« 1 

[ 2 ] 

shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that State 
in which he shall be chosen. 

Representatives and direct taxes, shall be apportioned 
among the several States which may be included with- 
in this Union, according to their respective numbers, 
which shall be determined by adding to the whole 
number of free persons, including those bound to ser- 
vice for a term of years, and including Indians not 
taxed, three-fifths of all other persons. The actual 
enumeration shall be made within three years after the 
first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and 
within every subsequent term of ten years, in such 
manner as they shall by law direct. The number of 
Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty 
thousand, but each State shall have at least one Re- 
presentative ; and until such enumeration shall be 
made, the State of New-Hampshire shall be entitled 
to chuse three — Massachusetts , eight — Rhode- Island 
and Providence Plantations, one — Conncticiii, five — 
New-York, six — New- Jersey four- — Permsylvauia, 
eight — Delaware, one — Maryland, six — J'irginia, 
ten — North-Carolina, five — South-Carolina, five — and 
Georgia, three. 

When vacancies happen in the Representation from 
any State, the Executive Authority thereof shall issue 
Writs of Election to fill such vacancies. 

The House of Representatives shall chuse their 
Speaker and other officers, and shall have the sole pow- 
er of impeachment. 

Sect. 3. The Senate of the United States, shall be 
composed of two Senators from each State : chosen by 
the Legislature thereof for six years, and each Senator 
shall have one vote. 

Immediately after they shall be assembled in conse- 
quence of the first election, they shall be divided, as 
equally as may be, into three classes. The seats of 
the Senators of the first class shall be vacated at the 
expiration of the second year — of the second class 

[ 3 ] 

al the expiration of the fourth year, and of the third 
class at the expiration of the sixth year, so that one- 
third may be chosen every second year ; and if vacan- 
cies happen by resignation or otherwise, during the re- 
cess of the Legislature of any State, the Executive 
thereof may make temporary appointments until the 
next meeting of the Legislature, which shall then till 
such vacancies, 

Xo person shall bea Senator who shall not have at- 
tained to the age of thirty years, and been nine years 
a cituen of the United States, and who shall not, 
when elected, be an inhabitant of that State for which 
he shall be chosen. 

The Vice-President of the United States shall be 
President of the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless 
they be equally divided. 

The Senate shall choose their other officers, and also 
a President pro tempore^ in the absence of the Vice- 
President, or when he shall exercise the office of Pre- 
sident of the United States. 

The Senate shall have the sole power to try all im- 
peachments. When sitting for that purpose, they 
shall be on oath or affirmation. When the President 
of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall 
preside: And no person shall be convicted without 
the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present. 

Judgment, in cases of impeachment, shall not ex- 
tend further than to removal from office, and disqual- 
ification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or 
profit under the United States ; but the party con- 
victed shall nevertheless be liable and subject to in- 
dictment, trial, judgment and punishment, according 
to law. 

Sect. 4 The times, places, and manner of holding 
elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be 
prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof ; 
but the Congress may at any time by law make or alter 

r * i 

•such regulations, except as to the places of chusing 

The Congress shall assemble at least once in every 
year, and such meeting shall be on the first Monday 
in December, unless they shall by law appoint a dif- 
ferent clay. 

Sect. 5. Each House shall be the Judge of the 
elections, returns and qualifications of its own mem- 
bers ; and a majority of each shall constitute a quo- 
rum to do business ; but a smaller number may ad- 
journ from day to day, and may be authorised to 
compel the attendance of absent 'members, in such 
manner and under such penalties as each House may 

Each House may determine the rules of its proceed- 
ings, punish its members for disorderly behaviour, 
and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a 

Each House shall keep a Journal of its proceedings, 
and from time to time publish the same, excepting 
such parts as may in their judgment require secrecy ; 
and the Yeas and Nays of the members of either House 
on any question, shall, at the desire of one-fifth of 
those present, be entered on the Journal. 

Neither House, during the session of Congress, 
shall, without the consent of the other, adjourn for 
more than three days, nor to any other place than that 
in which the two Houses shall be sitting. 

Sect. 6. The Senators and Representatives shall 
receive a compensation for their services, to be ascer- 
tained by law, and paid out of the Treasury of the 
United States. They shall in all cases, except treason, 
felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from ar- 
rest during their attendance at the session of their re- 
spective houses, and in going to and returning from the 
same — and for any speech or debating in either House 
they shall not be questioned in any other place. 

[ 5 ] 

No Senator or Representative shall during the time 
for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil 
office under the authority of the United States, which 
shall have been created, or the emoluments whereof 
shall have been increased during such time ; and no 
person holding any office under the United States, 
shall be a member of either House during his contin- 
uance in office. 

Sect. 7. All bills for raising revenue shall origi- 
nate in the House of Representatives ; but the Senate 
may propose or concur with amendments as on other 

Every bill which shall have passed the House of Re- 
presentatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a 
law, be presented to the President of the United States ; 
if he approve, he shall sign it ; but if not, he shall re- 
turn it, with his objections, to that House in which 
it shall have originated, who shall enter the objections 
at large on their Journal, and proceed to re-consider 
it. If after such re-consideration, two-thirds of that 
House shall a^ree to pass the bill, it shall be sent to- 
gether with the objections, to the other House, by 
which it shall likewise be re-considered, and if ap- 
proved by two-thirds of that House, it shall become 
a law. But in all such cases the votes, of both Houses 
shall be determined by Yeas and Nays, and the name, 
of the persons voting for and against the bill, shall be 
entered on the Journal of each House respectively. 
If any bill shall not be returned by the President with- 
in ten days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been 
presented to him, the same shall be a law, in like 
manner as if he had signed it, unless the Congress by 
their adjournment prevent its return, in which case it 
shall not be a law. 

. Every order, resolution or vote to which the con* 
currence of the Senate and House of Representatives 
may be necessary (except on a question of adjourn- 


( 6 ] 

•merit) shall be presented to the President of the United 
States ; and before the same shall take effect, shall be 
approved by him, or being disapproved by him, shall 
be repassed by two-thirds of the Senate and House of 
Representatives, according to the rules and limitations 
prescribed in the case of a bill. 

Sect. 8. The Congress shall have power — to lay 
and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay 
the debts, and provide for the common defence and 
general welfare of the United States ; but all duties, 
imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the 
United States ; 

To borrow money on the credit of the United States. 

To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and 
among the several States, and with the Indian tribes ; 

To establish an uniform rule of naturalization, and 
uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies, through- 
out the United States ; 

To establish Post-offices and Post-roads ; 

To promote the progress of science and useful arts, 
by securing, for limitted times, to authors and inven- 
tors, the exclusive right to their respective writings and 
.discoveries ; 

To constitute tribunals inferior to the supreme 
court ; 

To define and punish piracies and felonies commit- 
ted on the high seas, and offences against the law of 
jiations ; 

To declare war, grant letters of marque and repri- 
sal, and make rules concerning captures on land or 
water ; 

To raise and support armies ; but no appropriation 
of money to that use, shall be for a longer term than 
two years ; 

To provide and maintain a navy ; 

To make rules for the government and regulation 
of the land and naval forces ; 

C 7 ] 

To provide for calling forth the militia to execute 
the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and re- 
pel invasions ; 

To provide for organizing, arming and dicipliuing 
the militia, and for governing such part of them as may 
be employed in the service of the United States, re- 
serving to the States respectively, the appointment of 
the officers, and the authority of training the militia 
according to the discipline prescribed by Congress ; 

To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases what- 
soever 3 over such district (not exceeding ten miles 
square) as may, by cession of particular States, and 
the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the 
Government of the United States, and to exercise like 
authority over all places purchased by the consent of 
the Legislature of the State in which the same shall 
be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock- 
yards, and other needful buildings ; — And 

To make ail laws which shall be necessary and pro- 
per for carrying into execution the foregoics powers, 
and all other powers vested by this constitution in 
the Government of the United States, or in any de- 
partment or office thereof. 

Sect. 9. The migration or importation of such 
persons as any of the States now existing shall think 
proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Con- 
gress prior to the year 1S0S, but a tax or duty may 
be imposed on such importation, not exceeding ten 
dollars on each person. 

The privilege of the writ of Habeas Corpus shall not 
be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or in- 
vasion the public safety may require it. 

No bill of attainder, or ex post facto law shall be 
passed . 

No capitation, or other direct tax shall be laid, un- 
less in proportion to the census, or enumeration here- 
in before directed to be taken. 

r ■ ] 

No tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported 
from any State. No preference shall be given by any 
regulation of commerce or revenue to the ports of any 
State over those of another : nor shall vessels bound 
to or from one State, be obliged to enter, clear or pay 
duties in another. 

No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but 
in consequence of appropriations made by law : and a 
regular statement and account of the receipts and ex- 
penditures of all public money, shall be published 
from time to time. 

No title of nobility shall be granted by the United 
States ; and no person holding any office of profit or 
trust under them, shall, without the consent of the 
Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office or 
title of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince 
or Foreign State. 

Sect. 10. No State shall enter into any treaty, 
alliance or confederation ; grant letters of marque and 
reprisal : coin money ; emit bills of credit ; make 
any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in pay- 
ment of debts ; pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto 
law, or law r impairing the obligation of contracts or 
grant any title of nobility. 

No State shall, without the consent of the Con- 
gress, lay any imposts or duties on imports or exports, 
except what may be absolutely necessary for executing 
its inspection laws ; and the nett produce of all du- 
ties and imposts laid by any State on imports or ex- 
ports, shall be for the use of the Treasury of the Uni- 
ted States ; and all such laws shall be subject to the 
revision and control of the Congress. No State shall, 
without the consent of Congress, lay any duty of ton- 
nage, keep troops or ships of war in time of peace, en- 
ter into any agreement or compact with another State, 
or with a Foreign Power, or engage in a war, unless 
actually invaded, or in such imminent danger as will 
not admit of delay. 

C 9 ] 

Sect. 1 . The executive shall be vested in a Presi- 
dent of the United States of America. He shall hold 
his office during the term of four years, and, together 
with the Vice-President, chosen for the same term, be 
elected as follows : 

Each State shall appoint in such manner as the Le- 
gislature thereof may direct, a number of Electors, 
equal to the whole number of Senators and Represen- 
tatives to which the State may be entitled in the Con- 
gress : but no Senator or Representative, or person 
holding an office of trust or profit under the United 
States, shall be appointed an Elector. 

The Electors shall meet in their respective States, 
and vote by ballot for two persons, of whom one at 
least shall not bean inhabitant of the same State with 
themselves. And they shall make a list of all the 
persons voted for, and of the number of votes for each, 
which list they shall sign and certify, and transmit 
Sealed to the seat of the Government of the United 
States, directed to the President of the Senate. The 
President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the 
Senate and House of Representatives, open all the cer- 
tificates, and the votes shall then be counted, The 
person having the greatest number of votes shall be 
the President, (if such number be a majority of the 
whole number of Electors appointed) and if there be 
more than one who have such majority, and have an 
equal number of votes, then the House of Represen- 
tatives shall immediately chuse, by ballot, one of 
them the President ; and if no person have a majority, 
then from the five highest on the list, the said House 
shall, in like manner chusethe President. But in chas- 
ing the President, the votes shall be taken by States, the 
representation from each State having one vote : a 
quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or 
members from two-thirds of the States, and a niajo* 

[ iQ 1 

rlty of all the States shall be necessary to a choice. 
In every case, after the choice of the President, the 
person having the greatest number of votes of the 
Electors, shall be the Vice-President. But if there 
should remain two or more who have equal votes, the 
Senate shall choose from them, by ballot, the Vice- 

The Congress may determine the time of chiisiiig 
the Electors, and the day on which they shall give 
their votes ; which day shall be the same throtigout 
the United States. 

No person, except a natural born citizen, or a citi- 
zen of the United States, at the time of the adoption 
of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of 
President ; neither shall any person be eligible to that 
office, who shall not have attained to the age of thir- 
ty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident with- 
in the United States. 

In case of the removal of the President from office, 
or of his death, resignation or inability to discharge 
the powers and duties of the said office, the same 
shall devolve on the Vice-President, and the Congress 
may by law provide for the case of removal, death, 
resignation or inability, both of the President, and 
Vice President, declaring what officer shall then act 
as President, and such officer shall act accordingly, 
until the disability be removed, or a President shall 
be elected. 

The President shall, at stated times, receive for his 
services, a compensation, which shall neither be in- 
creased nor diminished during the period for which 
he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive 
within that period any other emolument from the 
United States, or any of them. 

Before he enter on the execution of his office, 
he shall take the following oath, or affirmation. 
" I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faith- 

[ 11 ] 

fully execute the office of President of the United 
States, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, 
protect and defend the Constitution of the United 
Sect. 2. The President shall be commander in chief 
of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of 
the Militia of the several States ; when called into the 
actual service of the United States, he may require 
the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each 
of the executive departments, upon any subject relat- 
ing to the duties of the respective offices ; and he shall 
have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offences 
against the United States, except in cases of impeach- 

He shall have power, by and with the advice and 
consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two 
thirds of the Senators present, concur : and he shall 
nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of 
the Senate, shall appoint ambassadors, other public 
ministers and consuls, Judges of the supreme court, 
and all other officers of the United States, whose ap- 
pointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and 
which shall be established by law. But the Congress 
may, by law, vest the appointment of such inferior 
officers at they think proper, in the President alone, 
in the courts of law, or in the heads of departments. 

The President shall have power to nil up all vacan- 
cies that may happen during the recess of the Senate 
by granting commissions which shall expire at the 
end of their next session. 

Sect. 3 He shall, from time to time, give to the 
Congress information of the state of the Union, and 
recommend to their consideration, such measures as he 
shall Judge necessary and expedient ; he may on ex- 
traordinary occasions, convene both Houses, or either 
of them, and in case of disagreement between them, 
with respect to the time of adjournment, he may ad- 
journ them to such time as he shall think proper ; he 

[ 12 ] 

-shall receive ambassadors and other public ministers, 
he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed 
and shall commission all the officers of the United 

Sect. 4. The President, Vice-President and all 
civil officers of the United States, shall be removed 
from office on impeachment for and conviction of trea- 
son, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. 


Sect. I. The Judical power of the United States 
shall be vested in one supreme court and in such in- 
ferior courts as the Congress may, from time to time, 
ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the su- 
preme and inferior courts shall hold their office during 
good behavior, and shall, at stated times, receive for 
their services, a compensation, which shall not be di- 
minished during their continuance in office. 

Sect. 2. The Judicial power shall extend to all 
cases in law and equity, arising under this Constitu- 
tion, the laws of the United States, and treaties made, 
or which shall be made, under their authority ; to 
all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers 
and consuls ; to all cases of admiralty and maratime 
Jurisdiction ; to controversies to which the United 
States shall be a party ; to controversies between two 
or more states, between a State and citizens of another 
State, between citizens of different States, between ci- 
tizens of the same State claiming lands under grants of 
different States, and between a State, or the citizens 
thereof, and Foreign States, citizens or subjects. 

In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public mi- 
nisters and consuls, and those in which a State shall 
be a party, the supreme court shall have original Ju- 
risdiction. In all the other cases before mentioned, 
the supreme court shall have appellate Jurisdiction^ 

[ 13 ] 

both as to, law and fact, with such exceptions, and 
under such regulations as the Congress shall make. 

The trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeach- 
ment, shall be by Jury ; and such trial shall be held 
in the State where the said crimes shall have«been com- 
mitted ; but when not committed withiiT'any State, 
the trial shall be at such place or places as the Con- 
gress may by law have directed. 

Sect. 3. Treason against the United States, shall 
consist only in levying war against them, or in ad- 
hering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. 
No person shall be convicted of treason, unless on the 
testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or 
on confession in open court. 

The Congress shall have power to declare the pun- 
ishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall 
work corruption of blood, or forfeiture, except dur- 
ing the life of the person attainted. 


Sect. 1. Full faith and credit shall be given in each 
State, to the public acts, records and Judicial proceed- 
ings of every other State. And the Congress may by 
general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, 
records and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect 

Sect. 2. The citizens of each State shall be entitled 
to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the se- 
veral States. 

A person charged in any State with treason, felo- 
ny, or other crime, who shall flee from Justice, and be 
found in another State, shall, on demand of the ex- 
ecutive anthority of the State from which he fled, be 
delivered up, to be removed to the State having ju- 
risdiction of the crime. 

No person held to service or labour in one state, 
Under the laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, 

[ 14 ] 

in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be 
discharged from such service or labour, but shall be 
delivered up on clahri of the party to whom such ser- 
vice or labour may be due. 

Sect. 3. New States may be admitted by the Con- 
gress into this Union ; but no new State shall be 
formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other 
State ; nor any State be formed by the junction of 
two or more States, or parts of States, without the 
consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as 
*vell as of the Congress. 

The Congress shall have power to dispose of, and 
make all needful rules and regulations respecting the 
territory or other property belonging, to the United 
States ; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so 
construed as to prejudice any claims of the United 
States, or of any particular State. 

Sect. 4. The United States shall guarantee to ev- 
ery State in this Union, a Republican Form of Go- 
vernment, and shall protect each of them against in- 
vasion ; and on application of the Legislature, or of 
the Executive {when the Legislature cannnot be con- 
vened) against domestic violence. 


The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both Houses 
shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to 
this Constitution, or, on the application of the Le- 
gislatures of two-thirds of the several States, shall 
call a Convention for proposing amendments, which, 
in either case, shall be valid to all intents and pur- 
poses, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by 
the Legislatures of three-fourths of the several States, 
or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one 
or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by 
the Congress. Provided, that no amendment which 
may be made prior to the year one thousand eight 
kundred and eight, shall in any manner affect the 

C 15 ] 

first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the 
first article, and that no State, without its consent, 
shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate. 


All debts contracted, and engagements entered into, 
before the adoption of this Constitution, shall be as 
valid against the United States under this Constitu- 
tion, as under the Confederation. 

This Constitution ,. and the laws of the United 
States which shall be made in pursuance thereof ; 
and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under 
the authority of the United States, shall be the su- 
preme law of the land ; and the judges in every 
State, shall be bound thereby ; any thing in the Con- 
stitution or laws of any State to the contrary not- 

The Senators and Representatives before mention- 
ed, and the members of the several State Legislatures, 
and all executive and judicial officers, both of the 
United States and of the several States, shall be bound 
by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution r 
but no religious test shall ever be required as a quali- 
fication to any office or public trust under the United 


The ratification of the Conventions of nine States, 
shall be sufficient for the establishment of this Con- 
stitution, between the States so ratifying the same. 

Done in Convention, by the unanimous consent of thi 
States present, the seventeenth day of September , 
in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred 
and eighty-seven, and of the Independence of the 

C W ] 

United States of America, the twelfth'. In witness 
wJiereof, ive have hereunto subscribed our names. 

and Deputy from Virginia-, 

Ne w- H am p sh i re . 
John Lang don, 
Nicholas Gilman. 

Nathaniel Gorham, 
Rufus King. 

William Samuel Johnson, 
Roger Sherman. 

Alexander Hamilton, 

New- Jersey. 
William Livingston, 
David Brearley, 
William Patterson, 
Jonathan Dayton. 

Benjamin Franklin, 
Thomas Mifflin, 
Robert Morris, 
George CI inter, 
Thomas Fitzsimons, 
Jared I fig er sol I, 
James IV ikon, 
Gouvemeur Morris. 



George Read, 
Gunning Bedford, jun. 
John Dickinson, 
Richard Bassett, 
Jacob Broom. 

James M { 'Henry , 
Dan. of St. Tho. Jenifer, 
Daniel Carroll. 

John Blair, 
James Madison, jun t 
.William Blount, 
Richard Dobbs Spaight., 
Hugh Williamson. 

John Rut ledge, 
Charles C. Pinckuey, 
Charles Pinckney, 
Pierce Butler. 

WUiiam Few, 
Abraham Balcbx in . 

William Jackson, 


t 11 3 

In Convention, Monday , September 17, 1737- 


THAT the preceding Constitntionbe laid before the 
United States in Congress assembled, and that it is 
the opinion of this Convention, that it should after- 
wards be submitted to a Convention of Delegates, 
chosen in each State by the people thereof, under the 
recommendation of its Legislature, for their assent 
and ratification ; and that each Convention assenting 
to, and ratifying the same, should give notice there- 
of to the United States, in Congress assembled. 

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Convention, 
that as soon as the Conventions of nine States shall 
have ratified this Constitution, the United States in 
Congress assembled, should fix a day on which Elec- 
tors should be appointed by the States which shall 
have ratified the same, and a day on which the Electors 
should assemble to vote for the President, and the 
time and place for commencing proceedings under this 
Constitution. That after such publication, the Elec- 
tors should be appointed, and the Senators and Repre- 
sentatives elected. That the Electors should meet on 
the day fixed for the electi< "" of the President, and 
should transmit their votes, certified, signed, sealed 
and directed, as the Constitution requires, to the Se- 
cretary of the United States, in Congress assembled ; 
that the Senators and Representatives should con- 
vene at the time and place assigned ; that the Sena- 
tors should appoint a President of the Senate, for the 
sole purpose of receiving, opening and counting the 
votes for President; and, that after he shall be chosen, 
the Congress, together with the President, should, 
without delay, proceed to execute this Constitution. 

By the unanimous order of the Convention, , 

GEORGE WASHINGTON, Pre si pent. ■ 
William Jackson, Secretary, 

C 18 1 
In Convention, September 17, 1787. 


WE have now the honor to submit to the consider- 
ation of the United States, in Congress assembled, 
that Constitution which has appeared to us the most 

The friends of our country have long seen and de- 
sired, that the power of making war, peace and trea- 
ties, that of levying money, and regulating com- 
merce, and the correspondent executive and judicial 
authorities, should be fully and effectually vested in 
the general Government of the Union : but the im- 
propriety of delegating such extensive trust to one 
body of men, is evident — -Hence results the necessity 
of a different organization. 

It is obviously impracticable in the Federal Govern- 
ment of these States, to secure all rights of indepen- 
dent sovereignty to each, and yet provide for the in- 
terest and safety of all — Individuals, entering into 
society, must give up a share of liberty to preserve 
the rest. The magnitude of the sacrifice must de- 
pend as well on situatio" and circumstance, as on the 
object to be obtained. It is at all times difficult to 
draw with precision the line between those rights 
which must be surrendered, and those which may be 
preserved ; and on the present occasion this difficulty 
was increased by a difference among the several 
States as to their situation, extent, habits, and par- 
ticular interests. 

In all our deliberations on this subject we kept 
steadily in our view, that which appears to us the 
greatest interest of every true American, the conso- 
lidation of our Union, in which is involved our pros- 
perity, felicity, safety, perhaps our national existence. 
This important consideration, seriously and deeply 
impressed on our minds, led each State in the Con- 
vention to be less rigid on points of inferior raagni- 

[ 19 3 

tude, than might have been otherwise expected ; and 
thus the Constitution, which we now present, is the 
result of a spirit of amity, and of that mutual defer- 
ence and concession which the peculiarity of our po- 
litical situation rendered indispensible. 

That it will meet the full and entire approbation 
of every State, is not perhaps, to be expected ; but 
each will doubtless consider, that had her interest 
alone been consulted, the consequences might have 
been particularly disagreeable or injurious to others ; 
that it is liable to as few exceptions as could reasona- 
bly have been expected, we hope and believe ; that 
it may promote the lasting welfare of that country so 
dear to us all, and secure her freedom and happiness, 
is our most ardent wish. With great respect, we 
have the honor to be Sir, your Excellency's most 
obedient and humble servants, 


By the unanimous order of the Convention. 
His Excellency the President 
of Congress. 

The United States in Congress Assembled. 
FRIDAY, September 28, 1787. 

Present — New-Hampshire, Massachusetts, Con- 
necticut, New- York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, De- 
laware, Virginia, North-Carolina, South-Carolina, 
and Georgia, and from Maryland, Mr. Ross. 

Congress having received the Report of the Con- 
vention lately assembled in Philadelphia : 

Resolved unanimously , 
THAT the said Report, with the Resolutions and 
Letter accompanying the same, be transmitted to the 

C 20 ] 

several Legislatures, in order to submit to a Conven- 
tion of Delegates, chosen in each State, by the peo- 
ple thereof, in conformity to the Resolves of the Con- 
vention, made and provided in that case. 




Congress shall make no laws respecting an estab- 
lishment of Religion, or prohibiting the free exercise 
thereof; or abridging the freedom of Speech, or of 
the Press ; or the right of the People peaceably to as- 
semble and to petition the Government for a redress 
of grievances. 


A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the se- 
curity of a free State, the right of the People to keep 
and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. 


No Soldier, shall, in time of peace, be quartered in 
any house without the consent of the owner, nor in 
time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law, 


The right of the People to be secure in their per- 
sons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasorva- 

C 21 ] 

ble searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no 
warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, sup- 
ported by oath or affirmation, and particularly de- 
scribing the place to be searched, and the persons to 
be seized. 


No person shall be held to answer for a capital or 
otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or 
indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in 
the Land or Naval forces, or in the Militia when in 
actual service in time of war or public danger ; nor 
shall any person be subject for the same offence to be 
twice put in jeopardy of life or limb : nor shall be 
compelled in any criminal case to be witness against 
himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, 
without due process of law ; nor shall private pro- 
perty be taken for public use without just compen- 


In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall en- 
joy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an im- 
partial jury of the State and district wherein the crime 
shall have been committed, which district shall have 
been previously ascertained by law, and be informed 
of the nature and cause of the accusation ; to be con- 
fronted with the witnesses against him ; to have com- 
pulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, 
and to have the assistance of counsel for his defence. 


In suits at common law, where the value in contro- 
versy shall exceed twenty dollars, therifijht of trial by 
jury shall be preserved, and no fact, tried by a jury, 

[ 22 3 

shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the 
United States, than according to the rules of the com- 
mon law. 


Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive 
fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments 


The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain 
rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage 
others, retained by the people. 


The powers not delegated to the United States by 
the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, 
are reserved to the States respectively, or to the 


The judicial power of the United States shall not 
be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, 
commenced or prosecuted against one of the United 
States by citizens of another State, or by citizens or 
subjects of any foreign State. 





Y act of Assembly, passed the 31st of December, 
1796, and the act supplementary thereto, Baltimore 
Town was erected into a City, and the inhabitants 
constituted a Body Politic and Corporate, by the 
name of " The Mayor and City Council or 

The city is divided into eight wards, containing 
each as near as may be, an equal number of inhabi- 

The City Council consists of two Branches, deno- 
minated the First and Second Branch of the City 

The First Branch to consist of two members from 
each ward, who are to be citizens of the United 
States, 21 years of age, residents of the city three 
years preceding their election, and assessed to the 
amount of 1000 dollars. 

The voters for this Branch, to have the qualifica- 
tions of voters for Delegates, and the election vive 

The Second Branch to consist of eight members 
from the several wards. They must be citizens of the 
United States, 25 years of age, and 4 years a resi- 
dent of the city, and assessed to the amount of 2000 

C 24 ] 

The members of this Branch are chosen for two 

The Mayor, and the members of the Second Branch 
of the City Council, shall be chosen in the manner 
following : 

Every 2d year, each ward, on the day and at the 
place of electing members for the First Branch of the 
City Council, shall elect, vive iwce b one person 
having the qualifications requisite for a member of 
the First Branch, as elector. 

The electors shall meet on the firstMonday in No- 
vember, and elect, by ballot, a mayor, and eight 
members for the Second Branch of the City Council. 
No person shall be eligible to the office of Mayor, 
who is not 25 years of age, 10 years a citizen of the 
United States, and five years a resident in the city. 

The City Council shall commence their session on 
the 2d Monday of February, annually ; but the 
mayor may convene them whenever, and as often as 
appears to him necessary. 

Three-fourths of the City Council shall be a quo- 
rum to transact business. 

The different Branches may appoint their respec- 
tive Presidents, who shall have a vote on all questions. 
They may ascertain, by Ordinance, the compen- 
sation for their services— and the salary of the may- 
or, which shall be fixed previous to his appointment. 
The Second Branch of the Council, shall nomi- 
nate two citizens to each office which may arise under 
the Ordinances of the Corporation : and the mayor 
shall appoint and commission one of them to fill the 
respective office. 

All Ordinances passed by the City Council, shall 
be sent to the mayor, for his approbation ; if he does 
not approve thereof he shall' return the same, with 
his reasons, in writing, therefor : and if three-fourths 
of both Branches, on reconsideration, shall approve 
thereof, it shall then become a law, 

C 65 ] 

If any Ordinance shall not be returned within five 
days after it shall be sent him, it shall in like man- 
ner become a law. 

The Corporation shall have full power to enact 
laws necessary to preserve the health of the city ; to 
prevent the introduction of contagious disorders, or 
for preventing, and removing nuisances within three 
miles of the same — to provide night-watches, and 
erect lamps — to ascertain the boundaries of .streets 
and lanes, and to establish new ones ; or to alter 
streets, lanes, &c. having the consent of the proprie- 
tors of the ground ; for cleaning the bason and docks; 
to provide for licencing and regulating auctioneers 
and brokers, within the city and precincts ; to p 4 o- 
vide for regulating theatrical or other public amuse- 
ments ; to regulate inspections ; to regulate the as- 
vsizc of bread ; to provide for the safe-keeping weio-hts 
and measures ; to regulate party walls ; to erect and 
keep in repair bridges ; to erect markets ; to regulate 
sweeping of chimnies, and fixing the rates; to esta- 
blish tire companies ; to regulate the size of bricks ; 
to erect pumps ; to appoint and regulate gaugers, to 
fix then- fees, and the fees of all corporation officers; 
to licence and regulate all carriages kept for hire; 
and also draymen, waggoners carters, porters, and 
watermen ; to direct in what part of the city, build- 
ings of wood shall not be erected ; to regulate the 
storage of gunpowder, and other combustible mat- 
ters ; to erect houses of correction, hospitals, or pest- 
houses, and to regulate the same; to punish, corpo- 
rally, any servant, or slave, guilty of a breach of 
any of the laws, where the master will not pay the 
fine incurred ; to appropriate all fines, for the breach 
of their laws; to lay taxes, not exceeding 2 Oo'Iars 
in the £ 100, in one year. 

All fines, &c. of the Corporation, not exceeding 
20 Dollars, to be recovered before a single magis- 
trate ; if exceeding that sum, to be recovered by ac- 


C 26 ] 

lion of debt, in Baltimore County Court, in the 
name, and for the use of the Corporation. 

The Mayor shall, by virtue of his office, exercise 
all the power of a Justice of the peace, except as to 
the recovery of small debts. 


Of the Two Branches of the City Council, and 
of the Officers of the Corporation. 

EDWARD J. CO ALE, Register. 

Members of the Second Branch of the City 

(Ele&ed in Nov. 1802, for i-uo years.) 


Christopher Johnston, Andrew Buchanan, 

Henry Payson, Philiph Moore, 

George Prestman, Thorndick Chase. 
Cumberland Dugari, 

Edward J. Coale, Clerk. 
Samuel Norwood, Messenger. 

Members of the First Branch of the City 

(Ele&ed in O&ober annually.) 


[ 97 ] 

First Ward. Fifth Ward. 

George F. Warfield, John Shrim, 

Second Ward. Baltzer Shaeffer. 
Emanuel Kent, Sixth Ward. 

Walter Simpson. John Mackenheimer, 

Third Ward. Jacob Miller. 
Job Smith, . , S } e Z* IVard - 

Samuel Williams. w^ A r Ti 

William Mundel. 

Fourth Ward. Eighth Ward. 

William Hawkins, Joshua Inloes r 

Christopher Raborg. Thomas Tenant. 

Thomas B. Dorsey, Clerk. 
Thomas Roberts, Messenger. 

City Commissioners. 

David M'Mechen, Richard Lawson, 

David Williamson, Thomas Cole. 

Elias Ellicot, 

Samuel Vincent, Clerk. 

Commissioners of Health. 

Ash ton Alexander, Joshua Inloes, 

Adam Fonerden, Thomas Rowland. 

Adam Fonerden, Secretary. 

Health Officer. 
Doctor Charles H. Winder. 

Commissioners of the Watch. 
George G. Presbury, Job Smith, 

Collector of Taxes. 
John Hopkins. 

[ 28 ] 

Harbor Master. 

Joseph Smith. 

Inspectors of Flour. 
George W. Moore, Isaac Trimble. 

Inspector of Salted Provisions. 
George Matthews. 

Inspector of Butter and Laid. 
Joshua Harvey. 

Inspectors of Lumber. 

Samuel Davis, Christian Slimmer, 

Charles Constable, Abraham Eagleston, 

James Morins, George Hall. 
Joseph Jameson, 

Clerks of the Markets. 

Peregrine Browning, Clerk of Hanover Market, 
Andrew Carson, do. of Centre do. 

Nathaniel Locke, Assistant of do. do. 

Thomas League, Clerk of Fells's Point do. 

Superintendents of Pumps. 

IF est em District. Eastern District. 

Frederick Surwalt, Samuel Wilson. 

Commissioners of Streets. 
James Hicks, John Wilson, 

Superintendent of the Pozcder Magazine. 
Charles Herbert. 

C «9 ] 

Wood Confers. 
Alexander Russel, William Matthews of O, 

Peter Zacharie, Peter Weary. 

Hay Weighers. 
Richard Bouldin, Robert Dew. 

City Constables. 

First Ward. Fifth Ward. 

Abraham Booth. David Sticher. 

Second Ward. Sixth Ward. 

Samuel Norwood. Robert Lawson. 

Third Ward. Seventh Ward. 

Peregrine Browning. Charles Pindal, 

Isaiah Procter. 

Fourth Ward. Eighth Ward,- 

Robert Herring. John Murphy. 


Thomas If ates, Lemmon & Campbell, 

Vanwyck & Dorsey, Edward Woodyear. 

Auctioneers of Furniture and Wearing Apparal 

Joseph Clarke, Richard & Stephen Culverwell. 


William S. Moore, William Vance, 

John Munickhuysen, James M'Evoy, 
John E. Dorsey, John Bolte, 

Elken Solomon,, Thomas Barklie.- 

Jacob F. Levy, 

Ol 2 

[30 ] 


Bank of Maryland. 

INCORPORATED by the name, of " The Pre- 
sident and Directors of the Bank of Maryland." 

The capital of this Bank is 300,000 dollars, di- 
vided into shares of 300 dollars each. 

There are 12 Directors chosen annually by the 

Every Stockholder is entitled to one vote for every 
share under 20, which he may hold, and one vote 
for every 5 shares above 20. 

After each election, the Directors, or any nine of 
them, shall elect a President, who shall, if not a 
Director, have all the power of a Director : if he 
was before a Director, another shall be elected to rill 
the vacancy occasioned by his being elected President, 
so that there shall be twelve Directors exclusive of 
the President. 1 

There shall be quarterly meetings of the Directors, 
at which time seven shall make a Board. Ax each 
of which meetings, three of the Directors shall be 
appointed a committee to examine the accounts of the 
Bank for the ensuing three months. 

In the appointment of a Cashier, nine votes of 
Directors are required to elect him. 

The day of discount at this Bank, is Wednes- 

WILLIAM COOKE, President. 

[ 31 ]. 

Office of Discount and Deposit. 

THIS is a Branch of the Bank of the United States, 
and is kept at the corner of Gay and Second-Streets, 
Discount day — Monday. 

JOHN SWAN, President. 

Bank of Baltimore. 

INCORPORATED by the name of " The Pre- 
sident, Directors and Company, of the Bank of Bat- 
t inn re." 

The capital shall not exceed, 1,200, 000 dollars di- 
vided into shares of 300 dollars each. 

There are 15 Directors chosen annually, on the 
first Monday in December, by the Stockholders. 

One share entitles the holder to one vote, and for 
every two shares above two and not exceeding ten, 
one vote — for every four shares above ten and not ex- 
ceeding thirty, one vote — for every six shares above 
thirty and not exceeding sixty, one vote — for every 
eight shares above sixty and not exceeding one hun- 
dred, one vote. 

No Stockholder shall be entitled to more than thir- 
ty votes. 

No other than Stockholders, actually resident in 
the United States, shall vote by proxy. 

None but Stockholders shall be eligible for Direc- 
tors, except those appointed by the State Legislature. 

No Director in any other Bank shall be a Director 
in this. 

Not more than two-thirds of the Directors shall be 
eligible for the succeeding year. 

[ 39 ] 

Not less than nine Directors shall constitute a 

The State may at any time subscribe for 600 shares. 

The State, by becoming Stockholders to the a- 
mount of 66,000 dollars, may appoint two Directors, 
one by the Senate, and the other by the House of 

Any number of Stockholders, not less than sixty, 
holding 200 shares, may at any time, on giving ten 
weeks notice, call a meeting of the Stockholders. 

All officers are chosen by the Directors. 

The Cashier must give bond, with security, in 
50,000 dollars, conditioned for the faithful perform- 
ance of his duty. 

The discount days at this Bank are Tuesday and 

GEORGE SALMON, President, 
JAMES COX, Cashier. 


Maryland Insurance Company. 

INCORPORATED by that name, is divided into 
.500 shares of 1000 dollars each. 

Thirteen Directors are annually chosen, on the 
first Monday in March. 

Stockholders are entitled to a vote for every share 
which they may hold, not exceeding 10 shares. 

Six Directors with the President, form a Board, 

[ 33 ] 

The Directors have power to make insurance upon 
vessels and merchandize at sea, or going to sea ; and 
upon" goods, freights, or other personal property, 
going or gone by land or water, to the amount of 
from 50 to ()0,000 dollars. 

JOHN HOLLINS, President. 

Baltimore Insurance Company. 

INCORPORATED by that name, is divided in- 
to 1000 shares of 300 dollars each. 

The Stockholders choose out of their own body, 
annually, on the first Monday of February, 13 Di- 
rectors — and the Directors choose from their own 
body a President. 

Every holder of 1 or 2 shares are entitled to 1 vote. 


do. - - 

- - 2 do. 


do. - - 

- - 3 do. 


do. - - 

- - 3 do. 


do. - - 

- - 4 do. 


do. - - 

- - 4 do. 


do. - - 

- - 5 do. 


do. - - 

5 do. 

do. - - 

- - 6 do. 

The Stock to be held 6 months previous to the 
election, otherwise not entitled to a vote. 

The Directors shall divide themselves into commit- 
tees of three members each, which committees shall 
attend by rotation weekly, for the purpose of insur- 
ing vessels, cargoes and freights, but they shall not 
insure on any vessel or cargo to a greater amount 
than 20,000 dollars. 

Three Directors, with the President, form a 

Dividends are made half-yearly, every first Mon- 
day in February and August* 

C 34 ] 

Twenty thousand dollars of the capital shall al- 
ways be reserved to answer losses that may accrue — 
the remainder to be invested in Stock of the United 
States, or the Banks of this State, or in the public 
debt of the United States. 

ALEXANDER M'KIM, President. 

Baltimore Equitable Society for In- 
suring of Houses from Loss by Fire, 

INCORPORATED by this name, in the year 
1795, and is under the management of 12 Directors 
who are annually chosen in April. 

Insurance is made for seven years in one Policy. 

Not more than 8000 dollars insured on any one 
building — All the buildings on a single lot included 
in one Policy — Each building distinctly valued. 


Foreign Consuls and Commercial Agents. 


GABRIEL WOOD, Esq. British Vice-Consul, 

corner of East and Holliday streets. 

Don Juan B. Bernabeu, Spanish Consul, 
No. 25 South Howard street. 

M. Jacques Lavallain, Commercial agent 
of the French Republic, Holliday street. 

Peter Collin, Vice-Consul for Sweden and 
Denmark, upper end of Pitt Street, O. T. 

[ 35 ] 

Auction Rooms* 

Vanwyck&Dorsey, head of Frederick street dock* 
Edward Woodyear, Water street, near Peter's bridge* 
Lemmon & Campbell, head of Smith's dock. 
Thomas Yates, corner Second and S. Frederick streets. 
Dcvitt & Strike, Auctioneers of horses, carriages, &c. 

east side of Centre Market. 
Richard Culverwell & Son, Auctioneers of furniture 

and wearing apparel, Centre Market. 
Richard Culverwell, A uctioneer of horses & carriages. 
Joseph Clarke, Auctioneer of furniture and wearing 

apparel. No. 6 3 Market street, Fells-Point. 


In the City of Baltimore, Where Kept. 

MAYOR'S ofUce, No. 13, South street. 

Register's office, do. do. 

City Commissioner's office, do. 

Health office, No. 54 Baltimore street. 

City Collector's office, No. 9, North Charles street. 

Sheriff's office, Bridge street Old Town. 

County Clerks' s office, in.the Court house, head of 
North Calvert street. , 

Collector of the Custom's office, Water street, be- 
tween South Gay and Frederick streets. 

Inspector's office, do. do. 

Maryland Insurance Company, No 13, South street. 

Baltimore, do. do. Water street, two doors 

from the corner of South street. 

Baltimore Equitable Society, for insuring house* 
from loss by fire, No. 18, Baltimore street. 

Bank of Maryland, No. 17, South street. 

C 36 ] 

Bank of Baltimore, No. 154, Baltimore street. 
Office of Discount and Deposit, corner of South Gay 

and Second streets. 
Post office, Saint Paul's lane. 

Offices oe Exchange Brokers. 

Thomas Barklie, Lovely lane. 

Elken Solomon, opposite the Custom-House. 

F. Gourdon, No. 198, Baltimore street. 

Offices of Ship Brokers. 

John Bolte, No. 35, South Gay street. 
William Vance, No. 67, Smith's wharf. 

Offices of Notary Publics. 

Samuel Sterett, No. 49, Water street. 

George P. Keeports, corner of South & W T ater streets. 

Owen Allen, No. 52, Water street. 

Office of theCommissioners ofBankrupt. 

No. 49, Water street, adjoining S. Sterett's Notary 
Publics Office. 

Commissioners of Bankrupt. 

John Caldwell, John Scott, James Carey, William 
M c Creery, Luke Tiernan, and John Stephens. 

Samuel Sterett, Clerk, 

[ 37 3 

Officers of the Customs for the District 
of Maryland* 

Robert Purviance, Collector, 
Nathaniel Ramsay, Naval Officer, 
Daniel Delozier, Surveyor. 


JUDGES of Baltimore County Court. 

Henry Ridgely, Chief Justice. 
Edward Johnson, ? Assort**, 

William Winchester, 5 AssoCiates ' 

Judges of Baltimore Criminal Court, 

Walter Dorsey, Chief Justice. 

G. G. Presbury,} A 

Job Smith, ^Associates. 

Judges of the Orphans* Court. 

G. G. Presbury, 

Charles Ridgely, ofWm. 

Owen Dorsey, 

James Wilson, Sheriff of Baltimore County, 

William Gibson, County Clerk. 

♦•♦"♦m-i^*. *..«..♦. 

Assessors of the City of Baltimore. 

Jacob Fite, Samuel Vincent, Joshua Inloe^ 

t 3S ] 


No. 12, South Gay Street. 
►No. 36, Baltimore Street. 

No. 34, South Gay Street. 
ree times ) No. 1 4, S. Charles street. 

Federal Gazette, 




American Patriot, C awec ' ) No. 3, N. Gay street. 

SAMUEL SOWER's (Book Office) No. 190, Bal- 
timore Street. 

ard Street. 


and Baltimore Streets. 
JOHN W. BUTLER's do. Corner of South Gay 

and Water Streets, two doors from the Custom-House. 

Head of North How- 
Corner of South Gay 

[ 39 ] 

Summer Establishment of the Mails at Baltimore, 


Closes everyday, Sunday excepted, at 12 o'clock, 

Arrives every day, Sunday excepted, at 7 o'clock, A.M. 

MAILS for the Eastern Shore of Maryland, 

(Except for such Offices as are sent via Annapolis. ) 

Close every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at. 12 

o'clock, Noon. 
Arrive everv Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 

o'clock, A.M. 


Closes every Monday, at 12 o'clock, Noon. 
.Arrives every Wednesday at 7 o'clock, A.M. 

m a i l s f o r b r i c k m e e t i n g - 1 1 u s e , r i s i n g s u n , 
Unicorn, Black-Horse, a:<d Sorrel-Horse. 

Close every Friday, at 12 o'clock, Noon. 
Arrive every Thursday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. 


Closes, as far as Petersburg, Virg. every day, Sunday 
excepted, at half past 7 o'clock, A. M. 

Arrives every day, Monday excepted, at 11 o'clock, 
A. M. 

[ 40 C 

MAILS for North Carolina, South Carolina 
and Georgia, 

Close every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, at half 

past 7 o'clock, A* M. 
Arrive every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 

11 o'clock, A.M. 


Closes every Monday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A . M. 
Arrives every Tuesday and Saturday, at 5o'elock,P.M. 


MAILS for Easton, Cambridge, Vienna, Sal- 
isbury, Princess-Anne, New-Market, Hills- 
borough, Denton and Greensborough, 

Close every Thursday, at half past 5 o'clock, P. M. 
Arrive every Tuesday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. 


Mails for Kent-Island, Sharks-Town, Queens- 

Close every Monday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. 

A rrive every Tuesday & Saturday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. 


Mails for Piscataway and Port-Tobacco, 

Close everv Wednesday and Saturday, at half past 5 

o'clock/ P.M. 
Arrive every Sunday and Wednesday, with the 

Southern Mail. 

[ 41 J 

MAILS forAllens-Fresh,Chaptico, Leonard- 
Town, Great-Mill, St. Inegoes, Ridge, 
Hill-Top, and Nanjemoy, 

Close every Wednesday, at half past 5 o'clock, P. M. 
Arrive every Wednesday, with the Southern Mail. 


Mails for Nottingham, Aq> t asco, Benedict, and 

Close every Thursday, at half past 5 o'clock P. M. 
Arrive every Thursday, at 11 o'clock, A. M. 


Mails for Lower-Marlborough, Huntington and 
St. Leonards, Queen-Anne, and Upper-Marl- 

Close every Monday, with the Annapolis Mail, at 7 

o'clock. A.M. 
Arrive with the same, every Saturday, at 5 o'clock, 

P. ML 


Maiis for New-Market, Frederick-town, Mid 
dletown, Boonsbury, and Hagers-Town, in Mary 
land; — Green-Castle, Chambersburg, and all office" 
to the westward of Chambersburg, in P> nnsylvania ;— 
West-Liberty, and Wheeling, in Virginia ; — and 
for the States of Ohio and Kentucky, 

Close every Monday and Friday, at half past 5 

o'clock, P.M.- 
Arrive every Sunday and Wednesday, at Q o'clock* 


[J] 2 

[ 42 ] 


Mails for Williams-Port, Hancock, Old-town, 

Cumberland, Woodsborough, New-t own-Trap, 

Clarksburgh, Sharpsburg, Cresapsburg, anp 

Green-Glades, in Maryland % — and for the State of Te- 

' nessee, Mississippi-Territory, and New-Orleans, 

Close every Friday, with the Western Mail, at half 
past 5 o'clock, P. M. 


Mails tor Elltcott's Lower Mills, Montgomery 
Court-House, and Brookville, in Maryland ;— 
and Leesburg, in Virginia, 

Close every Friday, at 1 o'clock P. M. 
Arrive every Friday, at 9 o'clock, A.M. 

<i i lull (PH'iiii»iiii 


Mail9 for Westminster, Union-Mills, Petersburg, 
gettisburg, and chambersburg^ 

Close every Saturday, at half past 5 o'clock, P. M. 
Arrive every Friday, at 6 o'clock, P.M. 

«..♦..«.. «...»^».(. .«..<.,«« 


Mails for Taney-Town and Emmitsburg, in Mary- 
land, and Fairfield, in Pennsylvania, 

Close with the Chambersburg Mail, every Saturday, 

at half past 5 o'clock, P. M. 
Arrive with the same, every Friday, at 6 o'clock, P. M. 

t 43 ] 


Mails for Reister's-Town, in Man/land, and Hano- 
ver, Abbots-town, Berlin, and Carlisle, in Penn- 
sylvania ', 

Close every Thursday, at half past 5 o'clock, P. M. 

Arrive every Wednesday, at (i o'clock, P. M. 

•»<•». ■».->4@ t .<-»--»<*- 


Mails for Lancaster, York, and Harrisbcrg, i« 

Close every Thursday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. 
Arrive every Wednesday, at S o'clock, P. M. 

CHARLES BURRALL, Post-master. 

BALTIMORE, May 10th, 1803. 

%* No Letters can be sent in the Mail of the da?/, unless 
they *re delivered at the Post-Ojfiee before the times above 
prescribed. The writers of Letters should be particular in their 
directions, distinguishing the States, and where it would other- 
wise be doubtful, the County in which the place is situated. 
When the place to which a Letter is addressed, is not a Post- 
Town, the nearest Post-Toxvn should be mentioned. 

N. B. The Summer Establishment continues until the 
First day of November. 

C " ] 




Goods, Wares, $ Merchandize, 

Imported into the United States of America, 

from any Foreign Port or Place, from and 

after the last Day of June, 1800. 

The Inward Column shewing the duties payable on those im- 
ported in Vessels of the United States, and the Outward Colwnn. 
those payable on the same imported in Foreign Vessels* 

If Imported in 

APPAREL, wearing, see wear- 
ing apparel ------ 

Arms, fire and side, not otherwise 
enumerated, or parts thereof - 

Apparatus philosophical, specially 
imported for p?y Seminary of 
learning ------- 

Ale, beer, and porter, in casks 01 
bottles ------- 

On value of the bottles 

Artificial flowers, feathers, and 
other ornaments for women's 
head-dresses ---•-. 





per cent. ad. val. 


cents per gallon, 
per cent. ad. val. 








C 45 ] 

Anniseed ------- 

Articles of all kinds, of the growth, 
product or manufacture, of the 
United States, upon which no 
drawback, bounty, or allowance, 
has been paid or admitted 
Anchors ------- 


Baggage, personal, see wearing ap- 

paral, &c. - - - - - 
Brass Cannon - - - - - 

■teutenague a:id wire - - 

, iron, or steel locks, hinges, 

hoes, anvils and vises - - - 
— all other manufactures of brass 
Balls and balsams, see powders, 

pastes, &c. - - - - 
Beer, ale and porter, in casks or 
bottles ------- 

On value of the bottles - 

Bricks and tiles - - - - - 

Bonnets, hats and caps, of even 
kind ----- - - 

Boots -------- 

Books, blank ----- 

of persons who come to re- 
side in the United States - - 
Buttons of every kind - - - 
Buckles, shoe and knee - - 
Brushes ------ 

Bullion - - - - - 

Burgundy wine ----- 


Cannon, brass - - - - - 
Carriages, or parts of carriages 
Cards, playing - - - - - 

, wool and cotton 

Cables and tarred cordage - - 
Cabinet wares - - - - - 


















If imported in 



percent, adval. 

>er cent, ad val. 

uer cent, ad val. 


cents per galloii 

trccnt. adval. 



cents per pair 

percent, ad val. 

iercent. adval. 

cents per gallo?, 

vcrcent. adval. 

cents per pack 
<:cnts per doze/. 

cents per cwt. 
■)cr cent, ad vat. 



C 46 ] 

Caps, hats ami bonnets, of every 
kind ----- - - 

Carpets and carpeting - - - 
Cartridge paper - - - - - 
Candles of tallow - - - - 

of wax or spermaceti - 

Champaign wine - - - - - 

Capers - - - - - 

Canes, walking-sticks, and whips 
Cheese - 
China ware 
Cinnamon, cloves, currants and 
comfits ------- 

Chintzes and coloured calicos 01 
muslins, and all printed, stained 
or coloured goods or manufac- 
tures, or not being printed, 
stained or coloured, of cotton oi 
of linen, or of both, or of 
which cotton or linen is the ma- 
terial of chief value - ♦ - 
Cocoa - - - - - - - 

Chocolate - - - - -. - 

Clogs and goloshoes, see shoes - 
Cordage, tarred 

and yarn, untarred 


Coal - - - 

Colours, see painters * - - 
Copper manufactures - - - 

in plates, pigs and bars 

Composition for the teeth or gums, 
see dentrifice - - - - - 


Cotton ------ 

Cotton or linen manufactures, or 
of both, or which cotton or lin- 
en is the material pf chief va- 











If Imported in p y 












percent, adval. 


cents per pound 

cents per gallo7> 
per cent, ad vat, 


cents per pound 
percent, ad val. 



16 j 




cents per pounci 

cents per pair 
cents per cxvt. 

percent, ad val. 
cents per bushel 
percent, adval. 


percent, adval. 

cents per lb 









[ 47 ] 

hie, whether printed, stained, 
coloured, or otherwise - - 

Clocks and watches, or puns of 
either ------- 

Coaches, chariots, phaetons, chairs 
chaises, solos, o: other carri- 
ages, or parts of cither - - 

Cloathing ready m; de - - - 

Cutlasses or paits thereof - - 


Dates and figs - - - - - 

Dentrifrice, powders, tincture 
preparations or compositions for 
the teeth or gums - 

Dolls dressed and undressed, or 
parts thereof - - - - - 

Drugs, medical, except those com- 
monly used for dying 

» and woods for dying - - 

E y 

Earthen and stone wares 
Essences (see powders, pastes, &:c.} 


Fans* or parts thereof - - - 
Fayal wine ------ 

Feathers and other ornaments for 

women's head dresses 
Fringes commonly used by up 

holsterers, coachmakers and sad 

dlers ----- - - 

Figs - -. - 

Flowers aitificial - - - - 
Floor cloths and mats, or parts of 

either ------ 

Fruits of all kinds - - - - 

Furrs of every kind, undressed 


Glass, black quart bottles - - 


i j importer in r- 



jurcent. ad vol. 

























vents per g allot. 


percent, ad tal. 


























C 48 ] 

^ y If Imported in 

* Window glass - - - - 

—All other glass, and manufac- 
tures thereof - - - - - 

Glauber salts - - 

Gauzes - - 

Geneva, see spirits - - - - 

Ginger ----- - - 

Girandoles, or parts thereof - 
Goloshoes, see shoes - 
Gloves and mittins of every kind 
Gold, silver and plated ware - 
Gold and silver lace - - - 
Goods, wares and merchandize, 
imported directly from China or 
India, in ships or vessels not of 
the United States, except teas. 
China ware, and all other arti- 
cles liable to higher rates of du- 


Goods, wares and merchandize in- 
tended to be re-exported to ;. 
foreign port or place in the same 
ship or vessel in which they shall 
be imported — and all articles o! 
the growth, product or manu- 
facture of the United States, 
spirits excepted - - - - 

Goods, Wares and merchandise, 
not herein otherwise particularly 
enumerated and described 

Glue -------- 

Gunpowder ------ 


Hangers, or parts thereof - - 
Hair powder - - - 
Hat, caps and bonnets of even 
kind ------ 

Hemp - - - - - 

Hides, raw ------ 





percent* adval. 


cents per cut, 

percent, adval. 

cents per pair 
percent, adval 


22 . 





percent, adval 




cents per ctvt. 

L 49 ] 


If Imported in p ^ 


Implements or tools of a mechan- 
ical trade only, of persons who 
arrive in the \J nited States - 

Indigo - - - - 

Iron, wire ------ 

, steel or brass Jocks, hinges, 

hoes, anvils and vises 

, cast, slit or rolled, and all 

manufactures of iron, steel or 
brass, or of which either of 
these metals is the article ol 
chief value, not being otherwise 
particularly enumerated - 

Jewellery and paste-work - ■ 


Lace of gold and silver » 
.Laces and lawns - - - - 

Laces, lines, fringes, tassels and 
trimmings commonly used b 
upholsterers, coach-makers an 
saddlers - - - - - 

Lampblack ------ 

Lapis caliminaries - - - - 

Leather, tanned and tawed, and 
all manufactures of leather, or 
of which leather is the chief va- 
lue, not otherwise particularly 
enumerated - - - - - 

Lead and musket-ball - - - 
— all other manufactures of lead, 
or in which lead is the chief ai> 
. titlfe ------- 

Lemons and limes . - - 

Linen or cotton manufactures, or 
of both, or of which cotton or 
linen -is the material Of chief va- 










cents per pound 
percent* adval. 




percent, adval. 
cent per pound 

percent* adval. 



[ SO ] 

^ y If Imported in 

lue, whether printed, stained, 
coloured, or otherwise - 

Lisbon and Oporto wines - 

Looking-glasses - 


Manufactures of tin, pewter and 
copper - - 

of iron, steel or brass, not 

otherwise particularly enume 
rated ------ - 

• of leather, not otherwise 

particularly enumerated - - 
of lead not otherwise par- 

ticularly enumerated 
— — of cotton or linen or 


both, printed, stained, colour 
ed or otherwise - - - - 

of glass, see glass 

of tobacco, see snuff and 


of wood, see cabinet wares 

and wood of the United States, 
upon which no drawback, boun- 
ty or allowance has been paid 
or admitted - - - - - 
Mats and floor-cloth c , or parts of 
either ------- 


Marble, slate, and other stone, 
bricks, tiles, tables, mortars, 
and other utensils, of marble or 
slate, and generally all stone and 
earthen ware - - - - - 

Maderia wine, see wines - - 
Malaga wines - - - - - 

Mace -------- 

Medicinal drugs, except those 

commonly used in dying 
Merchandise, goods and wares, 











percent, adval. 
cents per gallon 
per cent, ad val. 




cent per pound 

percent, adval, 

percent, adval. 
cents per bushel 

percent, adval. 

cents per gallon 
percent, adval. 


[ 51 ] 

A y If Imported in-p y 

imported directly from China or 
India, in ships or vessels not of 
the United States, except teas 
China ware, and all other arti- 
cles liable to higher rates or 
duties ------- 

Merchandise, goods and wares, 
intended to be re-exported to a 
foreign port or place in the same 
ship or vessel in which they 
shall be imported — and all ar- 
ticles of the growth or manu- 
facture of the United States, 
upon which no drawback, 
bounty or allowance, has been 
paid or admitted - - - - 

Merchandize, goods and wares not 
herein otherwise particularly 
enumerated and described - 

Mittens and gloves of every kind 

M ill i nary ready made - - ■ - - 

Muskets and firelocks, with or 
without bayonets suited to the 
same ------ 

— or parts of either - . 

Muskets and firelocks without 
bayonets or parts of either - 

Mustard in flour - - _ _ 

Muslins and musliuets, whether 
printed, stained, coloured or 
otherwise ------ 


Nails -------- 

Nankeens - - - - 

Nutmegs ------ 


Oranges ------. 


percent, ad vol. 












percent, adval 


cents per gallon 

per cent, ad val. 




cents per Id. 

percent, ad val. 



52 ] 

A.vJf Imported '"'^.V. 

Ornaments for women's head- 
dresses - - - - - 

Ointments, oils and odours (see 
powders, pastes, &c.) - - 

Olives ------- 

Oil - - - 

Oporto and Lisbon wine - - 

, e and wrapping - 
and cartridge 

Paper hangings 

— — — writing 

" sheathin 

Painters' colours, whether dry or 
ground in oil, except those com 
monly used in dying . 

Pack thread and twine ... 

Paste-boards, parchment or vel- 

Paste-work and jewellery 

Phaetons, or parts thereof . 

Plaister of Paris .... 

Pewter manufactures . . 


Pepper ..... 


Pistols or parts thereof . 

Pictures and prints 


Printing types .... 

Pickles of all sorts . . 

Printed, stained or coloured goods 
or manufactures of cotton, or 
of linen, or of both . 

Philosophical apparatus, special)) 
imported for any seminary of 

Porter, beer and ale' in casks or 

• on value of the bottles 

Powder, for hair .... 





percent, ad vat. 




cents per gallon 

percent, adval, 









cents per crvt. 

percent, adval. 

percent, adval 

cents per pound 
percent, ad vol, 


cents per pound 
percent, adval 



cents per gallon 
12^ percent, adval 
15*! ditto. 





1 (>i 










[ 53 ] 

powder, gun .... 

Powders, pastes, balls, balsams, 
ointments, oils, waters, washes, 
tinctures, essences, or other pre- 
parations or compositions, com- 
monly called sweet scents, 
odours, perfumes or cosmetics 
~-and all powders or prepara- 
tions for the teeth or gums 

Plumbs and prunes 



Raw hides and skins . . 
Rum (see spirits) .... 


Salts weighing more than fifty-six 

pounds per bushel 
' weighing fifty-six pounds per 

bushel, or less .... 


Stained, printed or coloured goods 

or manufactures of cotton, or 

of linen, or of both 

Salt petre 

Saint Lucar -wines .... 


Sail cloth 

Slate, stone, and stone ware 
Saddles and parts thereof . 
Sattins and other wrought silks 


Steel, iron or brass locks, hinges, 

hoes, anvils and vises 
all other manufactures of steel 

AY If Imported »p,y a 



percent, ad val, 

Sheathing and cartridge paper 
Sherry wine .... 
Sea stores of ships or vessels 
Spermaceti undies . . . 


















cents per 56 lb, 

cents per bushel 
cents per cwt. 

percent, ad val. 

cents per gallon 
percent, ad val. 




cents per cist, 

percent, ad val. 


cents per gallon 

cents per pound 



















t 54 ] 


If Imported in 




Sweet scents, (see powders, pastes, 

&c.) .... . . . 


percent, ad val. 


Spirits distilled in foreign coun- 

tries, viz. 

From Grain. 

First proof 


cents per gallon 


Second do. 




Third do. 



34 T V 

Fourth do. 




Fifth do. 




Sixth do. 




From other materials. 

First proof 




Second do. 




Third do. 




Fourth do. 




Fifth do. 




Sixth do. 




Spirits distilled in the United States, 

imported in tke same ship or 

vessel in which they had been 

previously exported from the 
United States. 

From molasses. 

First proof 




Second do. 




Third do. 


ditto • 


Fourth do. 




Fifth do. 




Sixth do. 




Frem materials of the growth and 

produce of the United States. 

First proof 




Second do. 




Third do. 




Fourth do. 




Bifth do. 




Sixth do. 




'£j>ikes • 1 1 • ♦ « • i 


cent per pound] 


[ 55 ] 

Silver and plated ware 
'ace .... 

Skins raw 

Shoes and slippers of silk . . ' 
other shoes and slippers for! 

men and women, clogs and 


•other shoes and slippers for 


Swords, cutlasses or parts of either 


Stone and earthen ware 

Soap • 

Solos and other carriages, or parts 

thereof . - 


Sugars, brown . - . 

.white clayed .... 

white powdered 

ill other clayed or powdered 



other refined .... 

Sugar candy 
Snuff . . 

Tassels and trimmings commonly 
used by upholsterers, coach- 
makers and saddlers . . 

Tables of marble, slate or other 
stone or parts thereof . 

Tallow candles 

Teas from China and India. 

■ -bohea 

— souchong and other black 


■hyson, imperial, gunpowder, 
or £romee ...... 


If Imnorted in 

^ Y^ 


percent, ad val. 





cents per pair 






percent, ad val. 






cents per pound 


percent, ad val. 



cents per pound 


















percent, ad val. 




cents per pound 










C 56 ] 

^y If Imported ^jr/y, 

— other green teas 

From Europe. 

— bohea 

— souchong and other black teas 
hyson, imperial, gunpow- 
der or gomee ..... 
— other green teas 

From any other place. 

— bohea 

— souchong and other black teas 

-ny son, 

imperial, gunpowder 

or gomee 

. other green teas 

Teneriffe wine . 
Twine and pack thread 
Tin manufactures 

•in pigs and plates 


Tinctures (see powders, 


Tiles and bricks 

Toys, not otherwise enumerated 

Tobacco manufactured (other than 

Tools of the trade or profession of 
persons who come to reside in 
the United States .... 

Types for printing .... 

Velvets and velverets . . . 


Ware; of tin, pewter and copper 

earthen or stone 


. gold, silver and plated 

Wares, goods and merchandize 
imported directly from China or 
India, in ships or veessls not of 
the United States, except teas, 
China ware, and all other arti- 
cles liable to higher rates of duties 
g oods and merchandize of the 














cents per gallon 

cents per.civt. 

percent, ad veil. 


12- 1 

per cent, ad val. 


cents per pound 



percent, ad val. 






- ' ditto 

















C « 1 

growth produce or manufacture 
of the U . States (spirits excepted) 


Waters and washes (see powders, 
pastes, &"c.) 

Walking-sticks, whips, and canes 

Wax: candies 

W atches & clocks or parts of either 

Wearing apparel, and other per- 
sonal baggHge* of persons who 
arrive in tne United States . 

Wines in casks, bottles or other vessels 

• Malmsey, Maderia and Lon- 
don particular Maderia wine 

all other Maderia wines . 

Burgundy champaign, Rhe- 
nish and Tokay .... 

Sherry ...... 

i St. Lucar 

i Claret and other wines not 

enume ated, when imported in 
bottles or cases .... 
Lisbon, Oporto and other 

Portugal wines 

— Tenerifre, Fayal, Malaga, 
St. George and other Western 

island wines 

-all other wines when import- 

ed otherwise than in bottles or cases 
On value of the bottles . 

Window glass 

Wire of brass and iron 

Wool and cotton cards . 

Wool unmanufactured 

Wood unmanufactured 

Wood manufactured (exclusive ol' 

cabinet wares) 

Yarn untarred 

All other goods not before particu- 
larly enumerated and described 














12- 1 




j If Imported in-r- y 

percent, ad vat. 


cents per pound 
percent, ad vat. 

cents per gallon 



cents per gat/on 

percent, adval. 

rents per dozen 

percent, adval. 
cents per act. 

I2f {per cent, ad vat. 



l(i -' 


63 1 

49 i 


25 T 3 ^ 





247 i 


L 58 ] 





ON" ships or vessels of the United States, when entered 
from any foreigen poit or place ; and when entered into a 
district in one State from a district in another State (other 
than an adjoining State, on the sea-coast, or on a navigable 
river : and other than vessels duly licenced employed in the 
coasting trade, or in the bank or whale-fisheries, which are 
exempt from paying tonage while so employed, more than 
once in a year,) having on board, goods, wares and merchan- 
dise, taken in one State, to be delivered in another, at the rate 
of six cents per ton. On ships or vessels built within the 
United States since the 20th July, 1739, but owned wholly 
or in part by foreigners, when entered from a foreign port or 
place, at the rate of thirty cents per ton ; on all other ships 
or vessels, when entered from a foreign port or place, at the 
rate of fifty cents per ton ; and on all ships or vessels not of 
the United States, when entered in one district from another 
district, having on board, goods, wares and merchandise, 
taken in one district to be delivered into another, at the rate 
of fifty cents per ton. 

To ascertain the tonage of a ship, if the same be double 
decked, take the length thereof from the fore part of the main 
stem to the after part of the stern-post above the upper deck ; 
the breadth at the broadest part above the main wales ; half 
of which breadth, account the depth, deduct from the length 
three-fifths of the breadth ; multiply the remainder by the 
breadth, and that product by the depth, and divide the last 
product by ninety-five. If the ship be single decked, take 
the length and breadth as above directed ; take the depth 
from the under side of the deck plank to the ceiling in the 
hold : and deducting from the length three-fifths of the 
breadth, multiply and divide as aforesaid. 

Duties on tonage must be paid within ten days after report 
ef the cargo made to the collector ; and any master of a vessel 

[ 59 1 

leaving or attemptiug to leave a port without paying such 
duties, forfeits five hundred dollars. 




IVTiercin the several ports of the Acts are digested, 
and transposed under distinct heads, agreeably 
to the subjects with which theij have relation. 

I. Of the Duty of Masters of Vessels. 

EVERY Master of a Vessel, bound to the District of 
Nottingham, must, on penalty of five hundred dollars, deposit 
with the surveyor of the port of Town-Creek, a manifest of 
the cargo, unless he shall have previously delivered one to 
some officer of the customs coming on board — bound to the 
district of Tappahannock, with the surveyor of the port of 
Urbanna — to the district of Bermuda Hundred, or City Point, 
with the collector of Norfolk and Portsmouth, or of Hampton 
— to the district of South Quay, with the collector of Edenton. 
Which manifest, the respective collectors and surveyors must 
after registry, transmit, duly certified, to the officer with 
whom entry is to be made. 

Also, every master of a vessel belonging wholly or in part, 
to citizens of the United States, must, on arrival from any 
foreign country, have an accurate and true manifest of the 
cargo on board ; and in default thereof, he forfeits the value 
of all goods not included in such manifest, unless due proof 
be made, that no part of the cargo had been unshipped since 
taken on board, and that such manifest had been lost or 
mislaid; or defaced by accident, or was incorrect by mistake. 

Which manifest every master of a vessel, as aforesaid, 
must, on penalty of a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, 

t 60 ] 

produce to the first officer of the customs, who shall appear 
on board after his arrival within four leagues of the coast of 
the United States ; and also to the first such officer of the 
customs, who shall appear on board after his arrival in a 
district in which any part of his cargo is to be discharged ; 
delivering in either case, a oopy thereof, by himself subscribed* 
The production of the manifest and receipt of the copy, such 
officer must certify respectively, on penalty of five hundred 
dollars ; certifying on the original, the day and year when 
produced, and the delivery of a copy ; and on the copy the 
the day and year it was delivered. He must also transmit 
said copy to the collector of the district to which such vessel 
is bound. 

If any part of the cargoes of such vessels, as laden with 
goods, and bound to the United States, have arrived within 
four leagues of the coast, be unladen previous to their coming 
into port, and not being legally authorised to unlade, all the 
goo .is so unladen, and any vessel or boat into which they 
may be put, are forfeited ; and the master and mate of the 
vessel so unladen, forfeit each, one thousand dollars ; and 
every other person aiding and assisting} treble the value of the 
goods unladen. These forfeitures are not however, incurred 
in case of unavoidable accidents, necessity, or distress of 
weather, if duly notified and strictly proved. 

Also, if any ship or vessel has arrived within the limits of 
a district of the United States, from a foreign country, she 
leaves or attempts to leave it, (unless to proceed to a more 
interior district,) previous to report and entry made, the 
master forfeits four hundred dollars. And the collector, naval 
officer, surveyor, or any revenue cutters may arrest and bring 
her back ; unless the departure was occasioned by distress of 
weather, duress of enemies, of other necessity, which in 
either case must be strictly proved. 

Further, every master of a vessel (ships of war and public 
packets excepted) must Within twenty-four hours after his 
arrival in any port of the United States, (if the usual hours 
of business Will permit) make report thereof to the chief 
officer of the customs at the port, and within forty-eight 
hours, a further report of the cargo, and deliver a manifest 
to the collector. In default of which he forfeits one thousand 


C «1 1 

But masters of vessels, whereof only part of the cargoes is 
destined to any particular port of the United States, may, 
after paying or securing the duties of such part, and giving 
bond equal to the amount of duties on the remainder, that no 
part thereof shall be landed in the United States without due 
entry, proceed to the port or place of their destination. And 
when the cargoes of any vessels are destined to ports in differ- 
ent districts, the masters thereof may proceed from district to 
district, paying in each district the duties on such goods as may- 
be delivered therein, and giving bond to the collector of the 
district where they first arrived, for their due entry in 
every other district, and also obtaining from the respective 
collectors, to whom any part of their cargoes may be report- 
ed, copies of such reports, and certificates of the quantity 
and particulars of the goods delivered. — Any master, in 
default of obtaining such copy and certificate, or neglecting 
to produce them to any subsequent collector, forfeits five 
hundred dollars. — But in case of spirits, such certificates must 
be had from, and produced to the officers of inspection. 

Sea-stores being extempt from duty, must be designated as 
such in the master's report, and if excessive, the duty may be 
estimated, on the excess, the value whereof is forfeited unless 
such duty be paid ; as also treble the value of any articles 
thereof, if landed for sale. Vessels, not bound to the United 
States, but putting in, in distress, the master and mate must 
within twenty-four hour.?, make protest, setting forth the 
circumstances of the distress before a notary public, or other 
person duly authorised ; and within forty-eight hours, report 
of the cargo, as in other cases : and the distress being duly 
certified by the wardens of the port, permits may, if necessary, 
be granted for unlading ; the collectors causing the goods 
unladen to be stored, and, if damaged, or if necessary in 
repairing the ship, allowing them, the duties thereon being 
first paici, to be sold. 

Masters of vessels bound to foreign ports, previous to 
obtaining a clearance, must deliver to the collector of the 
district from which they are about to sail, manifests of their 
cargoes ; and any master, departing without a clearance^ 
forfeits two hundred dollars. 

The penalty of false swearing, as well of masters of vessels, 
as of the owners or consignees of goods, or their factors Qt 


C 62 ] 

agents, is fine or imprisonment, or both ; not exceeding in 
case of the former, one thousand dollars ; of the latter one year. 
No master of a vessel arriving at any port, where there is 
a post office, may .report or make entry, till he has delivered 
to the Post-master all letters in his possession, directed to'any 
person within the United States. 

II. Of the Duty of the Owners or Consignees of Goods. 

Within fifteen days after the master of any vessel shall have 
made report to the collector, the owners, or consignees, or 
their factors or agents, must, on oath or affirmation, make 
entry with the said collector, of the goods consigned to them, 
particularizing the marks, numbers and contents of each 
package ; or if in bulk, the quantity and quality ; producing 
the original invoices, documents, and bills of lading, and 
declaring, that should any other goods afterwards appear to 
be consigned to them, they will make it known in order to a 
due entry thereof. 

Articles exempt from duty, as clothes, books, household- 
furniture, &c. must be separately and distinctly entered by 
the owner or his agents ; who, according to the best of his 
knowledge, must make oath respecting such owner, his 
occupation, arrival or expected arrival ; and that the said 
articles are really intended for his or his family's use, and not 
for sale ; which oath being endorsed on the entry, must be 
subscribed by the person making it. And in case such person 
be not the real owner of the goods, he must give bond, that 
a like oath, shall, within a year be had of the real owner, 
either taken before the collector with whom the entry is made, 
or produced to him duly executed. A copy of which oath and 
entry must be transmitted to the secretary of the treasury. 

Report and entry must also be made on the re-importation 
of articles of the growth or manufacture of the United States* 
Such articles being duty-free, their identity must be carefully 
proved, for which purpose, the oaths of such persons as have 
knowledge of the facts are required, relative to the time of 
their exportation, the ship in which, and the person by whom 
exported ; and if imported into any other district than that 
from which they were exported, a certificate from the collector 
of the district, certifying their exportation ; such certificate 

C 63 ] 

however being dispensed with, where it cannot be imme- 
diately produced, on giving bond for its production within 
four months. 

No goods imported from a foreign country may be unla- 
den till the duties, agreeably to an estimate made by the col- 
lector and naval officer (where there is one at the port) are 
paid or secured ; and a permit signed by the said collector, 
and countersigned by the same naval officer (where there is 
one at the port) granted : nor in any case, except by special 
licence, unless between sun-rise and sun-set. Goods unla- 
den in violation of these restrictions (as also the vessel and 
her tackle, where the value of the goods amount to four 
hundred dollars) are forfeited ; and every person concerned 
therein incurs a penalty of four hundred dollars, of being 
advertised in the public papers, and incapacity of holding 
an office for seven years. Also goods requiring to be weighed 
or guaged, may not, on penalty of forfeiture, be removed 
from the wharf where first landed, without the presence of 
a proper officer, tlil it be done. 

Goods whereof the entry does not specify the particulars, 
are required to be stored till the particulars are ascertained, 
and the duties adjusted. And in all cases, where the final 
adjustments of the duties exeeed the estimate thereof before 
taken, the difference is to be paid to the collector; and when 
it is less than such estimate, the party having paid or secur- 
ed them agreebly thereto, to be refunded or credited, as the 
case may be. 

III. Of the Duty of the Officers of the Customs. 

To superintend the delivery of goods, inspectors are put 
and kept on board of vessels, while lying in port, or while 
going from district to district, may prohibit any goods from 
being unladen without a permit, and after sun-set secure the 
hatches, which may not be opened except in their presence 
on penalty of two hundred dollars. — In like manner the offi- 
cers of the customs, including those of the revenue cutters, 
may as well without as within their respective district, go on 
board of all such vessels as, bound to the United States, 
have arrived within four leagues of the coast, may demand 
manifests, examine the cargoes, and designate any trunk o r 

C 64 ] 

package being separate from the rest of the cargo, sealing 
the same, if thought proper, and transmitting to the col- 
lectors of the districts, to which such vessels are bound, a 
particular account thereof; and any such trunk or package, 
on arrival, not appearing, or the seal being broken, subjects 
the master to a penalty of two hundred dollars. Such offi- 
cers may in like circumstances, make seizures, where goods 
are legally forfeited ; and if in any case impeded or resisted 
in the execution of their duty, the person offending forfeits a 
sum not exceeding four hundred dollars. 

Entries, on the delivery of the cargoes of vessels, must, 
when such delivery is completed, be compared with the en- 
tries of the owners, or consignees, and the result endorsed 
on the respective entries, and subscribed by the officers mak- 
ing the comparison. And in case any package which shall 
have been reported, be missing, the master forfeits five hun- 
dred dollars ; but may save the penalty by making due proof 
before proper authority, that no part of his cargo since taken 
on board, had been unshipped, except as contained in his 
report, or that such disagreement was by accident or mistake. 

In case any goods, other than salt and coal, remain on 
board any vessel fifteen days after the master's report is 
required to be made, the same must, by the inspectors, be 
delivered into the custody of the collector : who keeping 
them at the risk of the owner, may, at the expiration of nine 
months, if claim be not previous^ made, cause them to be 
appraised by two reputable merchants (to ascertain the duties 
thereon) and sold at public auction, retaining the duties and 
paying the overplus if any, for the use of the owner, into the 
treasury of the United States. And when goods are damaged, 
or not accompanied with the original invoice, the duties may 
be ascertained by appraisement of two merchants, the collector 
choosing one, and the owner the other : or goods not accom- 
panied with invoices, may at the option and risk of the 
owner, be kept by the collector till the invoice be obtained. 
But goods entered, and not invoiced, are forfeited : and any 
collector suspecting invoices to be not according to the true 
value of the goods, may cause an appraisement thereof to be 
made, as in case of damaged goods. 

On suspicion of fraud, packages, whereof entry, has been 
made, may, in the presence of two or more reputable mer- 

[ 65 ] 

chants, be opened and examined ; and in case of disagreement, 
unless it be proved to have been by accident or mistake, such 
articles as disagree with their respective entries, are subject to 
forfeiture. Goods concealed, with intention to defraud the 
revenue, are also, if found, subject to forfeiture. And any 
person purchasing goods liable to seizure, knowing them to 
be such, forfeits double their value. 

Officers of the customs, demanding or receiving other than 
legal fees, incur a penalty of two hundred dollars ; and ac- 
cepting a bribe or reward, for conniving at a false entry of 
vessels or goods, a penalty of not less than two hundred, nor 
greater than two thousand dollars. And persons giving or 
offering such bribe or reward, incur alike penalty. 

IV. Of the Payment of Duties, $c. . 

In all cases where the duties do not exceed fifty dollars, 
they must be paid immediately ; but where they exceed that 
Bum, they may be either paid immediately, or secured by 
Bond, for their payment ; if accruing on W est India goods, 
other than salt, in 3 and 6 months : on salt in 9 months ; 
on wines in 21 months ; on all goods from Europe, 8, 10 
and 12 months ; all other articles, teas excepted, from the East 
Indies and other places one half in six, one quarter in nine, 
and the remainder in twelvemonths : which bond may , at 
the option of the obligator, either include one or more sure- 
ties, or without sureties, be accompanied with a deposit of 
part of the goods. And the duties on teas may be secured by 
a bond with sureties, payable in one year ; or by bone', 
without sureties, in double their amount, payable in two 
years ; the teas being deposited at the risk and expence i 
importers, in warehouses agreed on between them and a. 
spector. And in case of deposit, any paitofteas may be 
delivered to the owners on paying, or further securing t>. 
payment of duties, by bond, with sureties to be paid, > 
the duties do not exceed one hundred dollars in four month: j 
where they exceed one hundred, and do not exceed five hi- i 
died dollars, in eight months ; or where they exceed five h 
dred dollars, in twelve months. But the ere, U \ i 
mentioned bond must not exceed two yea's !, m th 
pf the teas; the collector then having power to cuus 


C 66 ] 

thereof to be sold at public auction, as will discharge the 
arrears of duties still due, with costs of sale. 

Bonds for duties, not being paid at the time they become 
due, the collectors are required to institute suits for their reco- 
very ; and in case of insolvency the debts due to the United 
States have priority. 

V. Of the manner in which Goods must be 

Spirits, wines and teas, must, on pain of forfeiture, at least 
of the two former, be landed under the superintendance of 
some officer of inspection, to whom all permits from collec- 
tors for their landing, must be previously produced. 

Distilled spirits may not be imported in any cask which 
shall have been marked pursuant to any law respecting such 
spirits, on pain of forfeiture of the spirits, and the ship or vessel 
importing them . Nor may any distilled spirits, except arrack , 
and sweet cordials, be imported in casks of less capacity than 
ninety gallons, on pain of forfeiture. Ale, beer or porter, 
may not be imported in less casks than of the capacity of 
forty gallons, or in less packages than six dozen of bottles, 
on pain of forfeiture thereof, and of the ship or vessel import- 
ing them. 

No goods, other than household furniture, and clothes of 
persons coming into the Uuited States, for the purpose of 
becoming inhabitants, may be brought from a foreign 
country, into any district thereof, Louisville, Champlain, 
and South Hero excepted, in any other manner than by sea ; 
nor by sea in vessels less than thirty tons burthen, on pain of 
forfeiture of all such goods, and the carriages, teams or vessels 
by which conveyed. 


Dvlls. Cis. 

Entry of a vessel of 100 tons or upwards 2 50 

Clearance of ditto - 2 50 

Entry of a vessel under 100 tons - - 1 50 

Clearance of ditto *• - 1 50 


C 67 ] 

Permit to land goods - - 20 

Every bond taken officially - - 40 
Permit to load goods for exportation for drawback - 30 

Every official certificate or bill of health - 

Every other official document (register excepted) 

For measurement of a vessel of 100 tons and un- 
der, per ton - - 

ditto ditto from 100 to 200 tons 1 50 

ditto ditto above 200 tons - - 2 

On each vessel of 100 tons and upwards, with 

good* subject to duty - 3 

ditto under 100 tons, with ditto 1 M) 

All vessels not having goods subject to duty 66% 



Dolls. Cts. 

Gold coins of Great Britain and Portugal, or of equal 

fineness, for every twenty-seven grains - - I © 

Gold Coins of France, Spain, and the dominions of 

Spain, for every 27, and two fifths of a grain 1 

Mexican dollar - - J ° 

Crown, of France - 1 10 

Crown, of England - 

Silver coins, of equal fineness, per oz. 

Cut silver, of equal fineness - 

1 6 


DJlt. Cts. 

Pound sterling, of Great Britain - 4 44 ^ 

Liv re, Tournois of France - - - 18£ 

Florin or guilder of the United Netherlands 40^ 

Mark Banco, of Hamburg - - - ° 33 i 

Rix dollar of Denmark - - - l 00 
Kial of Plate, of Spain - 


C 68 j 

Rial of Vellon of do. 

Mill liee of Portugal - - - 

Pound sterling of Ireland - 

Tale of China - 

Pagoda of India «.---. 

ltupee of Bengal - - - - 

All other denominations of money, in value as nearly as 
may be, to the said rates, or the intrinsic value thereof,, 
compared with money of the United States. 












As established by Con press % Au?tist 8, 1786, and confirmed 
by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 
States, 1789. 

The denominations of the United States money are as follow : 

10 Mills 
10 Cents 
10 Dimes 
10 Dollars 


1 Cent, 
1 Dime, 
1 Dollar, 
1 Eagle. . 



FOR 1303. 


AT Annapolis, on the third Monday in June, and 
second Monday in November. 


At Annapolis on the third Tuesday in February, 
fourth Tuesday in ."June, first Tuesday in October, 
and third Tuesday in December. 


For the Western Shore — -at Annapolis, on the se- 
cond Tuesday in May, and second Tuesday in Octo- 

For the Eastern Shore — at Easton, on the second 
Tuesday in April, and Second Tuesday in Septem- 


For St. Mary's County — at Leonard -Town on the 
first Monday in March and first Monday in August. 

For Calvert County — at Prince Fredericksburgh, 
on the fourth Monday in April, and fourth Monday 
in September. 

For Prince George's County — at I7pper Marlbo- 
rough, on the first Monday in April, and first Mon- 
day in September. 

For Charles County — at Charlestown,(Port-Toba- 
co) on the third Monday in March, and third Mon- 
day in August. 

For Anne-Arundel County — at Annapolis, on the 
third Monday in April, and the third Monday in 

[ 70 ] 

For Montgomery County — at Montgomery court- 
house, on the hist Monday in March, and first Mon- 
day in November. 

For Frederick County — at Frederick Town on th^ 
first Monday in February, and first Monday in Au- 

For|Washington County— at Elizabeth-town, (Ha- 
gars-town) on the third Monday in February, and 
third Monday in August. 

For Allegany Countyt— at Cumberland, on the 
3d Monday in April, and third Monday in October. 

For Baltimore County — at the City of Baltimore ; 
Civil Courts, on the 1st Monday in February, 1st 
Monday in June, and 3d Monday in November ; 
Criminal Courts, on the 2d Monday in January, 
2d Monday in March, 2d Monday in July, and 1st 
Monday in November. 

For Hartford' County — at Belle-Air, on the third 
Monday in. March, and third Monday in August. 


For Cecil County — at Elkton, on the first Monday 
in March, and first Monday in August. 

For Talbot County — at Easton, fourth Monday 
in May, and second Monday in November. 

For Worcester County — >at Snow-Hill, on the se- 
cond Monday in February, and second Monday in 

For Dorchester County — at Cambridge, the third 
Monday in March, and fourth Monday in October. 

For Kent County — at Chester-Town, on the third 
Monday in March, and second Monday in October. 

For Queen's Anne's County- — at Centreville on 
the first Monday in May and fourth Monday in Oc- 

For Caroline County — at Denton, on the first 
Monday in March and second Monday in October. 

C 71 ] 

For Somerset County — at Princess Anne, on the 
second Monday in May, and second in November. 


For the respective Counties at the places where the 
County Courts are usually held, on the second Tues- 
day in every Month of February, April, June, Au- 
gust, October, and December. 


For the City of Annapolis, arc held quarterly, on 
the 1st Tuesday in January, April, July, and Octo- 



At Annapolis, on the 1st Day of May ; and at 
Baltimore on the seventh of November. 



At Baltimore, the 1st Tuesday in March, Septem- 
ber and December. 


Summer Establishment 

Of the different Stages which leaves the Indiav 
Queen Stage-Office, No. 185, Market Street, with 
the Hours of Starting, &c. 

THE Mail Stage for Philadelphia, starts from the 
ahove place every day, at 1 o'clock P. M. and ar- 
rives next day at 9 o'clock, A. M. 

£ v2 ] 

The Accommodation for George Town and Alex- 
andria, will start every day at 6 o'clock, A. M. and 
arrive at Alexandria by 4 o'clock, F. M. 

The Mail Stage fur George Town and Alexandria, 
starts every day at 8 o'clock, A. M. and arrives at 
Alexandria by 7 o'clock, P. M. 

Stage for Little Y ork, every Thursday, at 7 o'clock, 
A. M. 

Stage for Hagerstown, every Tuesday and Satur- 
day, at 4 o'clock, A. M. 

Stage for Annapolis, every Monday and Friday, 
at 8 o s clock, A.M. 

And one for Hanover and Carlisle, every Saturday 
at 5 o'clock, A. M. 

The Baltimore Pilot Stage for Philadelphia, starts 
from the above place every morning (Sunday except- 
ed) at 5 o'clock, A . M. and arrives at Philadelphia 
the next day at 10 o'clock, A. M. 

The Southern Stage, starts every day from the 
above place for the City of Washington, George 
Town and Alexandria, at 6 o'clock, A. M. and ar- 
rives at the Federal City at 4 o'clock, P. M. 

The Mail for Frederick Town and Hagerstown, 
starts, from the Sign of Columbus Inn, next the 
corner of South Howard street in Baltimore street, 
every Tuesday and Saturday at 4 o'clock, A. M. and 
arrives in Baltimore every Wednesday and Saturday 

The Mail Stage for Carlisle, starts every Friday 
morning at 5 o'clock, A. M. and arrives at Han- 
over the same evening, where the Lancaster and Fre- 
derick Stages meet, so that passengers may proceed 
either way; leaves Hanover next morning at 5 o'clock, 
and arrives in Carlisle the same evening — returning, 
leaves the house of Mr. C raver's, Carlisle, every 
Tuesday morning, and arrives in Hanover the same 
evening; leaves Hanover next morning and arrives at 
Baltimore the same evening, at the house aforesaid—- 
Fare as usual, with an allowance ofeolb. of baggage* 

;[ 73 ] 

During the season for visiting the Springs, the same Stage 
will regularly pass by the York Sulphur Springs, not only 
going to Carlisle, but in returning, so that no disappoint- 
ment can take place by those who visit that valuable Spring. 



Baltimore and Philadelphia Water and Land Stages, 
(Via French-Toicn and Nctv-Castte.J 

A Packet starts from the lower end of Bowley's wharf, 
everyday, (Saturday excepted) at 9 o'clock. A.M. 

OFFICE for the Baltimore and Philadelphia New-Line, 
kept at No. 28, Cheapside 

The Packet leaves Cheapside for Philadelphia, every Wed- 
nesday and Saturday, at 9 o'clock, A M. via. Sassafras and 

Annapolis Packets. 

BARBERS' Packets starts from the lower end of Cheapside 
for Annapolis, every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, at 9 
o'clock, A. M. & arrives on Monday, Wednesday &• Friday* 

«»♦»» > Oil '» l» I i 

Chester-Town Packet. 

A PACKET starts from Bowley's wharf for Chester- 
town, every Saturday, at about 9 o'clock, A.M. 

THERE are also a number of other Packets emploved in 
transporting of Goods, Passengers, &c. to Alexandria, Nor- 
folk, Richmond, Petersburg, and elsewhere ; and as they 
have no particular time of arriving or starting, but as their 
convenience admit, we think proper to give this information 
as the most accurate. 


Kept in North Charles street, near the Baltimore Bookstore. 

CONSISTS of more than 3500 volumes of well chosen 
Books, which are increased with new publications every 
Spring and Fall~ Price of subscription, 6 dollars per annum. 
[ g ] 

f 74 3 



Roman Catholic - - 

German Lutherian - 

German Calvinist - 

Protestant Episcopal - 

Secede rs - 

Presbyterian - 

Quaker - - - ' 

Regular Baptist ----.-. 


German Reform' d Evangelical 

Independent Baptist - 

Dunker - - - ' - 

Covenanters • • 

New Jerusalem - 

African - 





STANDS at the north-east corner of East and Holliday 
streets, and has perhaps the most elegant exterior of any 
building in the city ; in one room of which is now kept the 
City Library, consisting of an extensive collection of Books, 
in ancient and modern literature. 


The Court-House 

STANDS at the head of North Calvert street, and is sup- 
ported by a large stone arch, which has been placed under it 
many years after it was erected. The infirmities of old age 
are already marked upon it ; but whenever it expires, it will 
be doubtless succeeded by a much better one. 

The Poor-house 

IS situated about half a mile from the head of Howard 
street, north-west of the City, and exhibits a most beautiful 

[ 75 ] 

rural scene. Meadows, gaMens, fruit trees, -&c. surround 
the building, Which now affords relief generally to the poor. 

The Gaol, 
SITUATED on t T n- East side of Jones's Falls, is a large 
and elegant new building. Its situation is salubrious and 
pleasant, and commands a fine view of the City and its vi- 

<.>",. i. .<..-t^t<..<. .<••<•• 

The New Infirmary 

IS chiefly designed to received the contagious sick, and 
friendless mariner: and is about the same distance north-east 
from the city, as the Poo '-House. 

«..«...«...,..■)$» i.. «..«..«.. 

The Theatre 

IS a large frame building, situate in Lemmon street, two 
doors from the Assembly Room. The theatrical corps be- 
long to the Philadelphia theatre ; they generally arrive early 
in April, and perform until the 10th of June. 


Chats-worth? s for Gray s J Gardens. 

SITUATED in a weste ; on, about half a mile from 

town, at the intersection of Green and Saratoga streets. The 
| t proprietor, M>. ( , L. GurJ I rman, has been but a 

short time tnerci — rhe arrangement of these Gardens are 
ga d to be extt m< 1\ neat, such • s fo ming peasant summ -r- 
h.uses, serpentine walks, shady proves and every other ruial 
appearance, which may give a pleasing relaxation to the lei- 
sure hours of the industrious citizen. Accommodations and 
refreshments are likewise provided. 

Rural Felicity, 

KEPT by Joseph Jeffers, situated but a short distance 
fpm the City, ui! the Philadelphia, road, and affords a most 

[ 76 ] 

pleasing reireat to all who visit ; and the accommodations, 
with the attention paid, cannot fail to operate in the Proprie- 
tor's favour. The garden is lighted every night, but en 
Wednesday and Saturday evenings, (provided the weather 
proves fair) will be generally illuminated. 

t»t«.. «rt <..< PMi i |i i i 

Toon s Gardens, 

SITUATED about two miles down the river, near the 
seat of Col. O'Donnel, Canton: — they are on an elevated 
situation, and command a view of the City and Bay. Dur- 
ing the summer months a great concourse of people make 
excursions by land and water to these Gardens, where every 
accommodation is provided, with all kinds of refreshment. 

Spring Gardens, 

A PLACE of resort for those fond of fishing ; situated in 
a south westerly direction, about a mile from the City. On 
the other side of the river Mr. Fletcher has lately built a 
house for accommodating fishing parties, which affords- a 
pleasing retreat. 


Finn's Warm, Cold, & Shower Baths. 

SITUATED on the north side of Jones's Fails, near the- 
Foot bridge, for the accommodation of Ladies and Gentle- 
men : and at which place parties may be accommodated 
with tea, coffee, cordials, wines, Src. at any time whatever. 
To the liberality of a few of our citizens, the public are in- 
debted for these Baths, which the unremitting exertions of 
the present proprietor, has nearly finished, and bid fair to be 
o c general utility. A new patent machine, for the purpose 
of elevating water, invented by Mr. William Faris, of this 
Citv, is now erected there.